In only his second Senate vote, Republican messiah Scott Brown helped the Democrats destroy a Republican filibuster on the new Jobs Bill, hahahahah, what? And guess who’s cold goin’ nuts on the Twitter?

If enough of Scott Brown’s girlfriends break up with him on Twitter at the same time, does Obamacare automatically pass? [The Twitter/RedMassGroup]

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  1. Wow, I guess Scott Brown can’t please anyone but the Cosmo centerfold photographer…think I’ll have a cup of tea with a shot of Jack Daniels to celebrate.

  2. Obviously, the ghost of Teddy took over Scott’s body and forced him to vote “yes”. Someone needs to call Mike Pence to perform a much-needed exorcism on him.

  3. Well, according to Cosmo he’s all about the stimulus package.

    Wasn’t this guy the star of some Teabagger convention (not that he attended, and not CPAC) where all the Teabaggers were talking him up? I heard some interviews on NPR where the TBers were asked about his stances on abortion and gay rights.

    Hilarity ensued.

  4. Why are Conservatives using a computer? Reagan didn’t use a computer! Jesus didn’t use a computer! Glenn Beck can’t use a computer! Total traitors, these twitterers.

  5. [re=517505]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: It refers to his military rank…I didn’t know the Army took votes on legislation into account when promoting…

  6. I love the advice for him to avoid following Olympia Snowe’s example, since that would make him bow out before finishing a term…or was that someone else?

  7. “Former Vice President Dick Cheney is hospitalized after experiencing chest pains, his staff says.”

    Please, don’t tease us like that CNN. We all know he’s a ‘borg.

  8. [re=517513]mookworthjwilson[/re]: I figured that full bird = bird colonel with the eagle badge of rank, one up from lieutenant colonel or light colonel, but thought that “your (sic) not a full bird” could also have some really disgusting teabag meaning known only to them.

  9. I just had to read Alfred Young’s terrific The Shoemaker and the Tea Party for my graduate school class. Then do you know what I had to do? Can you guess?

    That’s right: I had to write a paper about the modern-day “Tea Party movement.”

    This vote comes as a nice cherry on the top of a night of liberal academic pursuits. Thanks, Scotty!

  10. “Whoever handles @ScottBrownMA’s Twitter…”

    Scott Brown has a twat handler?! So that’s why his Cosmo spread showed nothin’ but crease!

    “Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me hard!”

  11. Im gonna make a game that grabs political twitter feeds and then makes the user guess which cimments are from wingnuts based just on the avatar image

  12. the best yet:

    “Wait till @scottbrownma logs on to Twitter!!!!!!!! LMAO 876,398 angry messages!!! I hope it blows up his computer!”

    these people think they matter!

  13. He’s a FCRBRADSANJINO! Fiscal conservative republican but really a demon sheep and not just in name only!

    Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Kinda makes you want to chant that a million times outside the Chrysler building.

  14. [re=517542]TheWaltonFirm[/re]: you mean Scott Or Not?

    [re=517532]donner_froh[/re]: They like to go “full bird” when they give each other the “dirty rino”

    The sheep are nervous tonight.

  15. Conservatwitter humor is like a tour of teen comedy from a bygone age that wasn’t all that successful in the first place.

    Great vote… Not! Psych! Weight has nothing to do with it!

  16. The tweets are nothing…check out his Facebook page. They are in serious full froth mode there. I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch were pre-flighting their small single engine aircraft right now.


    God heard me! Praying works! Halleluja or however you spell it!!!!!!
    OMFG there is a God. Gotta get to the liquor sore before it closes!

  18. Reading this stuff, I think if we combined the Twats and the MyFace comments, you’d be on your way to some kind of Master Douchebag List. This will be Scott Brown’s legacy. Well this and the truck thing. And his daughter. No, the other one.

  19. [re=517574]loquaciousmusic[/re]: Here’s a sample:


    I’m rendered speechless. The bubble has burst. 18 days in & you vote with the dems on a spending bill that Congress has no authority to spend? Stimulus 3 Scott, it will fail as the other 2 did.


    Not to be up front but FUCK YOU SCOTT BROWN

  20. I’m now positive that rendering thoughts in 140 characters necessitates retardation. Thanks, Twatter!

    [re=517521]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Um, unless you’re a wingnut…

  21. It is time for the Teabaggers to stand up and demand a recall of Scott Brown. Unless they do this, no one will take them seriously.

    [re=517529]windupbird[/re]: Don’t be fooled, Dick Cheney has nothing vital in his chest.

  22. This is one of you guys, right?

    “Thomas Rearick
    BIG MISTAKE Scott,you might as well write them a check,create a job my buttocks
    6 minutes ago · Report”

    It sounds like a gay porn script translated into Japanese and back. And “Thomas Rearick”?

