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The Demon Sheep Video Is Confusing On This Entirely Different Level Now

Okay so a gloss to yesterday’s masterpiece: We can infer from this email that the control-group sheep, the ones with sheep’s eyes-colored eyes, those were “Carly Fiorina & Co.” stand-ins. (The same ones who were tricked by the child actor playing covert sheep devil Tom Campbell.) In other words, Carly Fiorina wants people to think “Carly Fiorina!” when they remember all the naive slaughtered sheep. So really, it’s possible that Carly Fiorina doesn’t understand the Demon Sheep Video in an entirely different way that everyone else doesn’t understand the Demon Sheep Video. [Twitter]

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  1. SayItWithWookies

    “Some call them a herd of instinct-driven domesticated cud-chewers who will blindly follow their leader, even to their inevitable doom. I call them my base.”

  2. JMP

    If she goes up against Jerry Brown it may actually be hard to tell which one of them was enough of a stoner to earn the nickname “Moonbeam”.

  3. Downtheroadapiece

    [re=507570]JMP[/re]: Moonbeam’s going for Guv. This is for Boxer’s senate seat. But don’t fret, as I’m sure the Guv race in Cali will offer up even more insanity! Good for new Wonkette posts, soul sucking annoyance for us voters in the the Golden State.

  4. populucious

    After watching the ad, it did seem clear to me that the message was DO elect sheep to political office, but DON’T elect demons disguised as sheep. As messages go, it’s definitely out of the box thinking.

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