The best part of 'Game Change' is how all the GOP candidates hate Romney's guts.World-class asshole Mitt Romney was flying back from the Winter Olympics — he must always remind everyone that he worked at the Winter Olympics once — when a fellow passenger tried to punch him out. Already a perfect story, right? WELL IT GETS BETTER, because the reason the guy attacked Romney is because Romney was telling the guy to put his seat up.

The man sitting in front of Ann Romney leaned his seat back, and when Mitt Romney asked him to move it upright before the plane took off, the man became physically violent.

Ha ha, yeah, it surely happened just like that. Or, perhaps, busybody dickhead Mitt Romney just started telling strangers what to do, expecting everybody to take orders from the famous businessman Mitt Romney, who after all once worked at the Winter Olympics. And then the passenger glanced back, saw that helmet of game-show-host hair on that smug tanned face …. the Dalai Lama himself would’ve jumped over the seat and crushed Mittens’ skull.

Anyway, the Canadian Horse Army boarded the plane and gave the attacker a firm what-for and then the jet flew to Los Angeles, where Romney was expected to get his pussy waxed. [My Fox/Boston Globe]

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  1. did the surly airline passenger also refer to ann romney as a “trollopy c-word??”. did he yell “FIVE AND A HALF YEARS, YOU MORMON SHITRAG!!!” before raining left-armed blows down upon mitt’s impenetrable helmet hair?

    get on this now, politico!

  2. hey mitt: if you hadn’t shat away $17,413,736 of your own money to stage your 2008 zombie reagan tribute tour, you wouldn’t have had to fly commercial with the rabble.

  3. Does this mean we all get to punch Mitt now? Let me rephrase that. Does this mean that it is now our PATRIOTIC DUTY to punch Mittlemarch in the mouth at every opportunity?

    Both of these are rhetorical, obvs.

  4. Hmm, seems to me that smug mittens-face is more in need of a knee smashing into it than a fist. I mean, just look at him, what a mug, why does he look like that? His future isn’t all that shit-hot, I mean, who voted for him in the primaries? Seventeen fat old white millionaires and their botoxed and anorexic wives/mistresses and 11 old gay men who had s&m fantasies about kneeing him in the face. Oh, and I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course.

  5. [re=513292]Iam[/re]: Yeah. Everyone gets treated like shit in coach, but when it happens to Mittens it’s “news”. He should have either indulged his prissy self and flown first-class or said “Fuck Mormonism!” and gotten drunk/drugged like all normal coach passengers do to avoid the inevitable assaults.

  6. I can’t believe we had to wait for some random Canuck/Canuck-sympathizer. I watched most of the Republican debates…*

    *(McCain joke, by the way)

  7. “when Mitt Romney asked him to move…”

    Sounds reasonable. Enough Liberty Gin and I’d punch him out for less than that, and even throw up on him, also.

  8. I was hoping for some pictures of Mittens with a bloody nose and black eye, at least! It’s too bad the whole damn plane full of passengers didn’t just beat the holy shit out of him, and not say a word. I didn’t know I felt so violent about him, him and his fancy underware and all. Guess I need some anger management or something.

  9. He’s got enough money he could buy a damned airplane, or a damned airline for that matter, and he flies in coach. What a poser.
    My suspicion is that he managed to provoke the guy just to get the story in the papers and let everybody know that he was flying in coach because Scott Brown drives a fucking truck and how is he supposed to top that.

  10. I think it was a perfectly understandable reaction to being proseletyzed to in such a confined space as the economy cabin. Extra points if Mittens was wearing his “Elder Romney” nametag.

  11. “Anyway, the {Royalist] Canadian Horse Army boarded the plane and gave the attacker a firm what-for and then the jet flew to Los Angeles, where Romney was expected to get his pussy waxed.”
    [Spit take.]

    This has gone from “threatened” to “assailed” to “monkey air rage attacked“. Hence, due such inexactitude, I shall never believe the MSM ever EVER again. About anything. Nope. I thought that it was only that Mittney had was once more barfed bails upon by Ann … after refusing to share his 3rd minty fresh Grasshopper before the landing gear came down.

