Another lovely Fox News poll. What is this about “fruitless” though? Racism and conspiracy theories have put the Republicans in great shape for 2010. If that’s “fruitless,” then consider these teabaggers fruity. [Fox News]

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  1. There ya go Newt! 70% of Americans may “watch” Fox, but at least 65% of them think you and your Faux Newz powered funny car should drive off a cliff.

  2. I’m surprised they even put the option on there.

    Are the Teabaggers…

    1) the founding Fathers reincarnated,
    2) a splendiferous cadre of anti-Socialist patriots, or
    3) a more highly-evolved form of humankind?

  3. Bah — that’s just a non-scientific solicitation of opinion. Very unlike the other FOX online polls that find authoritatively that President Obama is a lying Muslim double-agent sent here to teach our children about sacrificing themselves for the weak and having bisexual orgies.

  4. [re=510903]sanantonerose[/re]: Isn’t that insanely exciting? I got an email from Jim in response to a tip last week and I came over all moist and nearly wet my knickers.

  5. The very best news, of course, is that since Fox News is saying so, all Teabaggers everywhere are required by, let’s say, the law, to take it as the Gospel truth.

  6. [re=510911]pampl[/re]: If I wanted to know what they were “saying” I would just shit my pants and smear my own feces all over the monitor. In fact, I’d rather. Oh great now I can’t see what I’m typgsdgsgsdgeg

  7. \[re=510890]rafflesinc[/re]: It could be somebody spamming the poll or it could just be that Tea Baggers are really proud of who they are.

  8. Alternative Poll.

    Tea Baggers hold the view that:

    “Big Government” is bad and should be doing less- 100%

    The Government is not doing enough for us- 100%

  9. 66% racists and whatever-it-is.

    Because I am Snowed In, I had Time to read the comments. My favorite, “Politicians are all scumbag liars with white teeth and speechwriters.” White teeth? Obvious Mr. Fox Commenter has never seen photos of Senators Arlen Specter or Ben Nelson.

  10. [re=510894]drpangloss[/re]: This is clearly not enough ingredients to constitute a purity test. I would offer Astroglide, Cipro, Peppermint Schnapps and Wal-tussin DM as additions to your list.

  11. [re=510949]Zadig[/re]: It’s the chewing tobacco, Tetracycline stains, and lack of socialist dental care insurance that makes for Real American teeth.

  12. [re=510949]Zadig[/re]: True. I imagine the commenter was picturing Joe Biden as he snarlingly wrote about white teeth. But those are white VENEERS, not white teeth.

  13. [re=510884]Crank Tango[/re]: …tricksters out there

    Yup in this case I’ll bet it is the evil godless bastards at Pharyngula. One of the commenters discovered the poll and posted a link. They are the most vandalistic bunch of poll-crashing Atheist flying monkeys on the InterZone.

  14. So even after all the time and money Murdoch and Ailes have spent inundating America with their bizarre worldview, they’ve only succeeded in convincing 25% of the public and 50% of Congress?

  15. It feels really good to be thanked for voting for fruitless racism, conspiracy theories. I should do that more often!
    [re=510952]Native of SL UT[/re]: What do colostomy bags and tea baggers have in common?
    They’re both filled with whoppers, bile and shit.

  16. [re=510892]Red Zeppelin[/re]: I’m disappointed in the “other” option. I wanted to check other and say either Performance Art or Mass Hypnosis, but it turns out you have to sign up to explain other. And I just don’t trust Glenn Beck with my eddress.

    Doesn’t matter, though. The correct answer is: Montpelier.

  17. Instead of ‘fruitless’, why didn’t they just use familiar terms to conservatives like ‘impotent’, ‘barren’, or ‘infertile’?

  18. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Fucking morons at Fox are completely fucking innumerate. They don’t seem to realize that they’ve drawn up a poll that’s going to provide results they won’t like. There are three pro-teabagger options and one anti-teabagger option. Statistically speaking, assuming a roughly evenly divided voting pool, they’ll wind up with three 16.6% pro votes and one 50% anti.