  23. [re=517574]loquaciousmusic[/re]:

    “David Shorter You discust me… To think I thought you were for real. I wept when I thought we had won back our liberty. Look out Marxism, here we come. Thanks for nothing Scott. God have mercy on your politician’s soul. Reid, Pelosi, holy lord bama… heck, the darkest evil in Hell cheered as you voted. I think I am going to be sick now!”

    These people need medication.

  24. Real Twits

    “campaigning for anti-spending means that YOU vote against SPENDING! Got it?” getting spammed like a mofo. but, my favorite has to be:

    Crucial411: @ScottBrownMA A country that God built-Think about who U are going up against when you vote against the will of the people! God ALWAYS WINS!

    Remember, kids: if you go against the will of the people by actually trying find them jobs to pay their bills, feed their kids, pay off their mortgage GOD WITH SO KICK YOUR ASS!!!!111

  25. Sierra Sunshine is a wee bit of a misnomer, she sounds a right cunt.

    Sierra Sunshine
    Now we can’t even get through to your phone you JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. So this guy is a RINO because he chose to vote for a jobs bill made up mostly of tax cuts, which is the key plank in the R platform?

    These people are fucking idiots.

  27. [re=517566]An Outhouse[/re]: Did this happen before or after Torso Brown’s betrayal of America? Whatever. Darth does this drama queen thing every time someone does something to harm the troops, or is mean to Palin retards. Fucking attention whore. Why won’t he just quit being such a tease and drop dead already?

  28. This is a comment from

    slaterj66 wrote:
    “He’s dead to me.

    I will never donate to a political campaign again for as long as I live.”

    If only….

  29. Cue the Edward G. Robinson ‘Ware’s ya Messiaaah naaaww??’.

    Lest the Redtards should forget, he’s still represinting the Mass. Ya ken take the Kennedy out of the seat but ya can’t take the librul out of the congresscritter.

  30. I can just envision all these Brownbaggers running through the streets with pitchforks right about now. It seems like eons ago that it was Brown in 2012, course, that was only yesterday.

  31. Only thing to do now is sit back and wait for RedState to come up with some bizarre, schizophrenic retribution for Scott Brown’s treachery…what’s Brown? Fudge! How do you get rid of fudge? You pack it! Who packs fudge? Andrew Breitbart! So what we need to do is send Andrew Breitbart to Scott Brown’s office as many times as possible in the hopes that Andrew will get to pack some fudge! Send cash or checks made out to “Erik Erik Erikson” and be sure to put “fudge packing services” in the memo line!

  32. “Mr. Senator, don’t forget, WE ARE THE PEOPLE” – it’s like some kind of zen haiku of wingnut twitterdom.

    My kids won’t ever get to sleep, I’m laughing so loud.

  33. [re=517629]snideinplainsight[/re]: I also have been for about half an hour emitting the sort of howling boisterous guffawing that makes the cats and dogs all run out of the room in terror. HAW HAW HAW these are the moments that make life still seem worth living, for a little while longer anyway.

  34. [re=517566]An Outhouse[/re]: You prayed to just *one* God for Cheney’s long-past-due fatal heart problems? I prayed to all 12 Lords of Kobol – starting with Jupiter and Mars, in the traditional Tauron manner…

    /geek off
    /nerd on

    I just got a ring from my Senior-Bear, saying that a package from a Yank mate just came in the post – dvds of Caprica ! – which is so far only on telly in the States, Britain, Eire and Canuckistan… but I’ve got it now and I’m thrilled! However, I’m also now conflicted as to if I should indulge in the satisfying fantasy of Caprica, or watch the news for the potentially satisfying reality of Darth Cheney snuffing it tonight… perhaps prosecutors from The Hague should pay ‘im a visit in hospital before it’s too late, no?

  35. [re=517634]ivenson[/re]: total link fail, fucko…

    Anyhoo, go to his photos and look at the picture of Pelosi with the droopy boobs and Obama necklace tastefully concealing her hoohah. It is titled “Thanks, Scott!”

  36. [re=517612]Bearbloke[/re]: Dick will be out of the hospital ICU, spry as a spring lamb, as soon as he can whisper, “dial Crawford 666 and fuck the goddamn Food Stamp program”.

    [re=517615]Downtheroadapiece[/re]: Win.

    “Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of little Rico?”

  37. Positive: Scott Brown is pissing of the Teabaggers.
    Negative: this might mean he gets re-elected in MA.

    Positive: more Naked Senator jokes!
    Negative: Jay Leno does Naked Senator jokes.

  38. [re=517649]S.Luggo[/re]: “Scott Brown’s “Around Town” schedule is posted in “Discussions”. Maybe a little “heart to heart” with Scott is in order….”

