• Jets fans are second-class citizens in Obama’s tyrannical One World Nation. [Hit & Run]
  • Goldman Sachs made a disappointing five billion dollars in the fourth quarter. That’s what, maybe 20,000,000 eight balls? Heart-wrenching. [Daily Intel]
  • JESUS WEEPS: Sarah Palin is officially a 100% USDA certified organic RINO! [Hot Air]
  • The Sandinistas at the ACLU have filed a Freedom of Information Act requesting information pertaining to Predator drones (i.e. how many millions of American lives they’ve saved). This is what Communists do when they think something is unconstitutional but can’t prove it. [The Corner]
  • Barack Obama campaigned for Martha Coakley, which is why Martha Coakley got spanked so thoroughly. Now Barack Obama wants to campaign for Harry Reid. Ergo, Barack Obama must hate Harry Reid a lot. © 2010 Redstate, Inc., All Rights Reserved. [RedState]
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