Tired of taking off your giant sweat pants before you go to work at Wal-Mart? Sick of taking off your huge jeans before falling asleep with Jay Leno and a Domino’s box on your lap? The American Dream is alive and well, losers, because now you can just put on a gigantic pair of “pajama jeans” and be done with it. No more dirty laundry everywhere, because it’s all on you! No more bathing, no more trouble. Order one pair today, because it’s the last clothing you’ll ever need. Giant T-shirt and tattoos on your ankles sold separately. [Pajama Jeans via Wonkette Operative “Jeff W.”]

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  1. Why is it that every time I turn on the TV or go onto the Internets, US America is looking more and more like the corpulent society which fled Earth for WALL-E to clean up?

    Are we sure that the Buy N Large Corporation isn’t behind all of this?

  2. Considering the number of people who seem to think it’s acceptable to go to work, in an office, wearing sweatpants, it’s a little too late to halt the slobbification of America. Soon, I expect to see people commuting in their snuggies.

  3. …because there’s nothing more entertaining than falling asleep wearing your jeans and rolling over onto one of those stylish brass rivets. Now if only they could make them uglier and more expensive, I’d love them.

  4. It’s about fucking time. I own a staffing agency and I’m soooo sick of people coming in to apply for a job in their flannels pjs and fluffy slippers (oh yes, it’s true)…now they can just wear these babies and NO ONE will be able to tell these aren’t real jeans. Wait…it’s not appropriate to wears jeans to a job interview either. Haha…try telling that to the geniuses up here in NY District 23.

  5. The brass rivets are okay because the pajama jeans were designed for people with so much natural cushioning they wouldn’t notice if they were sleeping on the cat.

  6. You’re all nuts, these look comfortable and hot, hot, hot! They’re made of DormiSoft for Christ sakes. Dor-mi-SOFT. You can sleep in them and wear them the next day and then maybe wash them, or if you had two pairs you could put on the other one. And quit worrying about the rivets. Unless you sleep in some fancy magnetic resonance chamber, you’ll be “at ease”, as they used to say in Saigon. Instead of making fun, why not go to the rodeo and see just how many cowboys have switched to PajamaJeans?

  7. As if a crumbling economy, a rapidly deteriorating society, a broken political system and the Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t enough to drive you into a severe depression, there’s more.

    I may well move Krygyzstan after all.

  8. Mind you, Pakistanis are not generally morbidly obese, although it does occasionally happen!

    [re=515067]Noonan[/re]: Duee, Kyrgyzstan is badass. I would totally move there.

  9. [re=515043]eastcoastliberal[/re]: How is it that so many people don’t understand basic rules on how to dress properly? Really, the pajamas or sweatpants aren’t even appropriate to wear out of the house, much less to work or an interview; and yet so many slobs don’t get this. I’m surprised I haven’t seen any people headed to work in bathrobes … yet.

  10. This is perfect for when we are all out of work and sleeping in our cars.
    Add an adult pamper and we can be set for days.
    I’ll order one for each member of the family.

  11. [re=515066]Buzz Feedback[/re]: Oh no, Americans can always surprise you there.

    [re=515068]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Maybe people can go back to Greco-Roman style robes. The important thing is to have the minimum possible number of steps to get dressed; those buttons and zippers that regular pants and dress shirts have are way too much work.

  12. Now you don’t have to wonder where you left your weed. You slept with it in your pocket, but its okay because you’re wearing the same pants thing you went to sleep/church/work in.

  13. [re=515014]JMP[/re]: At the college campus where I work, the students go to class wearing pajama bottoms.

    They also wander around like zombies wearing iPod earbuds or talking to no one with a cell phone thingie stuck in their ear.

    I’m old. Young people make no sense to me.

  14. [re=515103]coolcatdaddy[/re]: Yeah, people (almost all women) went to class in pajama bottoms back in my day, too; no iPods or cell phones back then, though. At least that’s college, though, where there are no standards of professional dress and students are expected to be slobs.

  15. [re=515106]Sharkey[/re]: I think I can speak for everybody here; we really did not need the image of K-Lo coming in our heads. Now, once thought, it can’t be unthought.

  16. [re=515103]coolcatdaddy[/re]: Because they have existed with technology pouring information nonstop into their heads for so many years, if they take out the earbuds or stop texting, the sound of their own thoughts quickly overwhelms them, and the suffer aneuryms. True story.

    One of my favorite places in the world, and a place I desperately need to be right now, is a place we rent in Wyoming. No radio TV, phone. (it has electricity and plumbing. I am spoiled that way). Being there after here is like being in a vacuum for the first hour or so, as you adjust to actual sounds of nature. OK, I sort of drifting off there into vacation fantasy….sorry.

  17. [re=515103]coolcatdaddy[/re]: I just finally got a tiny bit used to the students in pajama bottoms, and then they started wearing fuzzy slippers to class, the bookstore and the library.

    Then and again, I went to class with no shoes at all sometimes in the seventies, which must have annoyed the hell out of my profs.

  18. [re=515005]the problem child[/re]: Fortunately, nudist jeans are currently only available in France.

    Hey, speaking of which, is “dormisoft” a clever play on the French word dormir, meaning “to sleep”? SacrĂ© bleu! Pajama Jeans™ fabric is Socialist!

  19. [re=515199]Doglessliberal[/re]: That’s bad, but here is exhibit B:|14372|hooded%20footie||S|b|4678500186
    The Hoodie Footie. I kept seeing ads for this shit watching daytime TV during last week’s two snow days. And they described it as sexy, which it is not in any way, shape or form. Let the infantalization of adult women continue.

    [re=515205]boyhowdy[/re]: Damn, even the laziest students at my old school wouldn’t wear slippers or bare feet to class. Of course, it was in Chicago, so doing so would be a very bad idea for most of the school year.

    [re=515218]Extemporanus[/re]: I thought “dormisoft” was based on dorm; one of the few places that it would actually be acceptable to wear this shit.

  20. Great. Now can someone solve the problem of having to pull your pajamas up from around your ankles when you get out of bed in the morning?

  21. Jesus, $40?? For that kind of dough, I could go to Walmart, buy 4 pairs of Faded Glories, and still have enough left over to hit up the attached McDonald’s for some snack wraps.

  22. Pajamas you live in, jeans you sleep in which turn into pajamas you eat the next morning, eliminate by afternoon, and have jeans to sleep in by night! Now With Space-Age Polymer™ Nutrients! Never worry about clothing or eating again!

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