“Arizona’s Sy Hersh” Meghan McCain has uncovered secret publicly available newspaper articles, YouTube videos and blog posts indicating without a doubt that Michael Steele purposely sought to win his current chairmanship of the RNC. This proves intent! Which has all sorts of corollary sub-meaning, contextually. For example: did you know it is the definition of “indecisive” to be more excited about a job upon first being hired than after working there for a year?

Follow the money, Deep Throat, etc.!

What is going on with Michael Steele?  In the last year, the Republican National Committee chairman has become one of the most confusing and controversial figures in politics. Last week brought yet another example of his troubles representing the party: an outburst during an interview in which he said his critics should “fire him or shut up.” It was alarmingly immature coming from someone who is supposed to be a leader.

Steele also protested recently that he “didn’t ask for and didn’t seek” the job of RNC chairman.

Unfortunately for him, there are those records of him attending the RNC election last January, not to mention videos announcing his candidacy where he states, “I want the gig. I’m ready, I’m ready to lead this party.

[blah blah blah some bullshit]

Has Michael Steele made mistakes and questionable decisions? Yes. But he deserves more time before we jump so quickly. Michael Steele should know that the clock is ticking, but we’re in no hurry to see that time run out.”

That’s right! The clock is ticking at its regularly scheduled pace, Michael Steele, so hurry, or don’t, or whatever.

[The Daily Beast]

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  1. “Steele’s had his role for only one year, and, like the rest of the party, is still adjusting and struggling to find his identity.” Wha-? If he had any more identity, there’d be two of him.

  2. Moments ago I read the following sentence and filled with Hope that I have not felt since Grandpa Munster ran for governor of New York: “Steele is weighing running for President himself if he can take credit for the Party rebounding in the 2010 elections.” (Prominent swinger and notorious GOP political hit man Roger Stone at StoneZone dot com)

  3. Or, you know, we can just sit back and laugh at his goofiness. Come on, Megs, you’ve got to admit the whole thing is funny.

    Of course, it looks like the white supremacist is already angling to get the chairmanship; he’d represent the core of the Republican party.

  4. Watch for the forthcoming non-fiction political blockbuster “All the Presidential Runner-Up’s Daughter’s Tweets,” going to press as soon as Meghan McCain has a free afternoon to forward her Twitter history to Harcourt Mifflin.

  5. Scoops! Deep throat! I thought this was about sexy time.

    Meg Mccabe is starting to remind me more of another more famous Meg. Meg Griffin.

  6. [re=492920]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: You’re not kidding! After they took him on, they doubled their racial outreach. Now who will Alan Keyes have to talk to?

  7. I am hopelessly confused about this comment by Meghan McCain about the confusion that is Michael Steele. Put me down as “nonplussed,” if you will.

  8. Comeon RNC. You’re not fooling anybody and publicaly torturing this clown does not help your image. Fire this nigra and go ahead and merge with the Aryan Nation/Teabag Party. Become your dream. GOP to RANTP.

  9. Meg’s right. You should pace yourself, Mikey. The twin comets of the RNC and your chairmanship thereof, are things of beauty to us earthlings. Flame on.

  10. In the last year, Boobz McCain has become one of the most confusing and irrelevant figures in politics. The other month brought yet another example of her troubles writing: a picture of her boobs, making more sense than any of her writing, followed by an outburst in which she said her critics should take her as a serious blogger and not look at the boobie pics she posted publicly. It was alarmingly immature coming from someone who claims to be a writer.


  11. Egads, it’s like Megs decided to write with her, “Grown Up Voice” today. I can just imagine her in a pantsuit and glasses with a big ol’ serious look on her face as she sits down to type, all the while in the back of her considerably truncated mind she’s thinking, “They take me seriously, they take me seriously, they take me seriously,” if for no other reason than to stave off the nagging feeling that she really is a shallow, mental light weight whose opinion wouldn’t be worth a ticket to the Glenn Beck movie if it weren’t for the fact that she just happened to have won the so-called genetic lottery by being born the daughter of a failed presidential candidate, a feeling that haunts her so that she will scour the internet for every bit of digital ink spilled commenting on her “column”, ignoring every example of blatant mockery whilst twisting everything else into the kind of praise she needs to be able to look herself in the mirror without a heavy dose of Vicodin and a bottle of Jack, and THEN, only THEN when she has hit the final point of depravity of the soul will I also imagine her taking the pantsuit and glasses off.

