• Eight of the Idaho Christians captured trying to move Haitian children to the neighboring Dominican Republic have been released to the United States military, while hundreds of thousands of Haitians continue to have no homes and no hope. [BBC News]
  • Some kind of grunge guy in a flannel shirt and Darth Vader mask won some sort of Winter Olympic medal, god knows for what. [NYT]
  • A plane crash in Silicon Valley killed three and knocked out power to hundreds of Palo Alto tech businesses. “We have no cash registers, we can’t make coffee, we can’t toast any bagels,” said somebody. [San Jose Mercury News]
  • Obama says the stimulus helped, but everything’s still pretty sucky. Happy anniversary, Stimulus! [MSNBC]
  • Those nice old “campground hosts” in their motorhomes are just looking for a safe place to live out their final days without paying rent. [New York Times]
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