Atlanta’s public transportation system “MARTA” is in so much trouble today for being racist against Asians. See, the MARTA people, the Martians, renamed the train line that goes where all the Asian people live the “yellow line.” And “yellow,” everyone knows, is the worst Coldplay song ever invented. Everyone just hates it, including Asians.

So why are the Martians being so racist? Is it that they still like Coldplay, is that it?

MARTA officials were warned by an employee before the name change last October that Atlanta’s burgeoning Asian community would find the term for the line to Doraville offensive.

“Historically, it has had a derogatory intent,” said John Park, an attorney with the nonprofit Center for Pan Asian Community Services in Doraville, just down the hill from the Marta station. “It physically paints a very unattractive picture. I don’t consider myself ‘yellow.’”

Park and other Asian activists plan to meet Friday with MARTA CEO Beverly Scott. They hope MARTA will change the line’s name from yellow to gold.

Racism is cured forever, the gold subway line is our first black president, etc.


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  1. Wow, transit politics: a whole new area of Wonkette snarkitude. What about BART? and the San Diego Trolley that goes to Tijuana (almost) but not La Jolla?

  2. Be fair, Yellow is not the worst Coldplay song ever invented. It’s in a many-way tie with every other song Coldplay has done for worst.

    But hey, how could you expect racism in a transit system specifically designed to make it hard to get downtown from mostly-black areas?

  3. Do the Black and Brown lines go to the predominantly african-american nabes, or are there just too many to serve? The white and cream lines come from waaaaay the hell out in the suburbs, I hear.

  4. [re=509978]Prommie[/re]: [re=509983]gurukalehuru[/re]: “Rapidly.” Shit, that’s right.

    In which case they could call it the “đi đi mau” line.

  5. They changed the name to the Yellow Line in October, and the Asian community is just getting incensed about it now? I didn’t know it took that long to rouse people out of an opium stupor.

  6. William Shatner: Then George, you could give them a karate chop.

    George Takei: I find that offensive. Just because I am of Japanese ancestry, you *assume* I know karate. Have I ever lead you to believe I have studied karate?

    William Shatner: Well, no, but you never talk about yourself.

    George Takei: Well, maybe if you showed a little interest.

  7. OMG — Doraville is now an Asian area of Metro Atlanta?! I lived in Atlanta in the mid-70s, and I would have expected the train line (if it had existed then) to be named the “Red” line, as in “REDNECK”, which was Doraville in a nutshell.

  8. [re=509978]Prommie[/re]: Yeah, I didn’t see anyone yelling racism when they gave it that name. Just goes to show you that The Man is racist, against blacks.

  9. I don’t know Atlanta too well- but totally snarkfree- I had an excellent 4 day experience using Marta to get to and from downtown Atlanta from an airport hotel. However, it was in the summer so before it became a racist transportation system.

  10. Oh boy I think we need to mandate stimulus money to rename all rail lines in the country by color. The Lexington Avenue Line in Manhattan can still be colored green (money money money) up to 96th street, but then must change to black. The green line in Boston can be green for monies, but since it goes to Jewton and Baruchline maybe it should be blue and white. BART should be a rainbow obvi (actually the map where all the lines converge on San Francisco is pretty much one alread Chicago needs some work; the Green Line which goes near Barry’s house in Hyde Park needs to be red because he is a dirty commie, the brown line up north doesn’t go where the brown people live &c. &c. &c. THIS MUST BE FIXED!

  11. While things can have different connotations in differnet parts of the world, this is crazy because in China, “yellow” is not offensive when refering to people. Chinese people are just colored yellow. Yellow is the color Chinese people consider themselves. Period.

    According to a Chinese legend, in primordial times a goddess knelt by the banks of the aptly-named Yellow River, scooped the yellow-colored mud and formed Chinese people. Who are yellow.

    Another data point is that a polite way to refer to pornographic movies or magazines is calling them “yellow movies” or “yellow magazines.”

