RUN FOR THE HILLS, DEMOCRATS! They need to stop governing from the left/socialist lefty mcleftosphere and be more better bipartisan-like because the Republicans want to work with them. When will pro-life elderly Mormon Harry Reid stop being so very liberal? [NYT]

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  1. OK. Its time to arrange the spectacle of the Republics filibustering child care AND taxing bankers bonuses at the same time. For hours on end. Until even CNN can understand these evil skexies for what they are.

  2. “Moreover, if these democrat proposals are coupled with higher taxes or more mandates on small businesses to pay more, larger taxes, the President’s plan to cut taxes could end up making taxes much higher and more taxing in aggregate.”

  3. And the Republican job creation plan is… what, exactly? My guess: tax cuts, only for corporations instead of individuals. Because THAT always works.

    In touch with the American people, Boner is.

  4. Democratcs announce love for mom and applie pie.

    15 minutes later, Republicans say mom is always butting in their business, apples are over-rated, and they denounce Democratic ‘hatred’ of fathers and chocolate cake.

  5. [re=500575]Ducksworthy[/re]: sorry, people still won’t care. Who ever thought you could organize a grassroots movement around some idiot anchor calling the thousands of people who lost their homes becuase of the greatest financial ponzi scheme in generations “losers” but the greed, spitefulness and general hatred of humanity that charactizes a big segment of the American public still doesn’t fail to surprise me.

  6. Since they’re “The Party of No”, officially, I’d go ahead and legislate breastfeeding for newborns, crosswalks for busy intersections, studying and exercise for school-age children, and sex with your wife on tuesday evenings (after the kids are asleep).

  7. [re=500574]SayItWithWookies[/re]: In about a minute, they’re going to be against the Iraq war.
    They already are. I work with a passel of wingers and they were bitching this AM about how much these wars as costing us and that Obama “hasn’t done anything”. I was speechless. The collective, selective right wing amnesia is boggling.

  8. [re=500575]Ducksworthy[/re]: We wouldn’t need child care if those damn poors would just stop reproducing like they ought. Think of all the money we could save if we stopped all of the food aid programs!

  9. [re=500572]Humpback[/re]: As much as we joke about it here on Wonkette, I’m really starting to believe they might oppose a Cap Gains Tax Cut if Obama introduced it.

  10. [re=500591]El Pinche[/re]: I can only hope so. It’s brilliant! He should ask for a war on Iran, mandatory assault rifles for schoolchildren, and the immediate deportation of all those damn Haitians. The republican refusal to comply will ensure that Michael Steele is homeless by Easter!

  11. [re=500596]snideinplainsight[/re]: Damn, you beat me. This has the makings of a good contest.

    [re=500598]Spike[/re]: But see, that’s because rich people know how to spend their money so that it will trickle down and help the middle-class! It’s all about protecting them, from, uhh, themselves, and their profligate spending habits? We love you, middle-class, we just think you don’t know how to handle your money!

  12. [re=500574]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Obama should take it even further and announce he’s against DADT and gay marriage, the public option, torture, and global warming too.

  13. [re=500591]El Pinche[/re]: We can only hope. If he’s been playing rope a dope for the first 12 rounds, it might be almost time to throw a punch

  14. [re=500578]snideinplainsight[/re]: That’s right, it may look like a tax cut, but if you take the Obama tax cut and add some tax increases, it’s actually a tax increase! I oppose the Obama tax increase!

    That Boner guy, he’s brilliant. But please stop feeding him.

  15. A tax cut for the middle class won’t jump start the economy. They’ll just go out and spend their money on cigarettes and booze, cheap whores and casino gambling. Give the tax cut to the rich people who will buy durable goods, so Merika’s manufacturing industry can start producing again.

    Oh, wait. Merika no longer manufactures shit. Never mind.

  16. This is the skoalrebel of NYT comments…. did a wonketeer write this?

    “May I am just one of the ” stupid” midlle Americans that Obama has designated as too Stipid , uneduicated, and obviously not able to “get it” but is seems to me that based on his Ohio tour to “stupidly” dissiminated Oblations and non Sequitor diatribes he is the one that has caused ANGER and Divisiveness in our Coutry Faster, deeper and more damaging that anyone else in History. So to my President I sugges a quick trip to the Halls of Mirrors , without a teleprompter, look into every one and say “MEA CULPA”.. “I am the one who just do not GET IT”!!!!”

  17. [re=500629]earnestcivilservant[/re]: Actually, we DO still manufacture shit. Unfortunately, it’s completely literal and full of Mcdonalds and Cheetos.

  18. [re=500627]Extemporanus[/re]: The Duck season/Wabbit Season bit is never not funny

    [re=500600]Mad Brahms[/re]: To be fair, the middle class do have a tendency to borrow tons of money to buy houses, TVs, and cars that are entirely too big and thus played a major part in the implosion of the financial and housing markets as well as Detroit. So maybe giving them a tax cut isn’t such a bright thing to do (except for me, of course)

  19. [re=500629]earnestcivilservant[/re]: Well, to be fair, we do still manufacture shit. Except it’s literally shit, full of Mcdonalds and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

  20. POTUS Obama is just writing his 2012 political ads at this point:

    “Republicans went against TAX CUTS for infants, our soldiers, puppies, kittens, American flag factories, apple pie makers, etc. Republicans are fuckers!”

  21. [re=500570]Gopherit[/re]: What the ReThugs want is unipartisanship, i.e. my way or the fucking highway.

    Dave Camp (R-4th Dist., Intellectual Constipation, Mich.) has 1.2 million in the campaign coffer as of Sept. 30, ’09. Top 3 contributors 2009 – 2010 (Insurers, M.D.s, Health Care Cos.).

    Dave Camp is for you, Mr. & Mrs. Corporate America!

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