Paultards dress up as Janet Napolitano, at CPAC! She is “Big Sis” because she runs the catch-all bureaucracy no one has ever given a shit about and which has no power, or resources. In other words: “Sumo” would be apt, because she may be fat, maybe. [Photo via Garrett Quinn]

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  1. Oh for fuck’s sake. Would someone please tell K-Lo that khaki and gingham is not slimming? Also, the grinning guy behind her totally got drained last night by Mr. Craigslist M4M poster.

  2. how witty, instead of Big Brother, it’s Big Sis! But I’m confused– how are the conservatives going to to get those terrorists they are so worried about without a big DHS????

  3. Hah hah hah, because Napolitano is fat; so funny. Oh wait, she’s not? What is the point of all this? Let’s see, he also looks like a Sumo wrestler; so maybe he’s making fun of her for being … Japanese?

    Maybe the “Big Sis” is a feminized “Big Brother”, although that seems ridiculous coming from supporters of the man who put our anti-privacy security policies in place; but other than that, I got nothing.

    Between this, the Ramirez cartoon and the “Obama fail whale” (that doesn’t look at all like a whale), there’s been a lot of inscrutable conservative symbolism here lately.

  4. [re=516192]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: it’s what happens when you sit alone huffing your farts all day. Look at that self-satisfied look on his face. Fart huffer.

  5. [re=516202]JMP[/re]: “…there‚Äôs been a lot of inscrutable conservative symbolism here lately.”

    Thank you. I thought it was just me not getting it.

    What is WRONG with these people?

  6. [re=516214]proudgrampa[/re]: Maybe it’s some sort of brain damage induced by a combination of rage and cognitive dissonance. That, and the effect of having separate teabagger language where words don’t mean what they do to the rest of us, that comes from living in their own Bizarro world.

    Wait, maybe that’s it; they’re Bizarros and say everything backwards, and actually are clear if you reverse them. So “Preznint not be born in ‘Merica, haz not shown birt cirtifcate” mean “The President was born in America and has shown his birth certificate”.

  7. [re=516252]Limeylizzie[/re]: Or maybe they just hate women named Janet. Or maybe they think Janet Napolitano is also Janet Reno. Or maybe they don’t think.

  8. Between this and Friedman’s house, this place is a real fucking downer today. I can’t even laugh at this shit. Its just an ocean of suck. I am going to take some morphine now, yes, I have a real live prescription for it, ha ha, motherfuckers.

  9. [re=516210]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: omg guys wait til you see what I am gonna wear to cpac LMAO. PFFFT. SNIFFFFFFFFFF. LOLOL

    You know big brother? Well, so how about big sister? BRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAPPPPP. SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I know where I can get a sumo suit, and look like a prick. FTW! Right guys? FFFFFFLLLLPPFPFPFPFPFPFPF….SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. aah that’ll show that uppity obama. Anybody got any duct tape?
    [re=516218]Extemporanus[/re]: At first I was gonna say why bother cleaning a suit like that, but then I realized there are things I don’t know and don’t wanna know.

  10. The right-wingers hate Janet Napolitano because of the Homeland Security memo mentioning how right-wingers might be prone to terror attacks, which is plainly nonsense. They are just making harmless statements when they bring guns to political rallies, form backwoods militias, scream about assault-weapon bans, shoot doctors, attempt to install illegal wiretaps, and fly airplanes into IRS buildings.

  11. [re=516191]Suds McKenzie[/re]: cause hotel maids have days off and cant clean up all that cpac ‘discrete’ cum stains from the sheets and headboards.

  12. [re=516279]proudgrampa[/re]: Its payday, and on my way home, I is gonna buy a fucking mega-vat of the king and queen of gins, the gin of gins, the apogee of gins, the Greatest Gin Ever In The History of the Universe, Hendricks, I am gonna spend half my paycheck on that shit, and I am gonna make myself 4, at least 4, big, cold martinis, with a big jalapeno-stuffed oilve, skewered with one of those little plastic swords, thats very important, the little plastic swords.

  13. What’s on his head and why is he wearing glasses? The real “big sis” Janet doesn’t wear glasses, nor a, for lack of a better word, thang on her head.

  14. [re=516324]The Lucky Wife[/re]: The real Janet has hair – after posting I realized that my post made it seem like she is bald. Note to self, “think before you type!”