  12. Here in Boston the Red Line ends in Cambridge, because they’re prejudiced against us communists. And there are four Green Lines here, because of the Irish supremacists. So I know how they feel.

  13. [re=510055]mikexcite[/re]: ah yes, and all asian americans are actually chinese.

    Here in america it is a stupid thing to say, much less to make a subway line or whatever the fuck it is.

  14. Great idea for a live webcam feed. The perils of black folk trying to ride the Yellow line, only to be chased off with baseball bats.

  15. I’d be more concerned about living in Dora the Explorer-ville. Map says we need to go to the rainbow bridge, then to the Strawberry Tower, then to the Emerald Castle. Bridge, Tower, Emerald Castle! Can you find the rainbow bridge?

  16. [re=510038]Barcode of the Apocalypse[/re]: It’s so Asian now they call the Chamblee/Doraville train station “Chambodia”. Where’s the outrage!!!!1???

  17. [re=510038]Barcode of the Apocalypse[/re]: The rednecks front lines are now pretty much in an arc from Lawrenceville to Mayetta. But the darkies keep pushing them further and further out.

    You’ll be pleased to know that the line in the red clay, however, remains solidly drawn in Forsyth County, where your coloreds wouldn’t dare go.

    I said ‘coloreds’. Does that make me a bad person?,_Georgia_v._The_Nationalist_Movement

  18. [re=510163]Escape Goat Nation[/re]: I’ve been to Atlanta, and they haven’t convinced me, either. All the same, if it’s been rebuilt, then we might as well go burn it down again. What else is it for?

  19. [re=510154]blader[/re]: I lived (briefly) in Union Co. in ’74, where I was chased out of because of looking “hippie”-ish and living in sin with my girlfriend. A local Baptist minister approached me and told me I should “shoot it out” with the angry locals who were making threats. He didn’t mean “resolve the situation forthrightly”, either. I elected to just move to Atlanta. Ah, sweet memories of Georgia!

  20. Fuck, the fucking song was by Coldplay? I still get angry over how fucking stupid those motherfucking lyrics were. Not to mention the shitty singing.

  21. DC is so racist that not only do they have a Yellow Line, one of the stations on it is called Chinatown. CHINATOWN!!! I mean, at least Chambodia is just a joke.

  22. [re=510154]blader[/re]: And Du-Luth in Gwinnett county is total Mexican drug-war and growhouse territory. It’s pretty awesome( in how much it sucks).
    Clayton County is shutting down their bus service next month because of all the Negroes that moved in and tanked property values (I’m black I can say that). So I think the plan now is remove buses, Negroes will follow, booya! Whitey wins

  23. My boyfriend’s brother, who is brown, loves asking, “What can BROWN do for you?,” following by an annoying chuckle. I would think that Atlanta’s Asian community could really get behind this Yellow Line and embrace it with a sense of ironic humor, lots of fist-bumping, and plenty of jokes about “Once you go yellow…” (I honestly don’t know how to finish that without using the words “mellow” or “fellow” – maybe an Asian can figure it out because they are smart?).

  24. In NY, the N train, which comes into Manhattan from Queens, the borough of large Asian population, is called the Orient Express. Granted, it’s not the MTA that officially calls it that, so yeah, Atlanta mass transit, you have to let the locals do the bigotry.

  25. [re=510255]Lazy Media[/re]: The station may be called Chinatown, but since gentrification set in and raised rents & property values so high that almost everyone was forced to move to the ‘burbs, it’s pretty much “Chinablock” now…

  26. The N train (Orient Express)in nyc not only goes from where all the Asians live in Queens, but then through Chinatown in Manhattan and ends up in Bensonhurst/Gravesend (Staying Alive neighborhood)in Brooklyn, where all the rest of the Asians now live. Other than the remaining Guidos, and me. The color on the Subway map: golden yellow. But subway lines, although different colors on the map and matching colors on the disk behind the letter, are not named by their color. Back I think in the 70’s when they figured this stuff out they decided on colors to simplify things, but not calling the lines by the color because of the complexity of the system.

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