• Aww, Michael Steele and his minions weren’t allowed to do stuff in Massachusetts. So Michael Steele is just pretending that he is a secret agent pulling the strings behind closed doors. This should keep him distracted for another few hours. [Politico]
  • HEY, HARVARD COMMIES: If you go to vote for the robot lady, but Scott Brown’s already been filled in on your ballot, ask for a new ballot. Don’t try to be a hero. Stupid Harvard. [The Plum Line]
  • More Michael Steele! He said this today: “You’re mixing an apple and orange here.” Context is for squares. [CBS]
  • Martha Coakley’s sucking has officially given Barack Obama a sad. [WSJ]
  • Talking Points Memo is harassing some old people with those kinds of questions they always ask: “We’ve been talking to the Senate historian, Massachusetts secretary of state’s office, and others who are in the know trying to figure out when and under what circumstances…” Eh, bored. [TPM]
  • The naked motherfucker is riding around in his truck. [WSJ]
  • Lawyers, everywhere. Just cold preppin’ for an extended legal battle. [ABC News]
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