Important National Review torture pope Kathryn Jean Lopez was alone when she went to an anti-abortion rally today. But you can bet your bottom zygote that she won’t go home that way! With which lucky 15-year-old churchy boy will she be stone cold doin’ the Jungle Jesus Boogie Woogie (“raping”)? Be on the lookout, boys. [Twitter via Instaputz]

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  1. Those good old innocent boys, asserting their rights of ownership over the lesser sex’s uterus.

    Although K-Lo might be able to make abortion unnecessary; the sight of her would make abstinence mandatory, on account of the impotence.

  2. That twitter doesn’t ‘even make sense–who did she expect to be outside a boys school? A bunch of goats or Mark Foley? (Hmmm….maybe both?)

  3. WTF is wrong with these people? Her next twat was:

    “Well some of them are giving out “free hugs” … Which means they’re 15 year old boys…”

    How can this not be a clear case of sexual predation?

  4. Now, why are these 15-year-old boys outdoors in the cold, and why are they speaking at a boys’ high school? Don’t they belong inside, where it’s warm? And where else would they speak? Huh? Huh, K- “I’m Writing As Bad As I can” -Lo? And reel your lolling tongue back into your pie-hole. Fat, stupid, and horny is no way to go through life, missy.

  5. [re=499747]assistant/atlas[/re]: Front-hugs, or side-hugs? Because I’d think K-lo would have to sneak up from behind to hug anyone short of Rosie O’Donnell.

  6. [re=499743]Tommmcatt[/re]: Let’s see, 4 to hold back the flappiage, 2 to toss flour on her (sufficient to cover the area), and 3 to go for the wet spot (2 of which will be needed to ensure she knows they’re there), and 10 more to hold the ropes so the poor kids could get back out. I’m not an elitist, so I don’t do math, but I think that makes about 6.

  7. [re=499762]widestanceromancer[/re]: FOR SATAN’S SAKE, STOP! Now I can only think about tiny, pimply boys crawling all over K-Lo like worker-drones, stuffing ho-hos in her mouth, coating her…bits…with their genetic material, and tending her larvae.

  8. Wow, the idea of a boys school protesting abortion rights really really really makes me want to reinstate the draft. Cuz it’s totally cool when complete strangers, voters and governmental agencies get to decide how you’re going to live your life, isn’t it boys?

  9. Nice to see the Catholic Church hasn’t lost its hold on pubescent boys.

    Stranger Danger: “Would you like some candy?”
    Fr. Stranger Danger: “Would like to attent a pro-life rally?”

  10. what do the boys say when they’re “outside speaking”? are the words different from when they’re “talking on the qt”? “giving the straight dope”? “spilling the tea”? is “outside speaking” different from or similar to “speaking truth to power”? discuss.

  11. [re=499778]WadISay[/re]: [re=499759]Extemporanus[/re]: Yes, and I apologize for the typo.

    That sentence should’ve read: “They are four 15-year-old boys in this photo IN K-Lo.”

  12. Miss Five-by-Five should be forced to keep 200 yards distance from any public school. And shaking a dead fetus at them didn’t make any converts. (Converts to ANYTHING.)

  13. [re=499768]SmutBoffin[/re]: [re=499762]widestanceromancer[/re]: Oh, and don’t forget the boys pulling out her Twinkie® tampon and inserting her Ding Dong™ diaphram!

  14. WTF? Why/how is it “good” that virgin pimply faced boys are anti-choice? The “grown up” versions of these idjits is the heart of the anti-choice group already – 40 something white male assclowns who still think women are property and must submit to their will, ala Rep. Bachmann.

  15. When K-Lo talks about how “hungry she is for some fresh 15-year-old meat,” she’s speaking literally, about the hunger part. Run, 15 year old boys, run!

  16. [re=499796]Extemporanus[/re]: You’re making me want to describe earning red wings while they’re all down there. . .would that be going too far?

  17. [re=499751]magic titty[/re]: They know plenty about getting 15 year old girls knocked up. It’s how not to get them knocked up they have problems with.

