And stop looking at the white women!
Can you believe this guy? Our queen gave us this holy desk back when his people were still slaves or whatever, and now he’s putting his feet on it?

Oh, the wingnuts. How crazy they make themselves, every day, all because it’s no longer acceptable — even on Fox News or talk radio — to say the “N word.”

This is the rest of the forwarded email making the anger-bear trailer-park rounds today:

Damn straight!

But don’t worry, it’s still okay if the white guy does it.

At least he's not taking a dump on the desk, in this picture.
Thanks to Wonkette operative “Rich F.” for sending both the wingnut correspondence and the Dubya picture.

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  • Buzz Feedback

    Well shit. Reposted from previous thread:
    Let these blacks sit at the front of the bus and all hell breaks loose.

    Happy Black History month.

  • Larry McAwful

    Well, Dubya lost the popular vote, too, just like Rutherford B. Hayes, so the least we could do was allow them this one indiscretion. Obama, being a man of the people, cannot place his feet on the people’s coffee table.

  • V572625694

    Looking at the lower picture reminds me of how utterly successful Karen Hughes was at restoring our relations with the Muslim world.

  • SayItWithWookies

    Their new story is that they’re mad about President Obama defiling the place where the sacred heels of Dubya once rested. Has that man no respect for history?

  • bago

    He even puts his feet on the floor of the people’s house, tracking mud all over the beautiful white house.

  • qwerty42

    Kee-rist, the caterwauling from these morons.

  • SmutBoffin

    Also, Obama cannot use the W.H. toilets or the vibrating dildo in the Lincoln bedroom, since they were the gift of the Kaiser and the Pope, respectively.

  • Advocatus_Diaboli

    Further, in over half of the cultures of the world, it is recognized not only as disrespectful, but as an extreme insult.”

    So now the wingnuts are worried about insulting mooslems?

    Irony is indeed dead.

  • Limeylizzie

    Well, it must seem a little odd to them to even see furniture that isn’t covered in plastic .

  • anonymousryan

    Do they not photograph Obama in black & white because it will screw up the contrast?

  • gurukalehuru

    I’m guessing that every president since Rutherford B. Hayes has had his feet up on that desk. It’s like Graumann’s fucking Chinese.

  • S.Luggo

    Bush looks like he’s ordering lunch, either that the bombing of the Al-Jezeerah station in Bern.

  • Ruhe

    “Sorry, Libtards, we’ve studied the Dubya photo, as you call it, closely and we are certain that the desk pictured there is an early 20th century reproduction put in place while the original Resolute Desk was still at the Smithsonian being disinfected from all the Lewinski cooties. So, Obama is worse than Bush.” – Leigh and Leslie Keno

  • Limeylizzie

    [re=514461]Advocatus_Diaboli[/re]: Yes, but invading those aforementioned cultures is seen as polite n’est-ce pas?

  • ella

    If I were a wingnut, I’d just have to kill myself before the total assplosion in my head.

  • Crazy Like Fox

    Hey, look, we even let him be *president,* okay? How much more does this guy want?

    Give ’em an inch…

  • gurukalehuru

    That’s nothing compared to what Clinton had up on that desk.

  • pants of doom

    The audacity of hope!

  • Naked Bunny with a Whip

    Hell, if I were president, I’d not only have my feet up there, I’d not have any shoes on.

  • Ruhe

    [re=514445]Buzz Feedback[/re]: The sarcasm of your comment is so sadly to the point that it will probably work for many posts to come.

  • MzNicky

    Well, what do you expect from a guy who born secretly in a grass mud hut in Kenya not Hawaii, is a secret Muslin, tries to brainwash our children with TV messages about staying in school, won’t reveal his grade transcripts from Harvard Law School, and whose tall Negress wife want the gubmint to make our fat-ass kids exercise, plus other stuff. He’s BLACK, people! Wake up!

  • Suds McKenzie

    “absolutely never done in an executive setting” Bwwaahahaha. Most executives don’t even wear pants.