    I don’t know if being confronted by angry teabaggers is more comic or frightening. Probably comic for him, but resulting almost in inevitable comedy for us, provide we get the youtubes.

  39. Memo to Eric Holder: Do you really want Dick Cheney pulling a Ken Lay on your watch? Strike while there’s still a battery on this green earth that can cause that shrivelled, wretched squeaking raisin of a heart of his to pump enough blood and roach poison through his body to keep that festering, paranoid knot of conscienceless neurons that occupies the place of a brain alive enough for him to curse the rule of law as he’s hauled off to an oubliette of sufficient comfort for a man of his stature.

  40. In between the RNC MFers who expect him to be the 41st NO vote and the Mass. liberals who expect him to vote like a Kennedy, I predict Scott Brown’s life will soon become a living hell.

    Plus having your junk folded and stapled must really hurt.

  41. “Carmen
    WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE DOOOMED with politicians like Scott Brown who pretende to care for the PEOPLE and are nothing more than socialists, half liberal RHINOS!.
    * SCOTT HAS PREPARED HIS COUFFING FOR A NOT TO FAR FUNERAL. Never again! Scott its just another mistake!”

  42. Jobs bills, recovery acts, healthcare bills. This is no longer the america I knew. Guess how they’re paying for this you sheeple! They’re raising the taxes on the newer and larger yachts I buy every year! Wake up america! Or I will move to Aruba!

  43. What the fuck do these syphilitic cock goblins expect. You vote in a guy that had shown clearly that he was willing to work and actually make things happen. You might not agree with the guy but at least if he gets voted in he’ll do more than vote No on everything. Funny thing these asshole conservative fucktards keep saying “We vote no because that’s what the ‘American People’ want us to do”. No No No, you fuckwits the American People, the sane ones anyway expect you to do your fucking job. Make law, fix problems that are bigger than we can fix as individuals. Get the mutherfucking lead and Mercury out of our drinking water or have the motherfucker who put it there strung up by their balls. Crackpot “Terrorists” want to destroy this country? Fuck you! More people are killed in a month by faulty auto parts. You giant sack of teabagging mushmouthed dogs bollocks! Fuck you and your tricornnered hat, Mary!

  44. [re=517496]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Thanks for that…just posted your reply to Scott Brown’s FB page, now we’ll see how long it stays? (sorry but I couldn’t think of anything better to say at the time! :)

  45. Has anyone been brave enough to see if Freepers have gone more berzerk than usual over this? I’m not really up for that kind of insanity myself today….

  46. [re=517663]drpangloss[/re]: LOL ‘syphilitic cock goblins’ …I’ve said some pretty vulgar/ nasty/ obscene things about repigs over the last 10+ years but never coulda put that one together…well played sir!

  47. It can’t get any worse. The Nuts are now playing The Big One, The Nuclear Option. The…The…The

    defriending Scott Brown is very easy, just click on friends, search his name, and put your mouse over his profile section and there shoudl be an X button that you can click on and delete him”

  48. You are a lying RINO phony! The people put you in office…we will drag you right back out. This jobs bill is MORE DEBT FOR OUR CHILDREN. YOU are steeling from my family. As the tea party organizer in San Diego with a network of 165 in California we will be counting the minutes till election day.

    Oooo, 165 people in California? The state that is 3000 miles away from Massachusetts? These people are too awesome.

    You are off my ‘Friends List” Scott!!!

    I love how these retards are all de-friending him and then trumpeting the hell out of it. Do they think he’s a ten-year-old girl?

  49. Scott Brown voted with the Dems? He obviously has no clue how this “bipartisan” thing works. Did he at least demand that they scrap the bill and start over?

    As for the twitterati … I’m sure all these people are true policy wonks, who know exactly which provisions they object to in the bill.

  50. So what happens next month or whenever when he votes Repug? Will some of the psychopaths that told him to fuck off (e.g. I knew you were RINO SCUM!) on facebook forgive him and send him Hickory Farms assorted sausages gift boxes?

  51. Holyshit..



    Take it easy there, DebzNeedzAdderal . It’s just one vote.

    Scott Brown won’t vote for Obamacare just to avoid mass retard suicide. Hmmmm, yes, this is a very clever grass roots movement.

  52. [re=517686]Mr Blifil[/re]: Someone at the RNC winter conference forgot to book Mike a return flight from Hawaii. Mistakes, such things will happen. At this poimt, the Hawaii Republican Party is trying to determine if it has a reverse extradiction agreement with the mainland US.

    [re=517688]El Pinche[/re]: “It’s just one vote.”

    For want of a vote for Big Business, a kingdom was lost.

  53. Mr. Brown goes to Washington..

    Riza I guess you have to do whatever it takes….like posing naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kelly Sanders Unhappy TEXAN here. Could not vote for him, but did support his campaign, mindfully, spiritually, & with $.