  18. [re=499747]assistant/atlas[/re]: Ah, they were so young, and now they are so harmed and distorted by the experience. From such comes the gayness we hear so much of in the press.

  19. I’m sorry, but I’m too tired right now to thoroughly proofread the previous posts. Did anyone else allude to the (Mark Twain?) joke – Outside of a dog I love books the best… or something. Oh I AM tired. Go ahead without me.

  20. [re=499920]assistant/atlas[/re]:
    To be snagged in “To Catch a Predator” requires un petit peu’ nimbleness and mobility to add desperate action to the capture money-shot, plus the absolute fortitude by the culprit not to first lunge into the nearest Subway shop (’Extra Mayo, Jesus goddammit, and chips, Snack Doodles and a large Coke with that“).

    Hence, I believe that K-Lo is completely immune from ambush-video reportage. Exposure on the wide screen, perhaps not so much.

  21. Ha Ha Eneryone knows true conservative 15 year olds at a boys only school would not be engaging in sex that could lead to a pregnancy. A Santorum perhaps, not a pregnancy. This is good.

  22. If I get this right, she was speaking at a boy school, and most of the boys decided they would rather be outside in winter than listen to her?

    Still, when I think about the struggle over abortion, I can’t help but think of 15-year-old boys, who are by far impacted the most by it.

    [re=499737]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Perhaps she was just trying to alert fellow Republicans that she had found a new cruising site that was virtually untouched?

  23. Okay, maybe I’m being a little too literal, but I’ll leave the prospects of Shamu fucking a child alone for now. K-Lo invariably was sort of gellactating outside a catholic boys school, which naturally brings more examples of massive conservative hypocrisy to mind. Here’s what I came up with: Conservatives bitch incessently about public universities being “indoctrination centers” for liberal views. Let’s not forget those are grown adults attending these schools by choice; they even pick the classes and instructors. Yet when you bring up the fact that Catholic schools teach young, impressionable children that Jesus literally descends to the Earth and blows up abortion clinics, this they don’t mind. Hitler and Goebbels rightly knew that indoctrination was most potent if practiced on young children and that religion makes for the best delivery system. If a secular school teacher DARES to shows their class a cartoon that teaches tolerance towards non-traditional families conservatives heads explode in fury over massive blood rushing to their pasty faces (oh I wish).

    But if those same children’s parents force the little monsters to attend catholic or evangelical schools or homeschool them (even better, now they can learn that dinosaurs really did exist 6,000 years ago when the world was young) along with bigoted churches where they’re taught to hate, hate, hate and thats all good, it’s parental choice. Anyway, just thought I’d bring that up, and why this is never used as a counterweight issue when they start their school-bashing meme is beyond me….fucking cowardly democrats. Now that I’ve said my piece about once again wingut totalitarianism, I can commence making fun of K-Lo like everyone else. I was wondering, if it takes 200 15 year olds to carry her in here massive, stadium sized litter from place to place…how many does it take to hold up her taint?

  24. [re=499827]Guppy06[/re]: 15 year old pregnant girls get pregnant by 28+ year old men aka total losers. (further interesting statistic, 30% of those girls have suffered some kind of sexual abuse). So, those 15 year old boys are just dreamers. But it’s cute on them.

  25. K-Lo is right to identify the 15 year old male as the future Chastity Verification Panel of her wet dreams. You know, the one that gets to examine all the pretty girls then send them off for stoning. I guess it’s good that these jackfucks don’t actually honor that oh so important holy book of theirs, since shit like this is pretty clearly spelled out and they have gotten rather sloppy about their important righteous duties.

    [re=500060]Swingin'[/re]: Thems a whole lot of words to say “Conservatives suffer from a permanent case of Psychological Projection.” The right’s biggest single terror is that the left will actually start doing the creepy shit the right do all the time, hence the non-stop pre-emptive screeching. Programming their children is the conservatives only hope. No wonder their freak out on this topic the most stunning.

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