  • Naked Bunny with a Whip

    P.S. How did Queen Victoria’s desk feel about Bill Clinton’s blow jobs?

  • Redhead

    Well, duh Wonkette. It’s totally different if a (white) Repug does it – his feet aren’t all smelly from working in the fields, barefoot, all day. (They’re also not gross from being deployed somewhere, in a time of war, for months that somehow turn into years and with limited if any access to a shower.)

  • comicbookguy

    They’re worried the black might rub off on the furniture.

  • Ruhe

    [re=514477]Suds McKenzie[/re]: Something familiar about that laugh…Bowser…is that you!?

  • iwillsavethispatient
  • eclecticbrotha

    What an arrogant mofo. How dare this shoe-shining usurper sit relaxed while genetically superior Aryans stand giving deference to him? Its enough to make Robert E. Lee’s head explode.

    “Our” furniture in “our” White House. It sure is getting harder by the day to avoid using the phrase “uppity Negro” in a sentence.

  • MzNicky

    So really — the wingtards didn’t even bother with a Google search for a Dubya feet-on-the-desk photo before manufacturing this latest outrage? Hell, I knew there was one out there without really even knowing it. In fact, I think the tards just photoshopped Obammy and his guys onto the one of President McFlightsuit. Same camera angle, hand on side chair, and everything!

  • Ducksworthy

    He is showing the traditional muslin sign of disrespect by showing soles of his shoes to the creeps from the DLC that his major funders required him to hire.

  • frailamerica

    And at the bottom of this site, there’s a picture of the definitely unelected Gerald Ford also being being an asshole:

  • DP

    [re=514489]iwillsavethispatient[/re]: Best link today

    Joe the Plumber says—

    “I need to talk to candidates before I endorse,” he told me afterwards, explaining that his bar is pretty high. “We have a series of conversations – 20 to 30 minute conversations – and I grill them. I ask them questions about energy, education – make sure they’re straight.”

    How the fuck exactly does he “make sure they’re straight?”

  • Extemporanus

    Shit, if Obama knew it was gonna be that kinda party, he woulda stuck his dick on the Resolute Desk!

    (Unlike Bush, who kept his dick in a rusty Altoids tin stashed behind the spiderhole pistol desk lamp Cheney gave him for singlehandedly capturing and killing Sadam Hussein.)

  • Ducksworthy

    [re=514480]Redhead[/re]: Hey knock if off about the lack of showers. I’ll have you know those showers had the latest features including hot and cold running electricity.

  • Marilyn

    First off, his ‘people’ were not slaves they were killing lions on the svelte and shit. Second off, Mary Matalin is so gay … in a good way.

  • bored with gravity

    [re=514474]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: If I were president, I’d have a sleeping space under there like George did on “Seinfeld.”

  • Monsieur Grumpe

    Why doesn’t he get upset about something important like Doritos commercials? Some people must go through life with their undies in a bunch.

  • SometimesElla

    In case anyone is interested – it all started here:

    Feel free to tweet at the twat.

  • MzNicky

    [re=514501]frailamerica[/re]: I like the empty bookcase in the Ford photo.

  • Ducksworthy

    [re=514489]iwillsavethispatient[/re]: McCain was trying to use me. I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy.

    Uh Oh. One of em almost woke up. More Faux News for this one.

  • AnnieGetYourFun

    Imagine how mad they’re going to be when they realize that the drawers are all filled with gin and juice.

  • BlueStateLiberal

    Obama should just completely re-decorate the Oval Office with African decor, and e-mail the photos to the wingnuts so that they’ll all have heart attacks and die. Problem solved.

  • SuedeDwayne

    Excerpt from overview of the Nixon White House tapes:

    “Because five microphones were placed in the President’s desk, they picked up the sound of anyone writing on the desk, or setting down a coffee cup or a glass. Furthermore, they picked up the sound of Nixon’s chair banging into the desk, his feet banging on the desk when he put his feet up, and the sound of his knees knocking against the kneewell of his desk.”

