Poor old John McCain is having a hard time these days, now that his party has been taken over by nativist ignoramus lunatics who have no respect for an ancient WAR HERO who once teamed up with a liberal Jew to take away Americans’ most precious freedom: the freedom to let Saudi corporations run political ads during the Super Bowl. McCain faces two (2) primary opponents who are always calling him a communist hippie, which has forced him to pretend to be an actual conservative.

Good news for John McCain, though! Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform has endorsed him. This is sort of ironic because nine years ago Jammakain opposed George Bush’s bravest and most important piece of legislation ever, a tax cut for needy plutocrats.

Praising McCain for his long-standing opposition to federal earmarks and his signing of the ATR “Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” Norquist said the 2008 Republican presidential nominee “consistently votes against tax increases and for spending restraint.”

Oh right, earmarks! They were those things that McCain spent half the 2008 campaign getting mad about, and nobody cared, but then Obama got elected and suddenly earmarks were the most terrible thing ever. The point is, please re-elect John McCain so that he can spend his twilight years in DC, eating steaks with Lindsey Graham.

Norquist endorses McCain’s re-election bid [CNN Political Ticker]

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  1. Grover Norquist is as much of a careerist hack as John Edwards’ BFF Andrew Young. If the money were right he’d be shilling for SEUI. Ain’t politics grand? Poor old Panamanian strongman Juan McCain tried to throttle down the rivers of cash, and now look what they’re doing to him.

  2. Considering that McCrazy has been on the government dole and on the free gov’t health care for longer than I’ve been alive, I think it’s about time he stepped aside. I pity Cindy though.

  3. Norquist, right. Sounds suspiciously Swedish to me. Probably a socialist passing himself off as a conservative to better ridicule the Republicans. Don’t trust this new “friend” Johnny, Sarah’s coming to the rescue.

  4. In the nine years since his sally against l’arbuste on tax cuts Jammakain has caught the oldes. He now needs mass infusions of plutonium to keep his reactor running and so now loves the plutocrats that provide it.

  5. [re=510546]Buzz Feedback[/re]: What does one thing have to do with the other? I don’t have pants on during this fine snow day, and I have a fine set of genitalia. Does this mean I can’t join the Muppets?

  6. True story: Grovers father would steal bites of his ice cream cone, one bite would be sales tax and others would be income, estate tax etc. Well for a young chubbers, you can see how taxes traumatized Grover.

  7. I’m doing my part to defeat the old bastard. I called my aunt and uncle, who live in Scottsdale and reminded them of McCain’s slither right, esp. his new harumphing against DADT. This is esp. important in my family, since my daughter is a lesbian.

    My uncle is an Independent, and when I told him McCain’s new DADT bullshit, he was disgusted, said he wouldn’t vote for him, and would spread the word. I’m hoping this will help turn people in Scottsdale against him, richies who would otherwise vote for him.

    We do what we can.

  8. O/T, but did anyone see Tweety rape Palin with his mouth?

    Back on topic, John McCain sucks dog boners for bringing us this empty vessel called Sarah Palin.

  9. [re=510562]EdFlinstone[/re]: Young Grover, had he a bit of wit about him, might have embedded turd chips and lead pellets in his ice cream cone to demonstrate to his father the nightmare of a taxless utopia.

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