Somebody needs to Donkey Punch goddamned Roy Ashburn.Hahaha: “The owner of Faces, the club where [California state Senator Roy] Ashburn reportedly was hanging out before his arrest, told CBS 13 that he can’t confirm whether Ashburn was there Tuesday night because the club was packed with 400 patrons for a Latin drag queen beauty pageant.” Also, the openly gay mayor of West Sacramento outed Ashburn on Facebook, but nobody noticed.

MESSAGE TO CLOSETED REPUBLICANS: Honestly, nobody cares if you’re gay. It’s 2010, everybody is gay, and you’re going to lose the next election to a freakin’ Teabagger anyways, so ‘fess up and have fun, wriggle around in the excrement, etc. AND DON’T HOLD RALLIES AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE YA FUCKIN’ HYPOCRITE QUEEN. [TPM Muckraker via Wonkette Operative “Matt N.”]

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