    So Nixon is also disrespectful the desk, but he invented the Southern Strategy. Egads, what’s a wingnut to do?!?!?

    Found here (under “The Nature of the Recordings”):

  • doxastic

    Wingnut syllogism:

    Major premise: All shoe-sole-showing is a Muslim insult
    Minor premise: President is showing shoe soles*
    Conclusion: President is Muslim

    * (by the sea shore)

  • Mad Brahms

    As someone finishing a graduate degree in anthropology, I can say with some confidence that no comprehensive surveys of “half the cultures in the world” has ever been done in regards to puttings one’s feet on her majesty’s bureau.

    Science has, however, proven that more than half the posts on free republic are a total waste of bandwidth.

  • smitallica

    Oh dear. Obama must be doing better in the polls, cuz the Freepers are shitting their knickers about absolutely nothing again.

  • jetjaguar

    oh fuck, I’m surprised I haven’t gotten this from my family yet. I did, get this today, though, also:

  • TGY

    Oh, well, time to piss in the teapots, too.

  • doxastic

    [re=514467]Ruhe[/re]: I didn’t expect, when I woke up this morning, that I’d see an Antiques Roadshow joke. But today is turning out to be way better than expected.

  • grevillea

    “So which one of you mofos is on shoeshine duty today? Rahm? Well, get that tongue to work, boy, I ain’t got all day!”

  • thehighshelf

    Now it’s bad to put asses in the seats?

  • Woodwards Friend

    He probably leaves the front door open…like he was raised in a Kenyan barn.

  • choinski

    If I had photographic proof Obama scuffed up my furniture, I’d be on Antiques Roadshow in a New York minute.

  • F*T*S*

    Fuck your couch!!

  • El Pinche

    Wait till the wingtards find out about the WH toilet paper which has the Constitution delicately embroidered on it for softness and Liberty for every wipe.

  • HipHopOpotamus

    Well I can see someone earned their researching skills by doing the hard task of reading the first 2 sentences of the Wikipedia pages for “Oval Office” and “Resolute Desk”.

  • Seek

    [re=514467]Ruhe[/re]: Ooh the rare Antiques Roadshow mention from a Wonketteer. Now that was shocking.

    Feet on the desk, not so very much.

  • S.Luggo

    ACORNs have no respect for fine furniture.

    Plus, you’d never have caught Frankliin Delano Goddam Roosevelt doing that, by gum.

  • S.Luggo

    [re=514564]El Pinche[/re]: It gets worster –

  • Bruno

    I thought there was always supposed to be some red phone on the desk to call the USSR or Batman or whatever. I have lost respect for all these presidents. I even have a red phone on my desk.

  • The Silver Fox

    Oh noes! This is not the America I grew up in! (insert picture of bald eagle crying)

  • daryljfontaine

    [re=514507]DP[/re]: [i]How the fuck exactly does he “make sure they’re straight?”[/i]

    He knows if they politely ask him to remove his dick from their ass.


  • Smoke Filled Roommate

    [re=514465]gurukalehuru[/re]: Didn’t JFK fuck Marilyn on that desk?

  • Jumping Jim

    If Presidents are not allowed to put their feet up, then the Terrorists win!

  • armoredbore
  • Zadig

    [re=514507]DP[/re]: He tempts them by assuming a “wide stance” throughout the interview. If they resist his come-ons, they’re straight, or at least capable of pretending to be, and are therefore fit for office. And if not, well, Joe wins anyway.

  • american mutt

    How come I don’t get the hilarious emails?

  • Twinkletoes

    The wingnuts are just mad because they tend to have jobs polishing desks like that, and it takes a lot of spiddle to get the scuff marks of the fancy furniture, also.

  • american mutt

    [re=514519]SometimesElla[/re]: that guys tweet feed is near psychotic.