  12. How dorkily Mormon. “Excuse me, Sir? Sir? You need to put your seat in the upright position just as the pilot has instructed. Did you not hear the announcement?” BAM!

  13. [re=513317]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: Not all Mormons are ‘dorks’ – whilst at Uni, I had a Mormon neighbour who did his Mission in SE Spain, and would make “special outreach” trips to remote hamlets like Ibiza, and even some out-of-the-way distance villiage the natives called “Amsterdam”…

    But, yes, Mormons are dorky.

  14. Hell, if you looked back and saw Mittens pulling on his rubber gloves, you would have no choice but to defend yourself. If this had been an American plane, shots would have been fired.

    The big question is did anyone check Mittens underwear? Why is the Obama administration so soft on obvious terrorist?

    [re=513292]Iam[/re]: Rumor has it that the fight started when Mittens started complaining about being offered peanuts instead of his preferred caviar in coach.

  15. May I suggest a vigorous bitch slapping followed by a magic underwear wedgie. I hear those magic underwear wedgies are really uncomfortable.

  16. The arc of the universe is wide, but it bends toward justice.

    Not sure how tall Mittens is but if he’s more than six feet, its not hard to sympathize. When the douche bag in front of you in coach insists on cranking his seat back so you can regard his bald spot in all its glory, and you can’t use your laptop, it’s easy to get mad. That’s why I never fly coach. Why in the world does hedge-fund zillionaire Mittens not use his own Gulfstream V? Has the market been hard on him lately? That would be so…delightful!

  17. Once I was on a flight to Green Bay and reclined my seat. The guy behind me said he did not have enough room and I turned around to tell him too bad and looked into the chest of what was obviously a Green bay Packer football player (mostly, because for the life of me, I can not figure why else a huge Samoan man was flying to Green Bay).

    And yes, I put my seat back up. Better a live Pussy than a dead Penis.

  18. [re=513336]Jumping Jim[/re]: That would have been Esera Tuaolo. He later played for the Vikings, & was prolly the one Larry Craig was hoping to meet in the Minneapolis airport bathroom.

  19. Also: the puncher was prolly a Massachusetts ex-pat, upset at the “upset” victory of Scott Brown, whose path to Bay State electoral success as an hairsprayed, fake-tanned GOP with an “overachieving” brood was laid by Mitt Romney’s two (?) terms as governor.

  20. No wonder Mittens nor any of his boys went to war.


    All it takes to get an asshole to move his seat is to jam your feet into the seat and ever so gently push it back. It’s a passive aggressive signal saying if you’re going to be a dick about it then I’m going to be, too and a hint that if I’m willing to physically move your fat ass then I’m also physically willing to take a swing your face if you want to.

  21. I hope he got at least one punch for putting that dog on the car roof.

    You impregnated Mittens??????

    I finally understand entropy. Thanks.

  22. I’ve been mulling this one over now for many hours. I can not decide where I want to land on this one. On the one hand, I hate everyone who pushes their seat back on airplanes. On the other hand, I love the idea of someone trying to punch Mittens in the face. Very difficult decision. The most difficult decision I will face all week.

  23. The guy’s seat actually leaned back? I want to start flying on that airline. Even if it means sharing a tube with Mitt, a seat that reclines more than 4 centimeters is worth the horror.

  24. Insider sources say mittens overly medicated wife urged him to chastise the seat-leaner hoping for a roundhouse return because she was too fucked up to smack the bitch herself.

  25. “Gov. Romney did not retaliate, but instead allowed the airline crew to respond to the incident,”

    It’s after 9/11. A guy becomes violent on a plane, and Mittens just sits back and lets the stewardesses take care of it.

  26. Wow.
    What a bunch of whiney losers you all are.
    You immediately take the side of the violent a**hole, which
    makes me think you all are a bunch of angry, liberal pussies
    whose only courage lies behind a computer screen.
    This site is for you, pussies. Keep forming your little
    hiena packs — it’s safer that way.