    Huh, I think I’m in a kind of weird mood today.

  12. It was alarmingly immature coming from someone who is supposed to be a leader.

    When Megs lectures you on maturity, Mike, it’s time to eat a bullet.

    I think RNC and ticking clock, nd all I can think of is the 24 clock. They probably have a dozen of those in their offices, along with plenty of Kiefer Sutherland pics to fap to.

  13. [re=492920]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: And since the Republincans don’t believe in affirmative action, the take away on this is the hiring of Steele was a grand demonstration of what a collosal failure affirmative action is.

  14. “It was alarmingly immature coming from someone who is supposed to be a leader.”

    You tell him, McCabe. Being alarmingly immature is your job. And nice legs, boo.

  15. [re=492956]Cape Clod[/re]: I’m pretty sure firing Michael Steele is the GOP’s version of affirmative action. He’s taking up a job that obviously could be done better by a harrumphing white man. I mean, has Steele ever even fucked in a toilet stall?

  16. There will be a more appropriate description of McCabe than the one I read back in 2008 from Rachel Sklar, who obviously knows a thing or two about being a skank in the wee ours of the morning:

    Meghan McCain — daughter of John, and aka the “McCain Blogette” — sat for an interview with GQ and basically confirmed ETP’s first impression of her, which was basically summed up in this email to a friend on the campaign trail back in February: “She looks fun, if a little crazy, like your crazy friend who somehow gets you both in a motel room at 4 am with two guys you met at a honky-tonk bar.” My friend emailed back: “That is TOTALLY what Meghan is like.”

    The prostitution rests.

  17. Steele “has become one of the most confusing and controversial figures in politics.”

    Are there any prominant Republicans who don’t fit that description?

  18. [re=492957]Aflac Shrugged[/re]: “Meghan McCain might just be the Jackie Harvey of American political discourse.”

    Yes! Exactly. Absurd self-importance, lack of awareness about how the outside world sees her, and ditziness thrown in for laughs.

  19. I think it pretty cute she’s getting all serious-face-newspapery-edititorial n’ stuff here.

    Sadly, though, I guess it means that newspapers really *are* dead.

  20. [re=492969]eclecticbrotha[/re]: Then those aren’t flower patterns on the Motel 8 comforter she’s sitting on in the pic. That’s dried honky semen.

  21. [re=493024]Terry[/re]: And if the assignment was to turn a 140-character tweet into a one-page essay without adding any actual substance, Meghan aced it. Reading her marshalled thoughts is like putting whipped butter on cold pancakes.

  22. [re=492919]snideinplainsight[/re]: ““Steele’s had his role for only one year, and, like the rest of the party, is still adjusting and struggling to find his identity.” Wha-? If he had any more identity, there’d be two of him.”


    “Finding his identity” or “finding his voice,” etc. don’t mean anything, obviously. They’re just polite ways of saying “he sucks.”

  23. Wow, Meghan McCain with the bait and switch! She’s more clever than I gave her credit for.

    [re=493024]Terry[/re]: And yet her thesis is somehow more ambiguous!

  24. [re=493043]Jim89048[/re]:

    Must be hard to type, perched like that on the edge of a bed and giving a come hither look (or her best approximation of one). Perhaps that explains some issues with her writing.

  25. Wonkette staff are obviously gay for Meghan McCain. Why not just take this obsession to its logical conclusion and hire her on at Wonkette? She would be a great addition to the crew. Everything she says is funny, whether she knows it or not.

  26. “…he said his critics should ‘fire him or shut up.'”

    I’m not going to look it up but I’m betting he said “fire me or shut up.” Writing 101 source-quoting FAIL.

    Oh, this was a Megs McCain-penned piece? Remove “source-quoting” from the above.

  27. [re=493117]Aurelio[/re]: It’s not the weight that bugs me, that’s fine. The smile in that picture, though, has scarred me, possibly permanently. I am sending therapy bills to Michael Steele.

  28. Someone probably already did this, but I feel like it should be in every Meg McCabe-related thread multiple times….


  29. I think Megs is smokin’ hot in that picture. Suggested caption for picture: “Is that a bomb under your foreskin, or are you just happy to see me.?”

  30. [re=492938]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: The come hither look doesn’t do it for you? I mean she’s got a computer on her lap. How sexy is that? Oh right, not sexy.

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