  • Tundra Grifter

    [re=514467]Ruhe[/re]: WIN!!! Bonus points for knowing it’s the “Rsolute” Desk – you must have watched National Treasure a buncha times…

  • bkny

    the body language in that bush photo is interesting. bush looking his typical petulant self, rove enjoying the show, while hughes is clearly chastising andy card who is tuning her out… he’s very practiced at it: “‘Where’s lunch?’ They’d ordered cheeseburgers, but after fifteen minutes, they had not arrived. ‘Go get me Andy Card,’ Bush said to one of the Secret Service agents  [Card was] stolid and jovial, a man of solid, loyal character. Bush looked impatiently at Card, hard-eyed. ‘You’re the chief of staff. You think you’re up to getting us some cheeseburgers?’ Card nodded. No one laughed. He all but raced out of the room.”

  • Radiotherapy

    [re=514543]jetjaguar[/re]: Needs more maudlin.

  • SlouchingTowardsWasilla

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that every President since Hayes, with the exceptions of Nixon and Reagon, neither of whom could have erections, has actually had his ass on that desk at some point while someone sat in the chair blowing him.

  • Twinkletoes

    In 1981 Reagan, HW Bush showed their cabinet how to put their hineys on the desk!!!

  • S.Luggo

    [re=514578]S.Luggo[/re]: Nope, they no fucking respect for fine furniture.

    A hardy brekka of hot, buttered groat clusters sprinkled with Aricept:

  • norbizness

    And he did this to the White House couch (warnin’: strong language!)

  • arewethereyet

    Don’t you libruls see the satire in that bush photo?

  • ShiningMathPath

    Contrast Peggy Noonan’s ode to Ronald Reagan’s propped-up foot, a

    “highly polished brown cordovan wagging merrily on a hassock.. It was a beautiful foot, sleek…. Such casual elegance and clean lines!… But not a big foot, not formidable, maybe a little frail.”

  • gradgrind

    “Wonkette operative Rich F.” rocks my snow-encrusted world. Thx, Rich! I think I lerve you.

  • kizzytyler5

    Emancipation Proclamation: 1863. His people weren’t slaves them although I understand your point. I hope Sarah Palin runs for president so we can all see how stupid and crazy her followers are.

  • S.Luggo

    [re=514620]Twinkletoes[/re]: Which reminds me, how do you remove fart stains from open grain oak?

  • greensprout

    I’m just disappointed Ken didn’t break out the headline “The Audacity of Hopey” for this one.

  • steverino247

    Thanks for posting this so when the political dimwits who send me things like this send me this one, I’ll know where to find the response to it.

    And yes, these dorks are looking for any possible excuse to defame Obama. They will stoop as low as they feel they need to go because it really bothers them that a black man is President.

  • Surfeit O&#39

    [re=514618]SlouchingTowardsWasilla[/re]: I’ll have my therapist send YOU the bill for the intensive sessions to deal with the trauma from the nightmarish image involving Grover Cleveland that popped into my head as a direct result of your post. On two non-consecutive occasions, no less!

  • One Yield Regular

    I constantly marvel at these wingers’ ability to pitch-perfectly impersonate the tone of Southern White outrage from 40+ years ago.

  • CaliforniaMike

    El Dubyo was known to fart loudly and then accuse the person of lowest status in the room of having done it. Unfortunately, he tried to pin one of his SBD’s on Nancy Reagan once, and she was on him trying to scratch his eyes out before the Secret Service could stun her with a tranquilizer dart.

    Compared to the Dub, complaining about Obama would be like complaining about Billy Graham (he always forgets to flush the toilet).

  • AnnieGetYourFun

    Indeed, I would never talk to my advisers with my feet up on the desk! My advisors, maybe, but not my advisers!

  • HipHopOpotamus

    Does this photo taken in the Oval Office convey anything to you about attitude and arrogance?

    Would you speak with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands while pointing a finger at the Resolute Desk – a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880?