    Emily McIntyre Heisner What a disappointment! My children have been robbed once again! Where exactly do you think the money is going to come from?????

    In this small tardsample there are repeated child-muggings, an unhappy Texan, and Naked.
    Which undoubtedly means one thing– “Yer a librul DooDoo Brown!!!”

  54. We need to create a script that will retweet each gloating tweet that these very angry wingnuts posted when Scott Brown was elected last month.

  55. OT, but WTH Raccoon killer Steven King (not the writer, who is cool, but the Iowa congressman) said that he empathizes with Joe Stack and people should implode IRS offices.

  56. [re=517685]El Pinche[/re]: Whatever they do, it will be fun to watch. I guess the teabaggers were too busy checking out Scott’s Cosmo spread to check out his voting record.

  57. [re=517673]imissopus[/re]: 165 people in a state of 37 million. Hell, you can get 165 people “organized” to fight a change in toilet paper brands at an Interstate 5 truck stop. “TOO ROUGH! TWO PLY OR DIE!”

  58. Um..isn’t the flip side of this the fact that 36 fucking Republicans voted AGAINST a jobs bill? Goddamn dirty hypocrites, they’ve been screaming about jobs for months as a way of distracting their obstructionism on HCR.

  59. Here’s another one from the Facebook page:

    Benjamin Jones:

    I want my campaign contribution back. You DID NOT do what you said you would do. READ THE CONSTITUTION. THIS BILL VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION – what part of this do you NOT GET? If you think for a minute you will ride this to the presidency – you’ve inserted your head where the sun does not shine. WE WILL NOT FORGET THIS!!!!!

    NOTE TO ALL CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES – we must do a better job of holding people like Scott Brown to the CONSTITUTION! I will not make this mistake again!

  60. First, I heart the movement where people scream “READ THE CONSTITUTION!” I’d bet half of my savings (which consists of some used up toothpaste tubes and a few old slices of Kraft ‘cheese’) that 3/4 of the people who do said screaming have never, in fact, read the Constitution.


    “Mr. Brown, you don’t seem to realize that you were elected from across this nation as a representative of conservatism. A voice to stop these ridiculous spending bills from Washington. Your’s was not a local election but a rising up of conservative ideals from every state in this nation. We urged your local constituents in every way possible to elect you as our voice. To speak for us. You have shown your true colors with this vote. You will either return to your senses and values soon or have a very short political career.”

    Jesus…these people really emotionally invested in this guy, huh? These are the people who take celebrity scandals personally.

  61. RNC really does stand for Retarded Nincompoop Cuckoos don’t it? we’ll let me dedicate this song to them…

    Let’s get retarded in here

    And the bass keeps running, running
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    So when I bust my rhyme you break your necks
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    Cause when we beat out, girl it’s pulling without
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  62. [re=517737]NotNotLickingToads[/re]: “or have a very short political career.”

    As someone who wishes bags of dicks on Lieberman daily, I can assure the baggers that it will not FEEL short.

  63. [re=517883]Darkness[/re]: But what the fuck are a bunch of non-Masshole wingnuts going to do about it? Contribute money to his next Dem challenger?

  64. I totally heart Scott! Anyone (besides Obama) who can get these SCGs (see above) this cranked is on my prayer list. And by prayer list I mean I’m sending him a case of Irish whiskey, since Teddy can’t.

  65. Nice, Scotty! Thanks for putting paramedics back to work. They will be working overtime dealing with all the teabagger heart attacks! I’m CPR certified, maybe I can apply. I hope I don’t confuse it with my waterboarding training…

  66. Is it any wonder these nuts fly planes into building to protest about taxes? Seriously, compare my leftist liberal buddies who donated to & supported Obama, and didn’t get anything dramatically progressive in the US gov’t. Call us “treehuggers” but at least acknowledge we’re not violent nutcases a la the teabaggers.

    why can’t these assholes get fired up about anything useful or meaningful?

  67. [re=517724]loquaciousmusic[/re]: can anybody point to a specific part of the constitution that makes the jobs bill “unconstitutional?”

    jeez I would have thought Constitutional law prof Obama would have noticed that if it did! ;-)

  68. [re=518278]carlgt1[/re]: Don’t pay him no mind – every white male sexually unfulfilled college drop-out across the nation thinks they know better than anyone what “constitutional” means. Certainly better that that 0BUMMERZOMG.

  69. I know how we can pay down the national debt, first we sell the unpaid Irac war back to the Repubs for trillion+ then we go after all the repubs that havent paid taxes and close loop holes on them them we make wall street pay back the first 700 billion bailout [Bush] with interest then we go after all corps that havent paid any taxes for the last 8 years and that should about do it our children will have a future.

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