  19. [re=511007]Escape Goat Nation[/re]: I like that one, but my favorite is the one for Round Table Pizza with the hot Italian chicks. Seriously it is the only commercial that I love to watch over and over. which is good, cuz they run it constantly here.

  20. I thought the tea party movement was about being simple-minded, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who grunt at each other and pick lice out of each other’s densely matted back hair. What.

  21. Fruitless sums up a chubby homeschoolers lunch menu. Bad poll. We know wingnuts hate fruit. Next time use Double-Whopperless, what angry double-chinner would pick anything void of Double Whoppers?

  22. Amazing comment from some white knight standing up for poor Mrs Snowbilly Queen, and Trig: “can you go in depth with some political examples that have merit. She controlled a state that has a communist country for its neighbor.Remember that not all Russians like us and would still like to harm us. So she had a lot on her plate just defending Alaska and the lower 48. So she technically has experience as a commander in chief of a state and also ran the biggest business in the states which would be the pipeline. So she would have to be pretty good with budgets and financial issues.”

    True Factual Fact of Truthiness: Every day in Alaska, the Soviets try to sneak over and get their Red Dawn on. Also, she did not defend Hawaii, to spite Commie-terrorist Inexperienced Manchurian Candidate Nobama.

  23. [re=511042]Zadig[/re]: Also, also? If, as is alleged, she “ran the biggest business in the states which would be the pipeline”, doesn’t that make her the biggest Commie in American History?

  24. The reason why the poll is accurate is simply because its a real minority of the FOX viewers who are actually intelligent enough to use a computer and thus participate in the online poll..

  25. [re=511042]Zadig[/re]: I hope noone tells the good folks at Alyeska that Sarah runs their company. The consortium of companies that own TAPS today includes:

    BP Pipelines (Alaska) Inc. 46.93%
    ConocoPhillips Transportation Alaska, Inc. 28.29%
    ExxonMobil Pipeline Company, 20.34%
    Unocal Pipeline Company, 1.36%
    Koch Alaska Pipeline Company, L.L.C., 3.08%

    I don’t see Sarah’s lyin’ ass anywhere on the ownership committee.

  26. [re=511118]Flanders[/re]: That’s just because she’s too busy traveling between Alaskan high schools so she can personally scream “WOLVERIIIIIIINES” at the Soviet infiltrators, to actually attend a board meeting.

  27. [re=511048]LordPretzel[/re]: Probably not just them. There’s no guarantee that 4chan’s participation would be a net gain for the “that’s racist” option. Especially given moot’s recent addition of a /news/ board, which quickly (immediately) turned into /stormfront/.

  28. Most FoxNews are not Tea-Party or Tea-baggers as you say. Remember all the Ron Paulites throwing snow ballz at Hannity? Tea-Party is about 1 thing only, less tax, via smaller government. Maybe if more people ridicule tea-baggers they will stay home and stop sending their $ to people like Scott Brown who lives in a state most tea-baggers couldn’t find on a map, or GPS.

  29. I completely agree with what is said here. It is terrible that in the 21st century such things as racism still take place. I have recently by means of one of rapidshare search engines downloaded a video with just terrible facts of recism… That’s why I cannot be indifferent to the words aired here.

  30. [re=511118]Flanders[/re]: I completely agree with what is said in this video. It is terrible that in the 21st century such things as racism still take place. I have recently by means of one of rapidshare search engines downloaded a video with just terrible facts of recism… That’s why I cannot be indifferent to the words aired here.

  31. [re=511126]darkstar1st[/re]: I would be sadly surprised if the press didn’t FINALLY start to take offense. At the teabaggers convo when the speaker accused the media of bias (I guess the press are too incompetent to maintain 153% sycophancy 24 hours a day… because it isn’t for lack of trying) the conventioneers stood up and chanted at the assembled 100 fucking reporters who had stupidly shown up for this farce. If personal insult from the idiot group they follow around like lost babies doesn’t get them to pull their heads out of their asses, nothing will.

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