    We should inundate his Crawford, TX Ranch with emails demanding that he stop desecrating his office and keep his fingers to himself.

    This arrogant, immature, self-centered idiot demonstrates repeatedly that he has no sense of honor, or of simple decency.

    While this gesture is disrespectful in any culture, it is absolutely never done in any executive setting.

    Further, in over half of the cultures of the world, it is recognized not only as disrespectful, but as an extreme insult to point. In some cultures it could also get you killed!

    He thinks of himself as a king – above the rules of civility — and not as a servant of the people, humbly occupying our White House for his term in office.

    Electing him once was an enormous mistake — and will cost us in many ways, for generations.

  • NotthatLC

    Please for the love of God REASSURE me that someone sent the lower picture to these mouth-breathing morons. It’s too bad it’s not physically possibly to point and laugh online.

  • BlueStateLibtard

    The really funny thing is that they did the same thing a year ago, when they were all outraged over a photo of Obama without his jacket on in the Oval Office, and then five minutes later, some smartie-pants liberal did a 30-second Google search and found photos of a jacket-less Dubya, Reagan, etc. My goldfish have better memories than them.

  • knobwurst

    I couldn’t help but notice that in Chimpy’s photo, everyone’s ignoring him. They’re probably so taken aback by seeing the bottoms of his loafers (regardless of what kind of footwear he’s wearing, on bush’s feet, they’re loafers) that they had to look away. Or, they knew better than anyone what a dumbass he is…

  • Veritas78

    Ya know, I wish that Obama’s dad was from Niger and not Kenya. Because then all those homescholers would have a legitimate bone to pick: the one in their Preznit’s noze!

  • Darkness

    [re=514501]frailamerica[/re]: Jerry Ford, President Empty Shelf

    He only needed to do one and only one thing while in office. Looks like he didn’t even bother to move in.

  • Diana Davies

    [re=514648]S.Luggo[/re]: I’m quite sure many Commanders-in-Chief have regaled that desk with a phart or two. And maybe some siemens.

  • MzNicky

    [re=514717]Diana Davies[/re]: Exceptin’ the Big Dawg, none since JFK. Well, maybe LBJ, eewww.

  • MzNicky

    I meant siemens. Pharts, yeah, all of ’em.

  • libwakman

    Sure, it would be AOK for president Sarah to rub-hump her squishy retard ejection hole all over the desk. As well as vice president Bobby J’s pointy-toed shoes.

  • rocktonsammy

    The soles on Jr’s shoes said right and left.

    BHO’s shoes said, fuck and you.

  • mickster99

    And it’s such a relief to know that these morons only control the U.S. Senate, major tv and radio outlets with viewer/listener audiences in 10 ‘s of millions. I can sure rest easy knowing these idiots have been appropriately minimized given their wacko beliefs. Whew. That was close.

  • donner_froh

    [re=514477]Suds McKenzie[/re]: As if the typical (or any) wingnut spent any time in an executive setting.

  • Pandy

    [re=514657]steverino247[/re]: Jimmy Carter, is that you?

  • southern mark smith

    I got a couple o’ couches, but I sleep on the Resolute Desk.

  • Diana Davies

    [re=514742]MzNicky[/re]: And don’t you think Nancy bent over that desk and took one for the Gipper?

  • rmjag

    dear freeperloser , FUCK . YOU .

  • The Lucky Wife

    But when Bush, Ford and Nixon did it, they were engaging in satire, so it’s perfectly acceptable (according to Ms. Moose).

  • MzNicky

    [re=514774]Diana Davies[/re]: Oh honey child. No such images this late into the evening of drinking, PLEEZE. Although I can handle envisioning the cloven-footed ex-First Nuisance* bent over the sacred Queen Victoria desk with ol’ Blue Eyes.

    cf. Spy magazine in its olden funny days.


    “Don’t touch that! That guitar was a gift from Linda Ronstadt to the whatshisname who played in guitar in Air Supply!”

