We kind of used up our joke in the headline there. Anyway, gross. [Twitter via Instaputz]

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  1. Do Republican women really like this? I mean, standing up on stage and being proclaimed to the world as “available” by one’s own father, and being the buzz of the internets the following day as fat ugly men declare that you are “easy on the eyes?” I guess I don’t understand republican women at all.

  2. Why would he possibly issue such a tweet? What could he possibly been hoping we would infer from that? I need some guidance here – not ‘getting it’.

  3. Jonah is the type of dude who you can hear beating off in the apt. next door. There is a lot of shouting and growling. And afterwards lots of typing about how someone’s daughters are hot.

  4. [re=497829]Roscoe[/re]: Didn’t McCain do this at a biker rally, too? Republicans are not past the whole “wives and children as property*” thing.

    * This is what they call “traditional marriage”.

  5. [re=497829]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Some sort of masochism has to be necessary to subscribe to a political philosophy that views you as useless and undeserving of full human rights by simple virtue of your sex. (See also: Log Cabin Republicans).

  6. I’m trying to avoid at all costs hearing Monica Crowly or Laura Ingram have on-air organisms about pick-up truck Brown. Guess no McLaughlin this week.

  7. [re=497838]SmutBoffin[/re]: [re=497842]JMP[/re]:

    Pound for pound, Scott’s daughters seem to be a better bargain than his mule.

    I think I’m beginning to understand now.

  8. If you like that sort of thing


    “That sort of thing” meaning sex? Women? Wee erections? Sexual attraction of any kind?

    These are things of which Goldberg is void. VOID.

  9. So, wifie Jessica is suddenly beginnig to look a little long in the tooth, eh Jonah?
    You shouldn’t have married her after ovaries dried out.

    The Brown girls, on the other hand, strong like ox. Can have many fine childrens.

  10. If you don’t like that sort of thing, call fat fuck Ricky Warren and he’ll straighten that shit right out, Jonah.

    I mean I realize you need an excuse with staying power to fend off K-Lo’s proposals of Jeebusmarriage, but if you aren’t careful you’ll cross the line from which there is no return and turn purple like your brother. No, I mean ALL of you, not the part that’s always purple…

  11. Since Brown’s into that whole tit-for-tat social media thing, we should be hearing a sexually-charged tweet about Lucianne soon.

    And now I’ve got to bleach my brain.

  12. [re=497829]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: [re=497842]JMP[/re]: “Do Republican women really like this? I mean, standing up on stage and being proclaimed to the world as “available” by one’s own father…”

    Liberal parents don’t do that. My ex is so protective of our 16-year-old daughter that he’s got the intimidate-the-new-date routine down to a science, wherein he flashes a smile that does not quite reach his eyes while shaking their hands for just a few seconds too long, conveying a message that clearly means, “Hurt my daughter and I will hunt you down and make you suffer until you pray for sweet death. Welcome to my home.”

    Yeah. So putting our kid on e-Bay or Craig’s List is out of the question. Shame, ’cause she’s beautiful, and I could use the money.

  13. [re=497821]Way Cool Larry[/re]: All women are hot.
    What’s disturbing is Momma Goldbergs boy is apparently figuring this out.
    We all know where that leads, don’t we?
    I think we should take up a collection and have him fixed before this gets out of hand.
    For the sake of the children. And the troops…also.

  14. K-Lo disagrees. A real conservative would have said “Those Brown girls have ample wombs” and omitted the second sentence entirely, lest he be mistaken for a moral relativist.

  15. [re=497846]Manos: Hands of Fate[/re]: Watching those to heinous horror hags have orgasms would be as gross as watching Jonah shoot his wad. jesus fucking christ, this thread is hitting rock bottom.

  16. [re=497829]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Republican women regard such behavior as “incorrigible” and “funny,” which serves to distance them from the discomfort that such episodes cause them, as they become unconsciously aware of the degree to which they are wholly and entirely dependent for their every need on piggish drunks. Slaves recognize early on that celebrating their captivity is a possible way of avoiding the lash, though in actual practice that strategy doesn’t always work in their favor.

    My theory is that a lot of these women grew up with brothers in homes where knockabout play was the norm, and so they got used to a certain testosterone saturation level the way you get used to air conditioned interiors if you move to someplace in the desert, like Pheonix.

  17. [re=497846]Manos: Hands of Fate[/re]: If Laura Ingraham had an orgasm, it would be a sign of the second coming. Nah, make that her first coming, and the very last. She would neither recognize, not tolerate, the sensation we humans call “pleasure.” (h/t and apologies to Jon Stewart.)

  18. [re=497829]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Nicely put. And conversely, is this what Republican men (married, with daughters of their own) are really like, twattering to the whole world their attraction to women half their age?

  19. I believe Mr. Goldberg’s “brown daughters” was a reference to his excreta. And yes, I always figured he’d be into that sort of thing.

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