Real 'merkin typesettingLook, one of those rare humans who procured a print copy of today’s Washington Post noticed that evil war and death corporation Lockheed Martin purchased a creepy full-page, full-color “In Memoriam” ad to “honor” dead Jack Murtha, replete with company logo! And slogan! Right there!

Jesus. Nothing quite as shameless as a Washington defense contractor dick-measuring contest — as in, “we owned the dickens out of this guy, and we’ll own whoever comes next, and we’re not at all embarrassed to use this man’s death to brag flamboyantly about our prominent role in the military-industrial complex, MMHMM, MMHMM… twunts.”


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  1. You laugh now, but just wait until Lockheed Martin, citing the Citizens United ruling, files papers to run for Murtha’s former Congressional seat.

  2. It could have been worse. The first idea for honoring the late John (Ka-Ching) Murtha was a solid gold toilet in the Lockheed executive washroom.

  3. “He got us some huuuge contracts — oh, and some other stuff too. And he stayed in Congress so we never had to get him that cushy lobbying sinecure we had always promised him.”

  4. Somebody forgot to tell Lockheed Martin that lobbying is somewhat ineffectual after the target is dead. They should save their ammo for a living pork whore.

  5. You’re all laughing at Murtha now that he’s dead — Wonkett makes fun of everything — but next time you have to fly into the John Murtha Johnston-Cambria International Airport, you’ll be glad for all he did there.

  6. [re=512257]hedgehog[/re]: This is actually a subtle warning to all living pork whores that, if you’re about to be indicted and thinking about talking, you might just have an accident during gall bladder or other surgery.

  7. Say what you want about Murtha, but he opposed the Iraq War from 2005 on, and took a lotta shit for it. In my book, that redeems him from a lifetime of white collar crime and pederasty.

  8. [re=512288]Aurelio[/re]: Agreed. But Pat Buchanan opposed it right from the beginning, thus proving that even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

  9. [re=512288]Aurelio[/re]: “opposed the Iraq War ” -> opposed felt bad about the Iraq War.

    The Lockheed Martin company logo is also on his F-35 STOVL themed coffin. A mock second engine is being interred with him too.

  10. Because what better way to honor the memory of a public official, Lockheed, than to conspicuously draw attention to the corruption that persistently marred his career

  11. [re=512299]V572625694[/re]: It scared me when he did that. The move to the Center was so, oh I dunno, political. Glad he decided to continue sneering from the sidelines instead.

  12. [re=512288]Aurelio[/re]: True. Also, call it pork if you like, but Murtha fought for the well being of Western Pennsylvanians when so many others were willing to write them off as rust belt relics.
    As for LMart’s motives in running the ad, my guess is that the ad is a useful reminder to the rest of Congress that despite the F-22 cuts, LMart still has an advertising budget. “You play nice, you’ll get a nice obit in an ad when you die. You mess with us, we’ll run an ad to kill your political career.”

  13. [re=512288]Aurelio[/re]:
    Johnstown, Pa.‘s Murtha was an old-time, neighborhood/ethnic pol, and excepting his attempt to beat out Denny Hoyer as House Leader, never strayed far from his local power base (or the notion that, if I gives, then I should gets; not exactly a model for public service). On the other paw, contrast that to Blago’s style, “To gets, you must first give me.”

    Regardless, Jack Murtha was corrupt (i,e. self-serving) even if he brought home the bacon.

    Rumor has it that whomever the Rebugs put up for Murtha’s seat (e.g. Genghis Khan) will win. When that Repug is a assigned to a junior position on House Agriculture Committee, the seat will switch again in the next election.

  14. I thought this only appeared in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette! Holy shit did he make them a lot of Jack. Oh, wait I could put a full page picture of my junk in that paper for under a grand right now.

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