  • Potater

    [re=514620]Twinkletoes[/re]: I knew Reagan was out of touch, but brown shoes with black socks? Tim Gunn does not like.

  • June Cleaver 2.0

    What they don’t know is that Michelle’s ass has been on that desk.

  • brianogilvie

    Is it just me, or does the title of this post make you think of an Onion headline?

  • Diana Davies

    [re=514782]MzNicky[/re]: It’s easier if you picture him placing a flag over her head and going for Old Glory.

  • Servo

    Y’know who else put their feet on their desk? Hitler.

  • AddHomonym

    [re=514512]Marilyn[/re]: I thought that was all going on out on the papoose, in southeast WA. No? Plus, I thought we already HAD our fee-on-the-desk scandal already. Every Democrat has this scandal. It’s like a tradition or something.


    [re=514816]Servo[/re]: I cannot see Hitler doing that. Find picture to prove it. Though I can see Churchill doing this. Not Stalin or Roosevelt either. Though Frank might have wanted to.

  • obfuscator


    right wing dad emailers: plz go fuck off and die, thanx.

  • Smoke Filled Roommate

    [re=514816]Servo[/re]: And his tapdance was fabulous !

  • S.Luggo

    Rush would put his feet up on a mid-19th century, oak antique desk if he could ever find his Oxy-numbed, elephantine thighs. But I mean that in a good way.

    [re=514834]NYNYNY[/re]: Roosevelt? Ponderate a momentito upon that. Before Palin blasts you with a thunderbolt of indigintiousity, think: gimp-meister, crippoid, ‘cap, no jump shot, etc.

  • Hello Sunshine

    Highlights from Free Republic’s thread on this (I visited so you don’t have to):

    “Obama is demonstrating his skillful ability to shine their shoes.”

    “President Reagan never ever took his jacket off in the Oval office, he was simply extremely humbled to be in there. While Obama has his jacket on in that picture, I seen many where he doesn’t. One thing that I noticed about many of Obamas Oval office pictures is that, he never has very much things on that desk. Never. Google previous Presidents, and their desks are just stuffed with binders and papers. Obama’s rarely has anything.”

    “Not since LBJ gave an interview to a reporter from the toilet have we seen such hubris……..Recall what happened to LBJ’s presidency.”

    But my favourite one comes after someone says that Obama should at least have taken his shoes off and her certainly knows how to do that, followed by a pic of Obama taking his shoes off outside a mosque:

    “Think he has to remove his shoes at the airport? Then why should a non-muslim do so at an Islamic mosque?”

    Um… because he doesn’t want to, how can I put this, insult half the cultures in the world where traipsing your size 12s into a mosque would be considered offensive?

  • desertwind

    Ha ha. This is making me all nostalgic for the big news story two or three days after the inauguration around a photo of Obama at the desk without his suit-jacket on.

    Pat Buchanan on the teevee yapping about Obama “showingdisrespect for the office.”

    Good times.

  • Smoke Filled Roommate

    [re=514772]southern mark smith[/re]: These people are definitely forces of evil in a bozo nightmare..

  • Egregious

    Emails like this make me realize all the ways asshats can imply the “N word” without actually using the “N word.”

  • RDeezy

    Get over it you racist fucks. Like any of you have a clue about Obama anyway. There hasn’t been “honor” in the White House or any Government house since the beginning, and putting your feet up on the desk is far from the real disrespect that room has seen over the years. Kindly remove your hoods and shove them up your asses.

  • frailamerica

    [re=514716]Darkness[/re], [re=514520]MzNicky[/re]: Excellent. I didn’t even notice the shelf. He could’ve at least put his american football trophies or some shit up there.

    BREAKING: Resolute Desk = feet all over it. Generic conference table = Uses coaster –

  • Mr Blifil

    I believe this is what is known as “reparations.”

  • peteymca

    I was gonna say, LBJ used to hold meetings while he was droppin’ a deuce, we Democrats are just irreverent like that.

