Old dog, new serape.Chuck Schumer has reached out to America’s 101st Senator, Lou Dobbs, to help him write a bill about Mexicans. Now that Health Care is dead, Democrats have to find some other piece of legislation for Republicans to sink with their negative-18 vote supermajority. Immigration reform might do the trick, HENNGGHHH???? Especially with the implicit support of an orange-headed space mummy who was recently dumped by his boyfriend (ALIPAC) for hating Mexicans with newly insufficient zeal!

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who is spearheading the Democrats’ effort to put together a comprehensive reform bill, met with Dobbs on Wednesday.

“We’re meeting with all different kinds of groups, trying to get everybody together to come out for one bill,” Schumer said.

And now, a brief civics lesson from your Wonkette:

So the real question is, has Senator Schumer gotten together with DC’s “shadow senators” to discuss this important legislation? Has anybody asked Chuck Norris for his vote?

Dems reach out to Lou Dobbs to build backing for immigration reform [The Hill]

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  1. If the Dems have any sense, they’d put this up to a vote shortly before the midterms, since it would pit the Republicans’ cheap-labor-loving corporate masters against their racist base; and remind the nation’s brown people to vote because of just how much the Republican base hates them.

    But that would require them to have sense. Won’t happen.

  2. The license plate on Lou Dobbs’ car says “Lou Dobbs” at the top and “The Angriest State” at the bottom. In the middle it’s a vanity plate that says “N8IV 1ST.” Since he’s his own state, he might as well be a senator, since no one else has claimed the job. One more slot is open!

  3. That’s great that Schumer’s getting input from all sides. It’s like when I had bronchitis and I went to a doctor, but also got a second opinion from the homeless guy on the corner. They both gave me potentially helpful solutions — and while I’m pretty sure the antibiotics worked better than the dumpster diving, you can never be sure, really.

  4. [re=504175]SayItWithWookies[/re]: It’s Dobbs, though; asking him for advice on immigration reform is more like asking a PETA representative for advice on grilling a steak, Tom Cruise for help on choosing a psychiatrist, or Jenny McCarthy for advice on your child’s health.

  5. [re=504175]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Right! Or it’s sort of like when LBJ was crafting Civil Rights legislation, and he sat down with Bull Connor and was all like, “Bull, what would your ideal version of a Civil Rights bill look like?” And that’s why so many Southern states vote for Democrats so consistently today.

    Bipartisanship is always a winning strategy!

  6. [re=504175]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Silly Wookie. Decomposing vegetable material provides warmth and much needed humidity that would allow your lungs to heal themselves. Conversely, antibiotics are just thinly veiled mind control drugs marketed by our corporate, one-world masters.
    You did not choose wisely.

  7. The Government wants to build a barrier
    Like ol’ Berlin, eight feet tall
    But if Uncle Sam sends the illegals home
    Who’s Gonna Build Your Wall?

    — Tom Russell

  8. [re=504228]proudgrampa[/re]: Who’s gonna pluck your chickens, and refuse to file a workers compl claim for fear they will get found out and deported, after they cut three fingers off?

    Dobbs is living proof that going into racist right-wing demagogery is not a guaranteed route to success; the Limbaugh has some small vestige of talent, the Dobbs, he tried soooooooo hard for sooooooo long to become the leader of the mexican-hatin’ movement, and Palin comes along and owns them in 10 seconds flat, its amazing.


    The advantage to Dems for doing Immigration Reform is that as much as it pisses the public off, they win a surge in the Latino vote.

    Which is something you DON’T get when you invite douchebags like Dobbs to help write the legislation.

    That’s like getting the “input of Fred Phelps” before you write a bill about nondiscrimination for LGBT people.

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