Jon Corzine, you've only been out of office for a day!THE INTERNET IS JUST GROSS: “‘I had 1,058 requests this morning – mostly from men,’ [Ayla Brown] chuckled. ‘Not really sure if I’m going to be responding to any of them.'” We’re guessing that’s an initial 500 from “Jonah Goldberg,” the next 500 from “Swear To God I Am Not Jonah Goldberg,” and 58 from “I Bet I Can Reach 1,060 Before The Cops Show Up…” (Yeah we know this is really the only “story” we’re posting about today, and that’s because it’s stupid and escapist and fun and beats getting all angry about how everyone is so angry right now.) [Boston Herald]

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  1. Beowoof

    Is there a price list for services? How about a small boob discount? And if talks about Idol at all, I would drop in her the next block.

  2. magic titty

    Alt-text winner. But no one told Ole Scott Brown to ask everyone to fuck his kids. You reap what you sow.

  3. Extemporanus

    [re=498241]magic titty[/re]: The terrifying alt-text conjures visions of what the unholy toxic spawn of a Jon Corzine/Chris Christie ghey governor marriage might look like.

  4. Canmon (the Inadequate)

    He wonders why his heterosexual, basketball-playing daughter can’t find a boyfriend. All of her female friends who sleepover in her room agreee that she is very attractive.

  5. Long Form Def Certificate

    Come one, at least five or ten of those have to be from Harold Ford.

    & Ayla really should call him. Fellow society doyen Julia Allison gives HFJ only the highest marks. Ayla & Harry, match made in Loving v. VA.

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