Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said a brave “the fuck I care” to his friends, Some Republicans, who are demanding that McConnell order Mark Halperin’s PR rep. Harry Reid to step down as Senate Majority Leader. “‘I think that is an issue for the Democratic conference,’ McConnell said at morning press conference at the Capitol. When pressed by CNN as to whether that means he does not agree with Republicans calling for Reid to be ousted, McConnell simple repeated, ‘I think that’s an issue for the Democratic conference.'” [CNN Political Ticker]

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  1. This issue plus an article on Senatorial Turnover showed plainly how old our government really is. No wonder they pander to the olds. Their preferred modus operandi is Congressional Golf Cart and they remember words like Negroid and forget words they just said.

  2. Like a troupe of monkeys freaking out over a bug that surprised them, the Republicans get all hysterical until they forget what caused them to start screaming in the first place. But no matter — five minutes from now, something else will stir them up and the cycle of stupidity will continue, as it has for untold generations in the wood-panelled halls of Capitol Hill. I’m David Attenborough — goodnight.

  3. Semi OT, but the Halperin/Heileman book that exposes our Harry as the vile racist monster he really is also has some fun stuff about the Edwards’ that I’m surprised Wonkette hasn’t jumped all over yet.

  4. [re=493148]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Could be because Halperin is a known lying sack of shit who will write literally anything that pops into his fecal soaked head if it badmouths a “liberal” and possibly makes him a buck.

  5. When does the monkey shit fight start over the new UTAH snowflake commercial?
    I don’t want to miss the shitfight over the almost all white snowflakes not
    being sentenced to fall in UTAH.

  6. But this Reid will not simply remain a lone Reid, standing tall, waving boldly among the corrupt sands of congress. He will eat Halperin’s Lunch.

  7. Why do I see this as less of a reasoned opinion by McConnell than as a self defense move? Too many senators are being culled from the herd, and McConnell doesn’t want to be one of them…..and the Republicans as a little too much like sharks in a feeding frenzy…’s way too easy to become part of the meal.

  8. Wait, McConnell said “I think that’s an issue for the Democratic conference.” ??? RINO. Real Republicans say “democrat” (why use an adjective when you can use a noun instead?).

  9. It’s hard to claim the mans a racist when his point was “that light skinned negro is going to be the next President, ‘long as he don’t start rappin his stump speeches.” That’s quite a different intent from saying “If we’d elected Strom Thurmond back in the day, we wouldn’t be havin’ all these problems from those uppity dusky fellas.”
    The other thing the human weasel is probably looking at is polling. People are unhappy about the economy but they aren’t really rushing towards the “let’s do nothing and see how bad it gets” platform the Republicans espouse. I feel a little sorry for the weasel man, he’s not an idiot…he just needs the idiot vote.

  10. [re=493183]freakishlystrong[/re]:

    It’s not a matter of incorrect usage to get peevish about. The Republicans deliberately say “democrat” instead of “democratic” because “democrat” became pejorative under Reagan, and because they know it pisses liberals off. And FYI, libs, “Repug” and “ReThug” are FAIL as comebacks.

  11. [re=493156]Gorillionaire[/re]: OK then, how about this actual Mrs. Robinson Irish MP homophobe 60 year old cougar banging a 19-year-old kid who is not her husband, who happens to be Ireland’s First Minister?

    I know it’s foreign politics, but we can pretend we care about the Irish for one day if it involves the funny, no?

  12. [re=493193]Chet Kincaid[/re]: You’re right. I much prefer “lying hypocritical assbags with a penchant for adultery and/or teenage boybutt.”

  13. [re=493193]Chet Kincaid[/re]: no. it is older than Reagan. I think it goes back to Robert “Mr Republican” Taft, senator from Ohio back in the 30-50’s (opposed the New Deal) and he was anti-Eisenhower (and anti-Dewey). and yes, he is part of the Taft political dynasty that goes ‘way back.

