• Next election, Joe Lieberman will run as a “good old-fashioned New England PLEASE RE-ELECT ME?” [Think Progress]
  • Is Scott Brown “pure” enough to be a member of the Republican Party, the blue-blooded Teutons of American Values? Well, just for starters, his presumed heterosexualness hints at “nope.” [The Caucus]
  • Barack Obama (or something) told Andrew Sullivan he could finally import honey-baked haggis without fear of persecution. Totally Falsch! And another broken campaign promise. [The Daily Dish]
  • The internets has been overtaken by male enhancement pill banditos. [Hit & Run]
  • Fox News is the #1 sitcom in America, mostly because teevee viewers loved the episode when Barack Obama lost the Massachusetts presidential elections. [Daily Intel]
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  1. Conservative leaders who say, in the light of victory, that Mr. Brown passed the test may have easily found the grounds to make precisely the opposite argument had he lost the vote last Tuesday.

    Hey, the GOP sets a standard that applies when they want it to and doesn’t when they don’t — well I for one am pleased to see politicians using the standards of righteousness set forth in the Holy Bible for a change.

  2. I would love to see a Lieberman/Palin ticket in 2012 (for entertainment/horror show purposes of course). BUT! he’d have a better chance than CT senator. Not saying much I know, but think about it. He helps her with the Jews, him on top of the ticket (and not dying soon) helps “principled conservatives” (ohh, hahaha, lololol, lmfao, rolling in the aisle…phew)…where was I…oh yes, helps “principled conservatives” delude themselves into thinking Snowbilly will learn on the job.

    What will split-tounged Holy Joe do in the meantime? Cable news!!! The early 20th century’s perfect springboard.

  3. Did I say early 20th century? I’m sorry, I am a time traveler, and dyslexic. I meant of course, “The period of tumult before incorporation of Sol into the intergalactic empire, and elimination of it’s resistance, which originated in 2011 at an obscure ‘web-log’ called ‘the wonkette’.”

    I also apologize that our names for historical epochs are so epic.

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