  • This Cat

    [re=514507]DP[/re]: “How the fuck exactly does he “make sure they’re straight?”

    well he tries to blow them – duh

    Read more at Wonkette:

  • This Cat

    Barack also rummages through the queens drawers

  • sanantonerose

    Please! As if Dubya didn’t sit on every piece of furniture with his bare ass and lick all the portraits.

  • gnosis


  • fitley

    [re=514467]Ruhe[/re]: I’m not sure how many people on this site get your joke but it is very funny. Maybe there are some Antique Road Show fans on here. I used to work in the American Arts Dept. at the Art Institute of Chicago.

  • fitley

    Not that inbred racist goobers care but there is either a glass or plexiglass desktop protector clearly visible in the picture. Now unknot that rope, put out the burning cross, and take off your stupid pointy hats, that will be all for today. Thank you.

  • jeffhyde

    That’s just ignant. Plane ole’ ignant.
    e cig

  • Deepthroat

    just begging for a Blingee, I tells ya…

  • American1st

    Boy you left wing nuts are so devoid of original thought you have to copy everything conservatives invent about you lame ass leftwingnutball libertards

  • American1st

    oh and conservatves are not worried about a black man putting his feet on the furniture, that was a “boy” doing it in the picture.

  • mark10017

    Ahh. So because Bush did it, it’s okay for Barry to do it? But just to be clear, if something was “done to Bush,” it’s not okay to do it to Barry? The rules of double standards and political correctness are more complex than the IRS guidelines. I’m just asking because when a cartoon about the chimp that mauled the lady early in Barry’s latest career move had some obtuse reference to Barry by naming the legislation he supported, everyone jumped up and down that this denigrated the office of the president. Even the “r” word was used. But then I cited an entire website comparing Bush to chimps, I was told that comparison was irrelevant. In fact, it was fine. Is this where the rule of “doeth until Bush what thou would not dare to doeth unto Barry” kicks in?

  • Smoke Filled Roommate

    [re=516699]American1stFuckingRetard2nd[/re]: [re=516756]mark10017[/re]: for reals?

  • Diamondhypothesis

    Hey wonkies (snickering), This will be my first comment and I looked through at least 6 photoshopped Trig Palin photos; with coat hangers and parodic references. I saw probably more comments on this picture than the conjunction of all 6 pics. I get the zeitgeist of the site, well from what I read from the another site; That it’s grotesque and you may be as foolish as you like. Whether I’m blogging the washington post or some ‘Stake and cheese’-satiristic gruel of sin, I find the ironic. The picture is usually kitschy and the conveyer captions despicably; yet commenters find ways to be more offensive and irrelevantly complaining, almost purposefully. I get blog sites are venues for uttered about convention, but I think I see the deepest darkest contraries to other wise certain opinions they’ve share publicly. Cowardice loons on a trip of ‘freedom of speech’. So I’m going to do something ironic to my behavior….. let ‘bama smear his “feets” on every white face while dancing bug bunny’s scat cat dance of the 50s. Here is why……. Because no matter how some may try to prove to have logistic stand points on delegate obama, You can’t help but shutter at his butter brown complexion and slender posture brightening the pages of encyclopedias from cryptic, fat, old and lazy white clones. ;)

  • Diamondhypothesis

    * I get blog sites are venues for uttered worries in flaws about convention, but I think………..*

    THIS IS A CORRECTION ON A PRIOR COMMENT…hopefully no one comments in between ^_^

  • Michael_Brand

    Change & Hope.
    Bush did it too.
    No change.
    Have things gotten so bad that to defend Obama one has to point out he’s doing the exact same as the worst president ever?

  • lucylen

    The picture is usually kitschy and the conveyer captions despicably,Ford and Nixon did it, they were engaging in satire.
    Power or fighting.

  • sunnyabca

    It tells about their power and the position soooooo follow this as to make urself up……………thnks for sharing such a awesome post

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