Look, a local human was walking by the Russell office building parking lot just yesterday and OH SHIT IT’S SCOTT BROWN’S TRUCK, where he banged Simon Cowell and won the presidency of Massachusetts by beating J. F. Kennedy 100-0 in the snow. He still drives this truck to his new job! Five more authenticity points to this naked monster. Do we still have to wait until 2012 to make him American president? [Second Rain]

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  1. If that’s 2WD, no way he should be driving it around in the snow, way unsafe. He should be a REAL murrican and get a Humvee. Or a real senator and get a Range Rover or top-o’-the-line Mercedes 4WD Wagon.

  2. Hey Mr MassPrez,

    Real men don’t use liners in their truck beds. And what’s with that “rope” you threw in the back? Tying up some purchases from the Pottery Barn?

  3. what’s he doing in the office during a bonafide blizzard? Afraid that they’ll take the office way from him if he doesn’t occupy it constantly? Perhaps he’s in there banging his first page or intern.

  4. Fuck yeah, and it’s Amurican-made. Not that Prissusy Toyota crap with junky gas pedals or breaks or whatever. It’s almost as if Scott Brown’s spirit is near and is yelling, “GET THE FUCK INTO THE TRUCK!”

  5. [re=510635]rottenart[/re]: Rednecks and the KKK take pride in their work.

    Speaking of KKK, that tie-down rope in the truck bed raises an eyebrow ever so slightly.

  6. Hello? Senator?
    We have someone on the line here,
    the distinguished president Zuma of South Africa,
    asking whether your offer from election night still stands. . .

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