Surely you have all read and analyzed the brief new Washingtonian profile of informative Washington Post child typist Ezra Klein by now, which ends on this note: “But Klein has also found the pitfalls of being too public: Two years ago, he made his Twitter feed private after the blog Wonkette posted a tweet where he called NBC’s Tim Russert a ‘spiky acid-tipped dick.’ ‘That tweet haunts me,’ says Klein, who explains he was repeating an overheard comment and expected it to go to only a few friends. ‘I’ve always hated that moment because it’s simply not how I write. I’m not profane.'” Washingtonian is wrong.

He didn’t call Tim Russert that. He wrote, “fuck tim russert. fuck him with a spiky acid-tipped dick.”

Ha ha, the early days of Twitter:

It was a great line! It was also Too Soon, though, because Tim Russert would die months later. His body is probably still hidden in a stack of Ezra Klein’s white papers.


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