Olympics: The Winter Olympics are in full force, but no one seems to appreciate ever since that nice Georgian Luger died, in a sport. If you feel some patriotic desire (be it for America or Georgia) to watch the games, head to Asia Nine where any of the lounge’s bar snacks are only a buck while the Olympics are on. Or, you may be better off just learning how to curl. [Asia Nine]

  • Wednesday, February 17: Jews talk gentrification and explain that it’s not nice to uproot vegetarian restaurants, trees, and black people (especially now that everyone is getting along so well) just for a new Metro line. Free snacks will be served at this community meeting, tonight at 6:45PM in Silver Spring. [Jews United for Justice]
  • Wednesday, February 17: We commend Ella’s Wood Fired Pizza for appeasing man’s desire to drink and not go broke with their monthly complementary beer tastings. Tonight folks from the brewery Hop and Wine will be at the restaurant passing out free beer samples. [Ella’s Wood Fired Pizza]
  • Wednesday, February 17 through Sunday, February 21: Restaurants did not make any money last week because of the blizzards, and this does not help America recover and be full of jobs and money again. To fix this, Jaleo, Oyamel, Zaytinya and Café Atlántico are featuring many of their signature cocktails and itty bitty pieces of food for special prices from 4PM- close all week long.
  • New Food: Sweetgreen, the do-it-yourself salad chain that also offers frozen yogurt, is making the Logan Circle area even more yuppie with the opening of their newest store across from Whole Foods on Saturday. And, look at that, another burger place is coming to DC, this time on 14th and S NW.   [Sweetgreen, Prince of Petworth]
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  1. (OK, this is my third time trying to send this, so my apologies if it shows up three times)

    The Potomac Curling Club is holding their free Open House this weekend (20th for grownups, 21st for the under-21s). Your Camperette went a couple years ago and had a great time. To avoid crowds, you can sign up for a time slot in advance:

    Must have car to get out there, though…

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