You must admit it is a very cute puppySo there was a terrible earthquake in Haiti, and the news out of there is pretty fucking grim, which is why people who clicked on the link to see reader-submitted photos of the disaster on the Washington Post might have been shocked to see puppies and blue skies! Thanks (?) to reader “Josh” for the tip, and note that if you click the clicky now you will see pictures of horrible tragedy and destruction. [Your Haiti Earthquake Photos on WaPo]

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  1. Now, this is the Washington Post. They know that, while some people say the earthquake was a horrible tragedy that struck what is already one of the most poverty-stricken and violent places in the world, others might think it was a light, happy affair filled with flowers and puppies. And as an objective paper, it’s not their place to say who’s right or wrong, but just to present both sides.

  2. Way to go WaPo. Now each time I read about the misery of Haiti I’ll think of blond white people and puppehs.

    BTW, how’s that getting people to write columns for free thing working out?

  3. I’m just wondering how the world plans on fixing shit in a place they had trouble fixing *before* the earthquake. People needed food and clean water there long before yesterday afternoon.

    But, yeah, at least all those Cubans we let in instead of Haitians are safe. Elian Gonzalez, also.

    This is depressing.

  4. I’ve never been to Haiti. I don’t know anyone Haitian nor am I sure that I’ve actually met a Haitian.
    But I’m feeling a little depressed about the Earthquake. What have these people ever done to deserve such grinding poverty, misery and squalor. Only last year I was reading that many people there were subsisting on mud, “cookies”.
    and now this.
    This is really bothering me. Today is the first time in about a month that it’s going to be over 32 degrees so I’m going to take a trip to the very snow covered and frozen reservoir and look for birds to take my mind off of this for awhile.

  5. [re=493729]Escape Goat Nation[/re]: The mud cookie thing still makes me cry; I saw the report on it last year, too. Wasn’t Bill Clinton supposed to be doing something about this? I thought he was a special envoy to Haiti or some such.

  6. [re=493726]jetjaguar[/re]: you’re kinda right. Now that they have included actual devastation photos, it’s fucking remarkable and humbling. No snark here, please… just donations to UMCOR.

  7. Jebus. As a former resident of California, I’ve been through a few earthquakes. My mom’s home was destroyed in the Loma Prieta quake. But this devastation is obscene.

  8. I was going to donate some money for relief, but the pictures of the puppies convinced me that things aren’t that bad.

    Thanks for saving me money, Washington Post.

  9. Waiting for Barbara Bush to opine on how the earthquake worked out pretty well for the displaced Haitians. Since their lives sucked pre-earthquake anyway. Maybe this will be Sarah Palin’s first Fox commentary.

  10. [re=493744]Rosie Scenario[/re]: I’m predicting that Sarah, her cohorts at Fox, and more than a few Republicans will say that somehow the Haitians deserved this latest catastrophe. Just like they deserved the horrific mudslides after Ivan, Katrina, and Gustav. And that God wasn’t happy with their corrupt government(s). Oh, and I’m sure they’ll throw in something equating giving aid to Haiti to the U.S. welfare system since, y’know, it’s all just freeloading poverty-striken black folk looking for a handout. Compassionate conservatism, also.

  11. If the Washington Post helps us think about puppies and blue skies instead of death and destruction, I say that is some fine journalism. Pulitzers all around!

  12. You’d think that a place we consider our own personal feifdom when we’re not busy neglecting it would be better off. We’d have liked to help, really — but we were too busy making several other parts of the world just as miserable. Here — take some coupons for 50% off your wi-fi.

  13. [re=493750]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: I already heard Neal Boortz on the radio saying not to donate to UNICEF because then the poor Haitians won’t know that the aid came from Amurricans and won’t be sufficiently grateful. This was at 8.30 this morning, took him all of 15 hours to find an anti-internationalist angle to the story.

  14. [re=493738]proudgrampa[/re]: Yeah, earlier I saw an MSNBC headline saying Gov. Schwarzenegger was declaring state of emergency for the CA county that got an earthquake the other day… but I was looking at NYT pics of LA search and rescue crews getting ready to leave for Haiti (and it’s on MSNBC now). It’s got to be bad.
    But at least CA teams will know what they’re doing more than search and rescue teams from a lot of places…

  15. [re=493788]mayor_quimby[/re]: Ah yes, the “ungratefulness” canard. I heard that thrown about a lot after New Orleanians started complaining about the glacially slow response from FEMA and the Feds after Katrina. Damn whiny residents of a third world coun… wait.

  16. In terms of donating, I just hope people actually look into the organizations they are giving money to. Don’t just blindly give, even to the Red Cross. How much money was given for Katrina and the Tsunamis that didn’t seem to get where it needed to go? A lot.

  17. [re=493804]Oh hell to the no[/re]: werd to that. I’ve been trying to do some Rachel Maddow researching on some of these donation sites, and reading the fine print. I don’t want my cash to end up in Dick Armey’s Swiss bank account or SarahPAC.

    I’m going with UNICEF and Baptist Haiti Mission which states 100% goes to relief.

    [re=493788]mayor_quimby[/re]: Boortz can eat a barrel of rotting rat turds.

