Surely you have all read and analyzed the brief new Washingtonian profile of informative Washington Post child typist Ezra Klein by now, which ends on this note: “But Klein has also found the pitfalls of being too public: Two years ago, he made his Twitter feed private after the blog Wonkette posted a tweet where he called NBC’s Tim Russert a ‘spiky acid-tipped dick.’ ‘That tweet haunts me,’ says Klein, who explains he was repeating an overheard comment and expected it to go to only a few friends. ‘I’ve always hated that moment because it’s simply not how I write. I’m not profane.'” Washingtonian is wrong.

He didn’t call Tim Russert that. He wrote, “fuck tim russert. fuck him with a spiky acid-tipped dick.”

Ha ha, the early days of Twitter:

It was a great line! It was also Too Soon, though, because Tim Russert would die months later. His body is probably still hidden in a stack of Ezra Klein’s white papers.


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  1. I like spicy better than spiky. The spikes should be reserved for Rep. Assburn. Oh wait, maybe that’s backwards. Must stop thinking of gross old white guys butt fu-king. Time to read TPM.

  2. my dick is spicy, but that’s just because I eat a lot of spicy foods. I dunno about the acid part.

    Is this guy the one that wants rahm’s quads wrapped around his head?

  3. [re=524654]happyrock[/re]: [re=524655]Crank Tango[/re]: Oh ha damn, now I am the evil typist. I liked “spicy” better too. More fun, less spikes in your butt.

  4. “That’s not how I write,” said by the guy who wrote some supposedly awful thing, is just like, “I know Billy-Bob. He’s not a racist. Sure, he was the one who kicked the chair out at the lynching, but he’s not a racist!

  5. [re=524666]V572625694[/re]: Notice that Ezra didn’t deny the sentiment behind the twat, just the actual profanity. What he meant to write was, “Tim Russert is a useless suck-up power-hungry journalist wannabe, and it makes normal people nauseous to watch DC morons kiss Medium Russ butt because he has a Sunday TV show,” but it was too long for the twitter machine.

  6. [re=524658]Jim Newell[/re]: besides, aren’t all dicks sorta spiky, by design? Unless old ezra is sporting a stubby…

    And anyone who ever pooped out a habanero can tell you, a spicy bunghole is not a day at the beach.

  7. Although I believe Tim Russert was a major douche and sellout masquerading as a journalist (aren’t they all?) I am fucking appalled that young Ezra would even know such words, much less use them in a public forum, appalled, I tells ‘ya! Named after one of my favorite Old Testament heroes, too: Klein, the Silversmith. For shame!

  8. David Denby does not approve of this young lady, Miss Eklein. Her so-called “wit” consist merely of stringing together a few vulgarities into what sounds like a fantastic evening’s entertainment.

  9. To be fair to Ezra, the tweet was in reference to a column he wrote that had all sorts of charts and statistics to prove why Russert needed to be fucked by a spiky acid-tipped dick

  10. Actually, this sounds like a variation of that now done-to-death thank god eat a bag of adjective adjective compound adjective adverb adjective rat dicks that was so popular for about a million years and I hadn’t realized it was actually, finally, blessedly gone until I just read this and I certainly hope I haven’t said too much.

  11. [re=524675]Joshua Norton[/re]: Someday, that @McCain twat is really going to come back and haunt him.

    Hey, wait a minute! That has “Hardy Boys Mystery” written all over it:

    The Case of McCain’s Haunted Twat, by Intern Riley Waggaman.

  12. Hey, I actually talked to Ezra a few years ago and he is an ok dude. Used to be kind of a wishy washy centrist prick sometimes, but he is coming around.

  13. [re=524675]Joshua Norton[/re]: The less we know about Megs McCanns twat, the better, imo. Also, whirlygig tyrannosaurus felcher, Riley?

  14. Ha ha you are all being so mean to him! I don’t intend for the subject of *every* post to be slammed and called a cunt and murdered.

  15. [re=524795]Simba B[/re]: How many over-privileged, poorly educated, conservative bloggers does the internet need? And yet the Corner still exist.

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