Thanks for coming to work today, DavidDavid Axelrod held a briefing today with “reporters and opinion-makers,” you guys! He just wanted to get everyone together to remind them that the Democratic leadership made colossal, avoidable, unacceptable errors that completely ruined their agenda: “The White House had no contingency plan for health care reform if Democrat Martha Coakley lost the special election in Massachusetts, and officials did not discuss the possibility a Democratic loss would dramatically imperil their legislative efforts, a top adviser said today.” Hmm, perhaps it was only after Coakley’s loss that they learned of this whole “60 votes” conundrum in the Senate, and several hours after that did their calculations conclude that “59” was a lesser number than “60,” not accounting for the multiplier effect. [TPM]

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  1. So after 8 (eight) years under the iron fist of Dick Cheney and one year with young Hopey at the helm we learn that our governors are either evilly incompetent or hopily incompetent but they are all incompetent and hence this country is ungovernable and should be immediately liquidated, broken up and its individual component states sold off to the major multinational corporations

    Will anyone even bid on Mississippi and Kansas? Doubtful.

  2. That’s so shocking that they didn’t have a plan if Coakley lost. By their highly organized and coordinated reactions in the House and Senate, it seemed like the Democrats were acting like a well-oiled machine.
    Oh, and Dems — if you’re still looking for a contingency plan, here’s one: You still have two freakin’ weeks to pass whatever healthcare bill you want. It’s not incumbent upon you to wait until your chances of passing the damn thing are weaker. And you didn’t seem to want to wait until Brown was seated to pass Pay-as-you-Go. Did George Washington send the Hessians at Trenton a nice note saying he was approaching but would wait until they got their hungover asses out of their tents before he’d start shooting? Did the Republicans not use the lame-duck session after their 2006 election rout to jam through every last piece of legislation they could? Get off your asses, idiots, and pass this thing.

  3. Let the GOP fillibuster. The Democrats should have a counter on the Senate floor tallying the number of people who die due to lack of health insurance and the people who loose their health insurance while the GOP Senators stand at the podium and the read the phone book or restaurant menus. There is no better way of driving home the point to the American public.

  4. Ugh, thanks for that dose of haterade Jim. All this is going to do is bounce around inside the internets, hitting bloggers in the head until everyone’s say “Republicans don’t want to govern, but Democrats can’t govern!” or some similar annoying shit.

  5. At this point why do I want it to pass? Because it mandates I buy something I can’t afford?

    Put the fucking public option in and ram it through, you pussies.

  6. Why should they have a “Plan B” when the Democrats never had a Plan A. They were just making it up as they went along.

    Let’s get Olympia Snow for bipartisanship.
    Let’s get Lieberman on board by gutting the most important part of the whole deal.

    Hmm–still not enough–

    How about giving Nelson and Landrieu whatever they can think of in order to get their votes

    Damn–now we lost Kennedy’s senate seat–well maybe we can get Olympia Snow…

  7. [re=504124]god.was.stingy[/re]: well, gosh, how would anyone get that impression? The House won’t act and the Senate is living with its 19th century gentleman’s club rules (do they realize they are a part of “government” and not a genteel pastime for the idle rich?) … the House is the only body that can actually do stuff. And they seem doubtful and weak.
    The admission from Axelrod is a capstone. OTOH, I believe it took Russell and Whitehead 300+ pages to prove (see this</a? for more)1 + 1 = 2, so maybe Alelrod has an excuse.

  8. [re=504129]Holy Cow!![/re]: The Democrats’ secret weapon was getting the Republicans to have Elizabeth Dole head up the RSC, and then getting them to have John Ensign do it. It was a brilliant strategy, and worked marvellously well.

    The Republicans have learned from the Democrats, though, and got the Democrats to put Bob Menendez in charge of the DSC, which got right behind Senator-Elect Martha Coakley, who will be Massachusetts’ next sen… um, well, you see what I mean.

  9. Do I smell a secret satisfaction in the Democratic ranks that Coakley choked and they won’t be forced to go out on a limb? Yes, I believe I do. They lost their nerve when Reagan beat Carter, and they haven’t gotten it back. A few are courageous, but a whole bunch are the worst sort of wusses and beholden to endless special interests. I’m a Democrat only because they’re the lesser of two evils; the real two-party system is the pols vs. the people. The primary constituency of elected pols today is the government bureaucracy, including lobbyists — not the voters. Money, not votes, drives everything; fewer and fewer people vote in most elections, which plays right into the lobbyists’ hands. When political campaigning gets reduced to the level of t.v. advertising, guess who you wind up electing? Mr. Whipple.

  10. [re=504151]qwerty42[/re]: “We are idiots.” Now THAT would have been a capstone. I’m not saying that impression is wrong, but jeez… I guess I just hope for more intelligence from Democrats than they are capable of delivering.

  11. Nate Silver: We’ve analyzed the Brown Masshole GOP attack, sir, and there is a danger. Should I have your pre-prepped backpeddling and recriminations standing by?

    Grand Moff Axelrod: Evacuate? In our moment of Coakley’s electoral triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.

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