We should have known it when he refused to wear clothes. Scott Brown has voted with the tyrannical Democratic government majority for cloture on its “biggest economy saver ever,” the $15 billion Jobs Bill of America. Joining him in gayness are known poop lovers George Voinovich, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins. (UPDATE: And Christopher “Kitten” Bond!) Ben Nelson, who Fucks The Opposite Sex, voted against cloture, because he was too gay last year, in his voting. [Daily Kos]

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  • Tommmcatt

    What? No filibuster? How odd.

  • AbstinenceOnly Ed

    I can’t bear to watch! But I must watch this bear… Grrrrrowl…

  • bhosp
  • Snarkalicious

    I had a feeling his exposed-ballsness would find a way to get primaried from the right. Perhaps Wario, also, will be replaced by a real Rupublic too.

  • assistant/atlas

    Gah, please stop posting this picture. It is the single most frightening magazine crease photo in the history of photography.

  • Boozeweek

    Jim, you’re Doing the Lord’s Work, but please oh please can you find some other photo to use for your Scott Brown posts because that big ol’ rectangle of hairy man-flesh is making it very risky for me to read Wonkette on the sly instead of doing the job for which I am paid. Respectfully submitted, Boozeweek

  • The Station Manager

    Is it too soon to point and laugh? I certainly hope not. I mean, what’d they expect from someone from Fake America?

  • drpangloss

    Suckwhat? A Repub voting with the Dems? That’s unpossible! Teabaggers head explosion in three.. Two… One. Better break out that rain coat, it’s gonna be raining conservative tears and flop sweat.

  • proudgrampa

    What happened to his penis? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    “Nelson, who Fucks The Opposite Sex, ”

    Nelson, who Fucks Goats. There … fixed.

    Seriously, he needs to take his bad toupee & head back to NE–then the Cornhuskers can be the 2nd suckiest thing about that state.

  • BarackMyWorld

    What was the GOP objection to this again? Too much of the government spending?

    How’s about the Democrats do their own manipulative polling and find out which people prefer: an economic recovery or the federal deficit reduced by 1%?

  • Jim Newell

    [re=517460]assistant/atlas[/re]: [re=517461]Boozeweek[/re]: YOU HATE ART.

  • Dean Booth

    [re=517455]bhosp[/re]: I haven’t read Twitter before. What’s with the word “'” in every line, making it unreadable? Is that why everyone hates Twitter?

  • rocktonsammy

    Not going to read the Daily KUZ until I put duct tape under my eyes.

  • BlueStateLibtard

    Glenn Beck begins weeping hysterically in 1 2 3 …

  • EdFlinstone

    Nelson voted against cloture because he hasn’t decided what kickback he wants, you know, fiscal conservative hypocrite style.

  • Norbert

    Should we start shipping something symbolic to Brown in protest? Bottles of Nair?

  • Norbert

    And someone start rounding up some rope and scouting for a sturdy tree in Nebraska. They do have something taller than corn in Nebraska I trust.

  • AbstinenceOnly Ed

    The Ghost of Teddy K rearing its enormous head, warning the ManFurry Cosplay Senator Hott Brown (Wolf Spirit) to back the dems on this or ELSE, the x-rated photos surface!!!!! Cuz no man gets a centerfold without a little dick on dick…

  • SayItWithWookies

    Eh, he’s gotta work harder than that if he wants credit for being bipartisan — Reid’s jobs bill is a smidgen of the House bill, so the GOP told all the mavericks this was their chance to tug the leash a little bit. Those sissies’ll be back to heel by the time this gets out of conference.

  • Boozeweek

    [re=517468]Jim Newell[/re]: I only hate this perverted modern art you hippie communists are so fond of… Give some good old Real American art. Like Norman Rockwell. Or Robert Mapplethorpe.

  • Accordion-o-rama

    S[re=517468]Jim Newell[/re]: Someone needs to Blingee dancing bananas into that pic.

  • sati demise

    [re=517464]proudgrampa[/re]: its below the fold.

    Hey, where is the link to that?

  • richardwb1

    [re=517453]Tommmcatt[/re]: “What? No filibuster? How odd.”
    …and no fillies, Buster!

  • Extemporanus

    [re=517465]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: “Nelson, who Fucks Goats. There…fixed.

    Seriously, he needs to take his bad toupee & head back to NE–then the Cornhuskers can be the 2nd suckiest thing about that state.”

    Nelson, who Fucks Goats with his Head. (There…toupeed.)

  • Lascauxcaveman

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Brown really turned out to be moderate/centrist/reasonable? Big studly average white male w/good looking family, straight teeth etc.

    Heh, the presidential aspirations are showing already. He’s clearly almost as dumb as W, so he’s got a pretty good shot, I’d say. He’s like Mitt, only w/o the magic underpants stigma.

  • obfuscator

    [re=517536]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: “Wouldn’t it be funny if Brown really turned out to be moderate/centrist/reasonable? Big studly average white male w/good looking family, straight teeth etc.”

    but then he wouldn’t be a republican.

  • dr.giraud

    [re=517536]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Joe Six-Pack (Joe the Plumber’s cousin) looks at Mittens and family, thinks “fuckin’ asshole.” JS-P looks at Scott Brown’s daughters and thinks, “I’d hit that.” VOTE WON.

  • Extemporanus

    [re=517536]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Without any underpants stigma, actually.

  • Capitol Hillbilly

    [re=517488]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Then he can say he was for it before he was against it, always a popular position in Mass.

  • Mr Blifil

    He puts the bi in bipartisan.

  • Naked Bunny with a Whip

    So Scott Brown is Ted Kennedy’s secret black baby?

  • MzNicky

    [re=517460]assistant/atlas[/re]: On the contrary! I for one welcome the return of our naked homosexual communist Republican overlord’s luscious torso.

  • Magnus Maximus

    Ye gods, that is the most disturbing Mad fold-in I’ve ever seen

  • iburl

    NSFW Brown.

  • Diana Davies

    [re=517504]sati demise[/re]: Difficult to tell where it is other than it seems really tiny.

  • Justin Time

    “Jobs Bill” – what a farce! The puny $15 billion proposal is mostly tax cuts for small and medium-sized businesses (owned by rethugs). Heaven forfend that cash money would actually go to create jobs for unemployed and desperately poor people. All of these tax cuts and the rethugs mostly voted against the bill: tax cuts are normally their automatic go-to solution for any issue. If Obama proposed that anyone making over $250,000 paid zero taxes AND got a $10,000 refund, all of the rethugs would still vote against it ’cause they are abominable NOmen (jackasses, shitbirds and nimrods, also) when it comes to anything Obama favors!

  • S.Luggo


  • taylormattd

    Every time you post that picture, my eye gets poked by a pube.

  • Tlmsd

    Puh-leeze post that pic early and often Jim. Scott iz Hott!

  • Heathcliff

    I love the naked senator… even if he pimps out his daughters i like him even more because liberals like him and they are not supposed to… he is like a guility pleasuer. So actually I have a problem with “normal” politicians. I don’t elect people who could be members of my family, I want people who are of superior intellect to be my elected representative. They should be a better, smarter and more decisive version of myself.
    Plus, the only other politicians I can think of who are described in all the newspapers and interviews i listened to found by SE (or, were described as normal before they began running shit into the ground) as normal are Chimpy McShrub and Sarah Palin.

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