  18. The Gospel of Matthew says that we will know the end of the world is near when we look at the signs, one of which will be earthquakes in divers places. Anybody know if there are any divers places down in Haiti? What about places for snorkeling, then?

    True story:
    When I was growing up in a christard home, our church, from the preacher all the way down to us younguns, thought that the word ‘divers’ meant a place people would go diving from. I was almost through college before somebody laughed at me and pointed out that the KJV of the bible was written in Ye Olde English.

  19. [re=493804]Oh hell to the no[/re]: [re=493811]El Pinche[/re]: I went through the same process–done and done (UNICEF, that is).

    If Red Cross wants some money, they can reclaim what Elizabeth Dole mismanaged/embezzled from them when she was at their helm.

  20. [re=493832]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: “Ye Olde English.” Which is, apparently, the only language God speaks, because that’s how he spelled out the Book of Mormon to Joe Smith.

  21. [re=493811]El Pinche[/re]: Wyclef Jean (who is from Haiti)’s organization, which has existed for a couple years to help educate and create sustainable economic growth. They state in big letters on their front page that 100% of funds raised for their earthquake fund are going to relief. I heard earlier, I believe on MSNBC, that he was “currently” on a flight to Haiti to help.

  22. [re=493750]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: I’m awaiting with dread the explanations from Pat Robertson (and allied fundies; my guess is that they’ll smugly proclaim it as God’s vengeance for Haitians’ (A) belief in voudoun, or maybe (B) the country’s widespread Roman Catholicism. Because of (B), abortion is already illegal in Haiti, so this is going to be a tricky one for fundies to blame on the victims–nevertheless, I trust that they will find a way. I wonder if the public schools teach evolution there?

    (Donation on the way to UNICEF, also)

  23. [re=493892]DoktorZoom[/re]: It already happened! I hate linking to Politico, but it’s the only place with the transcript instead of just video:

    “Something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it,” he said. “They were under the heel of the French … and they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, ‘We will serve you if you’ll get us free from the French.’

    “True story. And the devil said, ‘OK, it’s a deal,'” Robertson said. “Ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after another.”

  24. [re=493908]DoktorZoom[/re]: Unfortunately, yes; the only tricky part is guessing for what exact alleged sin Natural Disaster X is god’s punishment for People Y.

  25. See, this is exactly why liberals, generally, want gun control. Because if I had a gun today…

    I just Googled “donate to Haiti” and the first Google that comes up is for RapidResponseChaplins at, and this is part of their pitch: “The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) is traveling to Haiti to help meet the spiritual and emotional needs of those devastated by a catastrophic earthquake.” You can’t donate directly for Haitian relief, you can only donate to, “Help spread the Good News of the Gospel.”

    I’m fucking sorry, but that’s not exactly what the people in Haiti need right now. And not from a Graham.

    I’m looking for a nonpolitical and nonsectarian charity, maybe International Medical Corps or Doctors Without Borders. Anybody know anything about either of those?

    I will not donate to a religious charity. Jesus Fuck, the NYT has a list of charities, and they list Samaritan’s Purse, where fucking Franklin Graham “earns” $1.2 million in salary to head that and another “charity.”

  26. [re=493725]Oh hell to the no[/re]: I heard someone (BBC maybe) report on how the Haitian people are for the most part grindingly poor (sometimes not even being able to afford dirt as a meal) except for the tiny elite who exploit the fuck out of the economy and every(thing/one) else on the island…

    So, maybe this is a good time for another revolution?… Just sayin’…

  27. [re=493729]Escape Goat Nation[/re]: I became aware of the Hatians plight when one of my kids picked it for a country to do a report on years ago …they are a country that had nothing who now have less than nothing…truly a sad situation made worse by this tragedy.

  28. [re=494146]Bearbloke[/re]: Yeah but Elian Gonzalez is safe, so The US is winning at something moral down there, right? Right?

    Fuck a revolution, it’s time for some fucking foresight by the US when it comes to developing countries with poor infrastructure that sit in highly likely natural disaster areas. Also, that same shit in our own country. Someone should also take pictures of it and remind leaders what happened, constantly. Clearly, non-broke West has the memory span of a fucking goldfish because last I checked, levees in NOLA still aren’t that strong yet people are rebuilding shit next to it anyway. I blame Oprah, Ty, Brad and Angelina. For example. Also.

    And, honestly, shit might be more likely to get fixed if people would actually take the time to do due diligence and give to non-profits with high efficacy rates and not just blindly throw money at an organization just because they’ve heard of it and their Twitter friends told them to. Yeah, imagine that, you might have to make some effort when it comes to charity.

    I’m mad and sad about everyone, on behalf of the Haitian people.

    But how’s Elian Gonzalez doing these days?

  29. Katydid it’s really too bad you are such a rabid hater when it comes to faith-based charities. I have no use for religion myself, but the Salvation Army’s disaster relief arm has probably filled more empty stomachs in disaster areas than any other charity, secular or religious, bar none. And they do it without any conditions. Unfortunately, because of your bigoted ill-informed “damnation” of all religious charities they will have less money to carry out that mission.

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