  27. this couldn’t have gone any better for mittens, now the whole world gets to see just how big “a man of the people” he is; obama’s recession has forced the man to fly coach for god’s sake! how much more does one gazillionaire have to suffer? make him president already!

  28. [re=513424]DanDDiver[/re]:
    Yes, that’s what we are, Romney Relative.

    I’ve been of the view that if one is going to cheerlead about war and violence on other people especially at a distance (like Mittens has) then that person should be willing to do something up close and personal about it when the necessity arises instead of waiting for the stewardesses to otherwise one might get the impression that one is a pussy.

  29. [re=513424]DanDDiver[/re]: “hiena packs”?? Is that the same as “hyena packs,” as in those giant bone-crunching maned dog-like animals whose females sport penises?

    Or were you thinking “hiney packs,” those sorta medical things that you use daily?

  30. Mitt’s logic was clear; he asked himself, “What would Brigham Young do in this situation?” Since Young has been dead since 1877, he would have remained motionless with his eyes shut. Which is what Mitt did until the flight attendants rescued him.

  31. I was on this flight, and this is not at all the truth. Mr. Romney was very polite and the gent in front was already warned by a flight attendant once.

    Funny how people take a lie and run with it

  32. [re=513479]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: Nice!

    [re=513424]DanDDiver[/re]: So…you’re a fan of Mitt Romney? I love to ask this question because, you see, no matter what your answer is (yes, no, stony silence, taking the moral high road, whatever) I win. Hump your ass over to FDL or HuffPo or some shit, bone up on your trolling skills for about 3 years, come back and try again. Twit.

  33. LOL, ok, so i would love to hear your version of the abamarama google racist ‘pology…

    Michelle Obama racist image sparks Google apology

    Top 10 Obama Apologies

    So don’t be discouraged by what’s happened in the last few weeks. Don’t be discouraged that we have to acknowledge potentially we’ve made some mistakes. That’s how we learn. But the fact that we are willing to acknowledge them and then move forward, that is precisely why I am proud to be President of the United States, and that’s why you should be proud to be members of the CIA.

  34. Note that the guy in Row 15 had his seat “leaned back” while still on the ground, where it’s legal. Seats have to be upright before take-off. I suspect this was Boy Scout Mitt telling the guy he “had to do this” rather than alerting the flight attendant (or tattling as the kids call it). Also, the guy was in Ann’s space, not Mitt’s, so what did he care? And yes, Wonkette, Mittens flew out there just to remind whoever that he ran the “ninth most successful Olympics in American history ever so there” before becoming “Governor” of Mass. What a douchebag. Too bad our hero didn’t knock him out cold.

  35. [re=513424]DanDDiver[/re]: Yeah you liberal hyena pussies, I’m on Dan’s side ‘coz he sounds like a big, burly, manly no-nonsense military type who could prolly kick all your asses. Unless he’s just some doughy, pasty World of Warcraft combat vet who wants us to believe that his balls are bigger than the callous on his game-controller trigger finger.

  36. Wait, Mittens had millions to blow on his failed campaign attempt, but he couldn’t come up with the cash to bump him and his wife up to the business section at least? GTFOH. This dude is so transparent it is sad. His “attempts” at authenticity and down homeliness just make me dislike him even more.

  37. Yo DanDickDiver..Sorry to insult one of the manly men you fantasize about. If you cum out of the closet I promise to allow you to sniff my nutzsack.

  38. [re=513424]DanDDiver[/re]: As far as I’m concerned, anyone who shapes up to give that draft dodging, flip flopping douchebag Willard a poke on schnozzle should immediately be shortlisted for the Wonkette Man of the Year award, especially if he ties him naked to a roof and takes him for a long drive in the snow afterwards.

    Oh, and if you’re going to come here looking for a verbal fight, it’s a good idea if you can spell. Otherwise, you might be eaten by the hyenas…Also.

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