• A sign that the economy is still horrible: Mark Foley opens a thrift shop in Florida. [WZVN-7]
  • Millions of tons of ice have been found on the Moon’s north pole. Humans haven’t been to the moon in four decades. But if we ever return, there’s water for drinking and water to split into oxygen and hydrogen for breathing and rocket fuel. [MSNBC/BBC]
  • Bedridden seniors who can’t work a remote were delighted to once again fall asleep to Jay Leno after the local weather and sports and mattress commercials. But tonight they’ll be kept awake by the shrieking insanity of Jay’s special guest, Sarah Palin [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Bankrupt California is going to do a whole helluva lot more global economic destruction than a bankrupt Greece. [Telegraph]
  • The girl who left the noose hanging at the UC San Diego library sent an anonymous note to the college paper saying she’s as sorry as those dudes who held the party at UCSD mocking Black History Month. [Los Angeles Times]
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