  15. [re=516268]Prommie[/re]: [re=516279]proudgrampa[/re]: Elitists with your drugs. I’m going to have to make do by spending the afternoon in bed fucking my friend. TTFN!

  16. The wingo’s also hate Janet because she knew how to get elected in Arizona, resting place of eternal Trucknuts poster boy Barry Goldwater, which many one-browed pink people believe God had given to them in a book of the Bible censored by some early papist. They considered it an accident of her having a last name that sounds like ice cream, which confused Latinos and other “mud people” into voting for her. Thus they like to portray her as an average housewife from Detroit.

  17. [re=516299]Prommie[/re]: Four martinis in a row w/the expensive Hendricks? You’re doing it wrong. Pick up a bottle of the cheap stuff to use for martinis number 3 and 4, when your mouth is already numb and can’t taste anything. That way you can afford do this kind of bender nearly twice as often.

    Mr Newell: You can tag this one under WONKETTE PRO TIPS

  18. Anti splatter “birth control” safety glasses?…..Check!

    Impact absorbent headgear?….Check!

    Wearing nothing you can’t happily burn in the morning when the jizz coating will make him look even more like a crispy creme donut? Check and check!

    The boy is ready from some heavy duty CPAC teabagging and with the nickname like “Big Sis”, I’m sure he’ll be popular…my only question is isn’t he supposed to be an under-aged dominican boy? Or is that just for Rushs’ personal sexy-time?

  19. [re=516363]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Thank you, that really is good advice, I ahould always have two bottles, really, one of Hendrix, for the first of the day, and one of Gordons (not bad at all, I might say) for 2 through closing.
    [re=516342]Flanders[/re]: I am just going to keep fucking this chicken.

  20. Hey, can the demrats and libtards haz a silly clown show too? The DNC isn’t like this. They have CPAC, teabagger parties at malls, and conventions. Fuck putting their heads together and creating alternative ideas, it’s party time baby pops.

    My girl Janet would tear these little pussies out that costume, pick them up over her head as they’re screaming for their mama, and snap their spines over her knee like bulsawood.

  21. The outfit makes perfect sense for a CPAC convention When your this brain damaged, a little fall or bump to head, could be difference between being a high funtioning tard and Terri Schiavo.

  22. [re=516205]MzNicky[/re]: Now that I’ve heard the other guy’s side of the Romney ‘sky-rage’ story, it’s official:
    Mitt Romney is the crown prince of douchebags.
    I think my favorite part of the story has to be “…then Mrs Mormon started screaming…”

  23. CPAC Sumo wrestling seems sort of … oh, you know .. let’s get physical, bro. Did the “wrestlers” pay to do this fun-riddled activty, or were they paid? Or something inbetween?

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  25. Hey guys, remember back during the campaign, when Obama used some folksy idiom to talking about dressing up a terrible idea, and Sarah Palin took offense, because, despite being folksy, she clearly is not terribly well-versed in actual folksy things that people say, and so instead assumed that Obama was saying something about her physique?

    Because I’m just saying… oh, wait, “Napolitano”, as in JANET Napolitano? The Democrat? Never mind, then- it’s totally not sexist to treat calling a woman fat as legitimate political critique, if you’re a member of the political party that opposed women’s suffrage, back in the day.

  26. [re=516587]mumblyjoe[/re]: “poor me” Palin update:
    the Downs Syndrome afflicted actress who did the voice-over for the Family Guy character which crybaby Sarah recently took umbrage with, scored a killer quote today by way of rebuttal: “I can’t believe the way that woman hauls around that baby Twig like a loaf of French bread”

  27. Wait wait wait…is that guy just pretending to be retarded (which according to Sarah Palin is OK because it’s satire), or is he actually retarded (which according to Sarah Palin is not even OK to mention because that’s a slur, and heartbreaking)?

  28. [re=516612]slowuncle[/re]: Honestly, I’m not completely unconvinced she isn’t a malfunctioning robot.

    Hear me out: She’s clearly set to “folksy”, but every time she tries to access her “folk wisdom” database, she gets a read error. So, when Obama said something folksy, she assumed he was calling her fat. She also has a “RETARDS ARE GOD’S CHILDREN/LITTLE ANGELS” subroutine, that overrides everything, and leads to her being offended all the time. Only, when Rush Limbaugh says it, she *can’t*, because, being a robot, she can’t turn against the people who programmed her. Ergo, (::quick database search::) umm, satire?

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