Although, you can tell it’s probably more of an A-, which is essentially just a B+ that wept in the professor’s office after class. Also, it so good the poll is set against the background of outer space, because of the word “scientific.” [Fox News/A+ for tipster “Melissa P.’s” first year as President of the United States]

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  1. Why is Bill O’RINO betraying his corporate paramour? And will FOX News beat him about the head and shoulders with a nine-iron as he tries to make his getaway?

  2. Holy moley. I actually ventured to the O’Reilly site to check and over 300K people have voted for a grade of A. Bill’s head might just explode over that one. So, who is gaming the O’Reilly site?

  3. I guess all the real ‘murricans were still in their seats and could not get to O’Rly’s poll, for fear of appearin’ as if they’re standin’-ovationin’ for Obama like all them blue elitist libruls.

  4. Why is America not in the CENTER of the globe in that picture – does Fox News think Americans are bad? In fact, on that globe the United States IS FAR-LEFT! The Obama Coup has reached Fox News, noooooooo!

  5. [re=503382]Red Zeppelin[/re]: 341,000 Wonketteers? Wow. You guys gotta be the most popular blog in the world!

    Not a scientific statistical analysis.

  6. This old dead Republican president gives him not just an “A” but a FUCKIN-ay man! Because Nobama single-handedly wrecked this country in time for 2010 like we planned.

    Contract on America II coming to a Congress near you. Eeeeeyeah baby! Woot woot! It’s our birthday, it’s our birthday. In yo face homey. (Isn’t that what you libtards say.)

  7. [re=503393]finallyhappy[/re]: Now that you mention it, Hopey deserves an F in “taking down the statue in Indonesia.” How long must he wait to do something about it?

  8. Inexplicably, the poll is still up 1/2 hour later; and it still shows Obama with a 94% “A” rating. Somebody must be asleep at the switch over at fox. The least they could do is re-word the question so it matches the answer: “How effectively has Obama betrayed our American values to the Socialist Fascists?”

  9. [re=503372]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: too right about the Dark Lord’s mark. Maybe thats why O’Reilly put it up – it might LOOK like they’re supporting Obama, but REALLY they’re supporting Voldemort. Effing Deatheaters.

  10. The old WASPy voters who frequnetly vote in this internet-precinct were confused owing to the fact that this poll uses a butterfly ballot. They thought they were giving an A to Pat Buchanan.

  11. It’s a Pavlovian reaction. Normally, the polls read

    Should President Obama be:

    A: Shot
    B: Imprisoned
    C: Impeached and sent back to the Nigerias
    D: Censured

    Is Nancy Pelosi…

    A: A traitor deserving death
    B: A traitor deserving imprisonment
    C: A leftist fellow traveler
    D: Speaker of the house.

    It’s always ‘A’…Somebody screwed up the order and so this one requires the readins’ which are always in short supply among the Republican base.
    Or maybe Hopey just got some much needed “Joe-mentum!” from doing that hour long Leiberman impression last night…hard to say.

  12. [re=503386]magic titty[/re]: So THAT’S why I liked the speech last night, because Greg Oden’s dick is seriously huge. Also, “Greg Oden’s Dick!” should become either an exclamation of surprise or a folk song.

  13. Good heavens! First he goes around attacking GE (alma mater of Our Lord God Ronald Reagan), and now he allows *this* on his web site? I am beginning to SERIOUSLY doubt Bill O’Reilly’s conservative credentials.

  14. Whatever happened to the zero tolerance rule at FoxNews? Clearly the guy who puts the R’s and D’s by politician’s names is at it again.

  15. I think the options were
    A complete disaster
    Fucked if I know

    Most respondents only read as far as the first option, and decided it was close enough.

  16. Don’t bother going to the FOX site, because Bill O’Reilly took away your right to vote! The Founding Fathers and Contract with America and Merry Christmas!

  17. [re=503406]Radiotherapy[/re]: Actually, the Gettysburg Address got pretty shitty reviews in the immediate press – not noticed compared to the long droning speech before it. Only when Lincoln got whacked did it become a masterwork of American politics – along with just about everything he said.

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