It’s your Thursday Fun Video! Someone famous appears at the 0:29 mark! Then you can just turn it off! [YouTube]

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  1. Damn, I thought for sure it’d be a streaking Scott Brown. I guess Steele is OK too, but most of his humor comes from what he says so he’s kind of wasted in his role as an extra

  2. At least as the people of Our Nation’s Capital dig out from this monstrous snowstorm they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that their football team, the Chesapeake Bay Region Indigenous Persons, limited its unending public humiliation to local television outlets this year. What is Obama doing about this?

  3. Back in the day I caught several DC Go-Go acts when they came to NYC. The diversity among the audience was awesome, and Trouble Funk particularly rocked the joint every trip. The idea that I might have accidentally been rubbing up against MC Steele all the while gives me pause. But in his honor I will annoy you with this…

  4. Ah, I love the Redskins. As the fan of another NFC team, it’s nice to have two free and easy wins every season. Come to think of it, that’s similar to why, as a Democrat, I love the man at 0:29.

  5. Back when I worked for KOMO TV in Seattle, we made a “Don’t Ban the 12th Man” rock video in response to the NFL considering placing a noise penalty on overly loud (i.e. Seattle Kingdome) fans. I can’t believe I left that place without a copy of the tape, so somebody please find that one for me on the googles so I can relive how cool I was, lip-syncing, on bass.

  6. Honestly, when I came to the comments after watching the video, I was initially stunned, because if you actually stop it at .29 (I guess the ‘early’ part of .29?), the American Hero shown is:

    Bernie Madoff


  7. That was the most gangsta thing Steele has ever done in his life. After that was so worked up he went home and drank a 40, of Heineken.

  8. That brought back some good memories from when I was a Redskins fan. Then I woke up one day with shame because … “Redskins.” Come on. Really?

    So now I kind of halfheartedly root for Tampa Bay because hey, at least they have a pirate ship with a cannon built into their stadium.

  9. [re=511390]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: …[F]ind that one for me on the googles so I can relive how cool I was, lip-syncing, on bass.

    Hey, I think I found it!

    Hahaha, you are so fucking wasted!

  10. [re=511396]user-of-owls[/re]: My reaction too. Seeing Steele immediately afterwards was another sort of jolt. Were they dating at the time?

  11. [re=511344]norbizness[/re]: f”SHUT UP, DON’T CRY!!!!” “Do you know how much I hate holding penalties” nice reference, whoosh over all their heads….

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