Yeah you can come too, red monsterBarack Obama, the master tactician! Last night, before Super Bowl XXVVVV, he told Katie Couric and (to a lesser extent) America that he would hold a Bipartisan Health Care Summit, live on the teevee, on February 25, and the Republicans would have to show up or… or… or else they’d miss it! This opportunity to change public policy! Mitch McConnell and John Boehner responded, “let us literally dictate a new bill word-for-word, or die,” the most Serious response. Why do Democrats have to play politics like this when Republicans just want to help the country?

It has all the beginnings of a productive summit, for the teevee:

GOP leaders on Sunday said they welcomed the outreach but called it evidence that Obama knows he must start over if he wants to earn their support going forward.

In a statement, House Republican leader John A. Boehner (Ohio) said that he looks forward to the discussion, and that he is “pleased that the White House finally seems interested in a real, bipartisan conversation on health care. . . . The best way to start on real, bipartisan reform would be to scrap those bills and focus on the kind of step-by-step improvements that will lower health care costs and expand access.”


White House aides quickly rejected the idea that Obama wants to start over after nearly a year of contentious legislative haggling among members of his party. Officials said the president will come to the health-care summit armed with a merged version of the two bills that Democrats strong-armed through the two chambers with almost no GOP backing.

Well hopefully this works. He can offer Republicans their precious tort reform in the bill, and then ask in return that some of them vote for it, and when they say “no,” the American people will realize that… the Democrats can’t get anything done. Meghan McCain/Crib-Notes ’12!

Obama invites Republicans to summit on health care [Washington Post]

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  1. After all the Republicans did for bipartisanship when they were in power, it’s a shame to see President Obama dissing them this way. Really, they’re only asking for a few minor changes — first, scrap everything they’re opposed to. Second, scrap everything they’re in favor of, too, because they won’t vote for it either. After that, start completely over with a brand new bill that, ideally, will do nothing and be condemned as an abject failure before it’s passed. Is this too much to ask?

  2. Wait, he’s holding the summit on my birthday? So will I be getting health insurance as my present from the White House? If that’s too much to ask, please just give a hearty “go fuck yourself” to McCloset and Boner for me.

    [re=509386]jagorev[/re]: Remember, the Washington Post is a biased liberal paper!

  3. Finally. Barry discovers he has a pair, sort of.

    He’s going to school the GOPers again unless Boner and Mitchy-poo can get their shit together by Feb 25. Or they’ll cry foul and not show, but will look like a bunch of chickenshits who are afraid Librul weenies and their big brains/words.

  4. How long before it devolves into a Rahm/Boehnor “Fuck You” “No, Fuck You” fest? I’m putting the over/under at 5 minutes (only because it’ll take that long for the President to get though opening remarks).

    Seriously, though, I love this idea – not just Dems v. R, but also because Obama’s said let’s put experts in the room to score it and put it on TV. You could almost here it coming in the Q&A with the GOP, where he basically said “You want to try and defend the GOP’s plan for 2/3 the expenditures, 1/12 the coverage and almost no cost containment compared to the Dems? Bring it.”

  5. It’s really quit simple Barry.

    The only thing causing health care cost to increase are the sue happy immagents and ACORNians who are getting billions every minute from big malpractice suits.

    Stop malpractice suits now! (And MRI’s will be cost $3.39 instead 150 gagilion dollars)

    That’s the Republican plan.

    Nothing more is need, socialist.

  6. [re=509396]Aurelio[/re]:

    Exactly. Don’t forget what a polished-to-a-mirror-brilliance turd this health care bill is, anyway. This is kabuki theatre for the pundits.

    These people sold us down the river long ago.

  7. [re=509412]freakishlystrong[/re]: The bipartisan ship has sunk. If you want bi stay with something that works and has stood the test of time: bisexual.

  8. “Tort reform”

    Because, by God, we can’t agree on what we should order for lunch, but we can all say, in unison, fuck people injured by negligent doctors.

  9. [re=509389]SayItWithWookies[/re]: You’re being so unfair to the Republans. Yes they want to to scrap the “old” bill and start over. The “new” bill would have more goodies for Aetna, BC/BS, Merck, Lilly, etc. Is that so wrong? Why do you hate America, SiWW?

  10. [re=509407]Tommmcatt[/re]: True, the health care bill sucked before they even got started–bending over for Big Pfuckingpharma, for instance. Still, if this can put the Republics’ knickers in a twist and help the Democrats, it’s a great idea.

    My only question is the date. Feb 25? Not Lincoln’s birthday, Feb 12, to remember the great man who brought us together in our darkest, most divided hour? Or Feb 22, Washington’s birthday, to open up the flood gates of bi-partisanship by remembering the man who birthed the nation, for all of us except the Mexicans and negroes?

    Or how about this Sunday? V Day! Hopey could start with a big order of special made Conversation Hearts. One blushes at the thought of what Rahm would want printed on them. “Fuck you, Boner,” comes immediately to mind.

  11. This is what I’m hoping they accomplish at this little pow-wow:

    Create a bill; pass it into law; get it signed & implemented just in time to halt my individual insurance premium’s recently announced 39 percent (THIRTY-NINE PERCENT) increase that’s supposed to take effect March 1st.


    Or. At least make the Republicans look really really bad & Obama look really really good. I’m tired of hating everybody.

    (FUCK YOU ANTHEM BLUE CROSS CALIFORNIA. I’ll always hate you.)

  12. Ugh, that tort reform shit. Boner or McChinless announces that “the Democrat [sic] bill doesn’t have tort reform, so it won’t wooooooooooork.” So, the ‘baggers start pounding the table and chanting “we want torte [sic] reform!” Then there’s a pause, when they realize that tort reform is not a Crowd Pleaser dessert special at Denny’s and they all order the brownie pie instead. Then someone at the table tells some story about how their “best friend’s wife’s friend’s husband who is a doctor got sued by a frivolous lawsuit [sic], and that’s why my hyperliposuckshemiawhatsa meds cost so damn much.” And if you’re like, well maybe there’s a problem with the risk model used by the liability insurance carriers, they’re like, “liabilly insurance career what?” Meanwhile, nobody has asked the Republicans, those defenders of the Constitution Original, exactly how they intend to reform the tort laws and precedents of 50 states by an act of Congress.

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