As we briefly noted yesterday, insane Sen. Jim Inhofe made a Facebook album of four (4) photos showing his grandchildren building a beautiful, palatial igloo for discredited science queer Al Gore to live and die in, until he’s dead, forever. “The Inhofe family had a little fun at the expense of Al Gore and global warming,” the Facebook tells us. Is this an acknowledgment that global warming exists, since fun can be had at its expense? No. Just… just shut up. Stop taking things so seriously.


Inhofe Family Pokes Fun at Al Gore, Global Warming During DC Feb Blizzard [Facebook]

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  1. Ha ha, a blizzard in February! Al Gore should have his tongue cut out so James Inhofe can stand on the Senate floor and wave it triumphantly over his head.

  2. Coming up next on Eyewitless 5 – the Inhofe family takes on the White House press corps in a steel cage death match for the title “World’s Biggest Bunch of A-holes.”

  3. Remember this is the only state in the union where Barry did not win one freaking county. Proof that evolution may not exist after all (esp. since no one there believes in it).

  4. I spent most of this snow day on this site for Black conservatives called Booker Rising-for Booker T. Washington-NO SHIT, and it fucked me up for the rest of the day.

  5. It’s called Climate Change, asshat. That means it isn’t just simply going to get warmer, it means all sorts of anomalous weather conditions are going to happen. Like 40 inches of snow in D.C.

  6. [re=510804]Cape Clod[/re]: Such subtleties of reasoning are beyond the dinosaur-riders. The deepest their intellects can penetrate is: “It is cold. Therefore global warming does not exist.” By the same reasoning, “It is dark. Therefore the sun does not exist. I can’t see my brain, therefore it does not exist.”

  7. Haven’t these morons heard? Al Gore is getting rich off of this global warming enviro-ponzy thing. If they want to sell him a house made of irony/snow it’ll have to be much more luxurious than the shabby hobbit hole pictured here. In fact, to celebrate the worldwide success of his global warming grift Gore will probably want to build an ice replica of the White House.

  8. Haha ALGORE got served, that’ll teach him to preposterously preach the dangers of global warming to enrich himself with private contributions from concerned citizens, regardless of whether he gives over all profits to further his mission. People should just listen to Mr. Inhofe’s oil executive friends, thery are nice men, reasonable Americans, earned their money through hard work, and they don’t care much for brown people except on their sports channels at night. THEY AREN’T IN IT FOR THE MONEY LIKE SOME LEFT WING LOONS WHO PROBABLY DON’T EVEN HAVE TENS OF MILLIONS STOCKED AWAY OFFSHORE, BECAUSE THEY AREN’T ENTREPRENEURIAL ENOUGH

  9. [re=510787]Snarkalicious[/re]: Excellent point and one which I’m sure that Senator Inhofe will use if they ever get around to discussing climate change.

  10. February snowstorm disproves global warming. Therefore, Al Gore must go live in a snow cave. Makes sense to me.

    Inhofe’s grandkids took information that actually demonstrates exactly the opposite of what they’re saying and used it as support for an insane non sequitur. They are the new intellectual leaders of the Republican Party.

  11. [re=510786]FlownOver[/re]: What are there, four scientific illiterates involved here . . . boy, the press are going to need at least 25 reporters to cover this igloo. Better get moving.

  12. [re=510800]bored with gravity[/re]: Sorry to be pedantic, but Persephone’s absence brought on summer, not winter. Winter is rainy and the time when shit actually grows in Greeece.

  13. [re=510788]Crank Tango[/re]: Shhh. You keep pointing that out and someone will figure out it was the global warming adding the extra energy need to put extra moister in the air from the Gulf causing us all know the real cause of the heavy snowfall – Messicans!

  14. What darling pictures of members of the Flat Earth tribe, complete with young offspring in winter plumage! I had thought they were extinct. Did you find these in a National Geographic?

  15. [re=510872]Gopherit[/re]: I thought the majority of us lived in discarded refrigerator boxes and used library computers to keep up with Wonkette.

  16. Wow, I did not know you could build ice houses out of chunks of republican soul.

    But really, Jim, did you have to make them boys do all that work,
    while you polished off 24 beers?

  17. Hey dumbass wingnuts & your grandchildren,
    It isn’t snowing because it is colder in the Northeast. It is snowing because it is wetter in the Northeast, and the reason it is wetter because the warm waters of the El Nino Southern Oscillation shift the jet stream south where it can pick up lots of evaporated moisture from the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico and bringing it all up here where it is cold in February.

  18. Hold the phone. Your telling me its SNOWING in the Winter Time? Oh well thats just super peachy keen; clearly Global WARMING is an elaborate hoax borne of and orchestrated by the Left. Thank sweet Jezus we have the erudite SEN. Inhofe and his brood of Oklahoman philosophers to enlighten us and set us straight… Where would we be without this Congressman looking out for the best interests of our country and the state of our planet as we know it.

    and that rustic troglodyte GORE is just lining his pockets off of this shit. How dare you MR Gore.. We dont do that here in America !! We dont line our pockets, and certainly not off of clean energy investments and other forward thinking ideas that attempt to avert total ecosystem collapse. Why dont you just take your Oscar and leave us the frig alone. go move to Denmark, or any of those other Big government 1st world European countries where they regulate what goes in the water … .one of those failed communist countries where sick people go to the doctor.

  19. Perhaps Inhofe and co can deliver some of their snow-that-proves-global-warming-is-a-myth to Vancouver, the Winter Olympics are in all sorts of trouble thanks to western Canada experiencing its warmest January IN RECORDED HISTORY.

  20. L’etranger,

    They aren’t going to notice that warm ocean waters are like weather gasoline until some fat ol’ cat 4 bashes their house. Eh, probably not even then.

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