  14. [re=493193]Chet Kincaid[/re]: … And FYI, libs, “Repug” and “ReThug” are FAIL as comebacks.

    agreed. I don’t waste my time with that; if the Republicans think it’s cute — well, that is their problem. I see no reason to get into that nonsense.

  15. [re=493155]Vulpes82[/re]: Neither of the Democratic Senators with balls has much of a chance of becoming Leader, though. One has only been in the Senate four years and is technically a Socialist, not a Democrat; the other has only been in for two and is a former comedian.

  16. [re=493144]dr.giraud[/re]: It’s news when it takes 2 days for the Republican leaders to realize that while their minions are getting all shouty in the news and on its official teevee PR organ with “What Harry Reid said was WAY WORSE than what Trent Lott said,” they forgot about teh Google machine, and do not understand its funky commie liberal algorithmic PageRank chicanery, so that the more millions of people Googled and linked to Lott’s actual remarks, which of course referenced Strom’s States Right’s party’s platform, those pages kept moving up in teh Google page rankings, etc & etc.

    So right now, when you Google “Trent Lott,” the first hit is not teh Wikipedia entry, as it probably was on say, Friday, but this: Harry Reid’s Remarks Don’t Compare to Trent Lott’s‎ – 22 hours ago…But Republicans can’t be serious when they compare his remarks to the ones which ended Trent Lott’s tenure as senate majority leader….US News & World Report Blog

    The next is “Bigots and the Press,” and the next is “In Defense of Double Standards, Sometimes.”

    Even fucking Mitch McConnell has figured out that their strategy is backfiring, and now they want it all to go away, as people are remembering that less than 8 years ago, a GOP Majority Leader was longing for segregation.

  17. [re=493219]qwerty42[/re]:

    Well, the thing is, the Democrats have allowed the Republicans to define them as a “brand” so thoroughly over the last 30 years that it would be nearly impossible at this point to execute any kind of turnabout maneuver. When I was a youngster back in the late-’60s/’70s, you could speak disdainfully and knowingly about “The Republicans” and everyone would understand exactly what you meant–they were the punchlines of a thousand jokes on Norman Lear sitcoms. Why did we let that slip away? Now, Republicans routinely run negative ads speaking despitefully about what “The Democrats” have done/will do; Democrats don’t run ads bitching about “The Republicans.” Why? Why not?

  18. [re=493262]Chet Kincaid[/re]: The Democrats realize that the ideals of the Republican Party run much closer to the hearts of all Americans than their own Namby-Pamby Idealism. Hobbes was right and they are painfully wincing away in their political bubbles, waiting for the other shoe to drop, er, pop.

  19. [re=493262]Chet Kincaid[/re]: …Why did we let that slip away?…
    the times. The Democrats of 30 years ago were still hung up on who would be the next FDR. They mistook the magic for the man and ended up with neither. Don’t worry: the Republicans are still trying to reanimate the corpse of Ronald Reagan; they’ll be a long time on that one. Really long if their nuts get control of things (as they seem to have done).

  20. Q: Hey Mitch ‘smatter, don’t you hate racism?

    A: I think that’s an issue for the Democratic conference.

    Q: But if your colleagues are out there peddling racist shit of whatever variety, intentional or “unintentional,” you’ll call them on it right?

    A: I think that’s an issue for the Democratic conference.

    Q: Ever made love with a man?

    A: A: I think that’s an issue for the Democratic conference.

  21. [re=493262]Chet Kincaid[/re]: What exactly is Bill saying in the opening theme to the Bill Cosby show of the late 60’s? That song (if you can call it that)has kept me in constant wonder for nearly 40 years

  22. [re=493193]Chet Kincaid[/re]: “Repug” and “Rethug” are silly. And unecessary — “Republican” is a pejorative as it stands.
    Typical conversation here in Cambridge, MA: “What did you do for the holidays?” “We went to my in-laws; it was a very Republican Christmas.”
    Meaning WASP-y, buttoned-down, repressed, superficial — often includes secret drinking.

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