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The Rich Have Got Their Channels In the Bedrooms of the Poor

  • Eight of the Idaho Christians captured trying to move Haitian children to the neighboring Dominican Republic have been released to the United States military, while hundreds of thousands of Haitians continue to have no homes and no hope. [BBC News]
  • Some kind of grunge guy in a flannel shirt and Darth Vader mask won some sort of Winter Olympic medal, god knows for what. [NYT]
  • A plane crash in Silicon Valley killed three and knocked out power to hundreds of Palo Alto tech businesses. “We have no cash registers, we can’t make coffee, we can’t toast any bagels,” said somebody. [San Jose Mercury News]
  • Obama says the stimulus helped, but everything’s still pretty sucky. Happy anniversary, Stimulus! [MSNBC]
  • Those nice old “campground hosts” in their motorhomes are just looking for a safe place to live out their final days without paying rent. [New York Times]

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  1. plowman

    They’d have had an easier time moving adult Hatians to the Dominican Republic but they just aren’t as cute…

  2. hoosiermama

    That’s right, put those hippy olds to work, g-dammit. They don’t pull their weight in this country in my opinion — I don’t see hardly enough elderly Wal-Mart greeters and supermarket bag boys to meet my standards.

  3. Terry

    Shaun White was the last one to go at the snowboarding competition last night and already knew he had the gold sewn up. He and the coach were debating what he should do. White actually suggested just going straight down the middle. I’m glad he chose otherwise. His last run was amazing and miles ahead of any other competitor who came before him. He showed why he deserved the gold. It was a good way to close out the event.

  4. WickedWitch

    Fuck Silicon Valley coffeehouses.

    Whaaaat? I haven’t had my coffee yet. Gotta go outside and start my serf-powered generator.

  5. toooldtocare

    [re=514893]Terry[/re]: I finally joined the 21st century last weekend when I bought a HD Teevee. Thought to myself, wow, how cool will it be to watch the Olympic games in high def. So far all i’ve seen is Bob Costas and endless commercials……..was there actually an Olympic event mixed in there?

  6. Monsieur Grumpe

    What went through the pilot’s mind just before he crashed?

    A) Oh shit, I missed the coffee house!

    B) The windshield.

  7. coolcatdaddy

    The Palo Alto crash took World Net Daily’s storefront offline, so the Wingnutz couldn’t buy their “Where’s the Bird Certificate?” t-shirts and “Islam and the End Times” books.

    Zeus sometimes has a sense of justice.

  8. JMP

    It’s sad about the dead people in the plane, but the thought of all the rich techies of Palo Alto loosing power fills me with glee. Oh, to hope that Apple headquarters was knocked off the grid…

    [re=514898]toooldtocare[/re]: You should have watched longer, they also show a lot of inspirational stories about the competitors’ lives. Actual games, not so much.

  9. V572625694

    I’m still trying to get over the excitement of the janitorial competition curling matches from last night.

    [re=514890]HandsomePete[/re]: I think the lyric is “The rich have got their chattels in the bedrooms of the poor.” At least it sounds like that to me on the Leonard Cohen version, and makes a bit more sense, maybe

  10. Flanders

    Whoa, hey now! “An itinerant, footloose army of available and willing retirees in their 60s and 70s is marching through the American outback…”

  11. JMP

    [re=514938]Zadig[/re]: That would be nice, too. It still would probably only set back their nefarious plot to conquer the Earth by a few weeks, though.

  12. FMA

    [re=514913]V572625694[/re]: Curling kicks ass! I love watching it. There’s a kind of Zen thing to it. And it looks like the kind of sport you could play without spilling your beer — unlike, say, downhill skiing.

  13. SayItWithWookies

    Why are our Jesus-loving Christians persecuted? They were only trying to save children from the throes of Godless Catholicism. And it doesn’t matter that the children aren’t orphans right now — hasn’t anyone heard of the rights of the pre-orphaned?

  14. Lascauxcaveman

    [re=514898]toooldtocare[/re]: I get the Canadian CTV version of the Olympics, in HD digital via – get this – an antenna on my roof. (I live within broadcast range of Victoria and Vancouver.)

    The coverage is much better than NBC’s endless prattling of Costas occasionally punctuated by a sports clip. I’ve never really appreciated HD digital until the Women’s Dowhill final yesterday. That was intense on a 46″ screen.

  15. S.Luggo

    Without electricity, the Palo Alto Cactus Garden had to close. It is the End of Days.

  16. DemmeFatale

    Don’t you love how all the snow-boarders look like major stoners?

    (Yes, it took an all day power-outage to remind me of the importance of charging my cell phone.)

  17. el donaldo

    [re=514890]HandsomePete[/re]: Nick Cave covered “Tower of Song”!?! Well, now I have a mission that’ll give my day purpose. Thank you, sir.

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