Hey, does anyone know anything about this Martha Coakley lady? Well in that case, here’s our campaign strategy: KENNEDY KENNEDY KENNEDY TED KENNEDY TED KENNEDYTED KENNEDYTED KENNEDYTED KENNEDY TED KENNEDY. Then say “Swift Boat!” too, because that’s what they did to dead KENNEDYTED back in aught-four. It was terrible! [DSCC]

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  1. Well the Tea Partiers — who Scott Brown has never heard of — just emailed me something addressed to “Rhode Islander’s.” So they’re on the case. And apparently the gratuitous apostrophe is like their secret fish symbol or something. Anyway, if you’re gonna mobilize the masses, speak in a language they can understand.

    But what Coakley really should be saying is: “If these idiots get Brown elected, we’re going to have to hear their stupid more often and louder. Think about it.”

  2. This is a classic tortoise and the hare scenario but u would think the hairy naked dude would be the hare but hke is actually the tortoise

  3. But but Highly Talented Baby Luke Russert was saying on teh MSNBC this morning that a deal’s in the works on health care, maybe before this MA debacle takes away the dumbocrats need to meet the constitutionally mandated whimsical Senate rule requiring 60 votes to do anything but designate a National Fossil.

  4. If Brown wins, another “populist revolt” will have killed once again any hope of realistic financial regulation, leaving the bankers and Wall Street where they’ve always been: in charge of your life, you dumb stupids. Why do the Amurrican people fall for this crap every freakin time?

    (And if healthcare is the only thing you care about, think about the fact that this special election is only to fill out the remainder of Kennedy’s term – which will end just when most of those terrifying reforms take effect. You’ll get a do-over then, after having given big business, big agro, and big bonus-land another 3 years of TIME TO PART-AY.)

  5. This stupid idea its all about healthcare is driving me nuts. The MA system apparently takes weeks to get to a result, by which time the cloture votes will be long over. Dems should be focusing on all the other crap folks in Mass do support and Brown can’t as a Republican hack (repeal DOMA, DADT, immigration reform, bank reform, etc.) not a non-issue.

    But yet again, the Dems wind up accepting the lowest common message set by the GOP.

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