And when you’re done with this, you can look at “Hitler finds out the ending of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” and “Hitler finds out that USC beat Ohio State.” Are any of these things funny? Meh, who knows! At least they aren’t videos of Barney Frank complaining about the death of health care reform! [Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown Won Massachusetts Senate Seat]

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  1. “Hitler Finds Out That a Swiss Actor Portrayed His Last Parkinson’s-Riddled, Paranoid Days and That One of His Many Freakouts Is Now Comedy Fodder For Unimaginative Trend-Riders.”

  2. Meh… some teabagger trying to be funny. That Leno-Conan one was pretty good though. “every night before bed Leno kicks comedy in the dick and takes a shit on its chest.” Gold.

  3. Permit me to enter an unironic comment, I pretty much save them for this one topic. If you haven’t seen the original film all the way through in one sitting, you are missing out. I was drawn to it by one of these stupid videos (about the housing bubble), and am grateful for it. It’s really an amazing film.

    You may commence with the banhammer.

  4. [re=497778]Mr Blifil[/re]: Will do. But first I’m going to make a version of Hitler explaining why he’s so disappointed in you, because you got banned from Wonkette. It’s gonna be awesome!

  5. This is not as good as the Governor of Wisconsin finding out Brett Farve went to the Vikes, however. I am finding that large chunks of this are sticking in my brain, in German.

  6. Ich bin ein sombitch. What a difference a year makes.
    Reference map and compass, rechart course.
    Must quit polishing the turd.
    That or be a 1 termer.

  7. In more capable hands we would have experienced the dark angst of a von Trier or the wit, sick humor and snappy dialogue of a Tarantino. Imagine, if you will, either of those classic directors guiding a similar subtitled version of “The Passion of the Christ,” a modern-day snark on the pro-life, pro-death, and, wait a sec, pro-life yet FTW! now-classic Christianist snuff film.

    Only a Tarantino or von Trier would have the vision to cast Rahm as Judas, Peter Orszag as his accountant, and Obama as Jesus. The Roman guards would represents the GOP, the Pharisees would stand for the Democrats, Mary, Mother of God, would be voiced by Queen Sarah, with a special guest appearance by Bristol Palin as Mary Magdalene. The Teabaggers, excluding Judas, who is a Jew, would be represented by the devout, faithful and humble apostles, whose commonsense conservatism allowed them to bravely reject everything they knew and go with the new guy because God prophesized it.

    That YouTube sensation, I would give a star over the skies of Bethlehem and 30 pieces of silver.

  8. [re=497777]SouthernDem[/re]: Just saw that over the weekend, it was the funniest one I’ve seen in a long time. “Before you can fire Jay Leno, he unleashes a demon that eats your balls. That’s the only explanation.” Awesome.

  9. This is the wrong video for a “Brown wins Massachusetts” mashup. It should be the one of him dancing a jig after the surrender of France.

    And the funniest use of the “bunker” clip by far is “Hitler Plans Burning Man.” No contest.

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