Liz Cheney thinks Harry Reid is a despicable racist, for using hilarious old-timey weird words to describe why black candidate Barack Obama could still win in a country of racists. George Will declares POPPYCOCK and relates one ninth-century English feudal anecdote or another, maybe.

We have reason to believe this “Negro dialect” anecdote is wrong, anyway. Here’s the dialectical plan Harry Reid actually advised Barack Obama to follow during his campaign, as transcribed by James Joyce in a description of his Ulysses episode “Oxen of the Sun.”

Technique: a nine-parted episode without divisions introduced by a Sallustian-Tacitean prelude … then by way of earliest English alliterative and monosyllabic and Anglo-Saxon … then by way of Mandeville … then Malory’s Morte d’Arthur … then the Elizabethan chronicle style … then a passage solemn, as of Milton, Taylor, Hooker, followed by a choppy Latin-gossipy bit, style of Burton-Browne, then a passage Bunyanesque .. after a diarystyle bit Pepys-Evelyn … and so on through Defoe-Swift and Steele-Addison-Sterne and Landor-Pater-Newman until it ends in a frightful jumble of Pidgin English, nigger English, Cockney, Irish, Bowery slang and broken doggerel.

So is James Joyce a racist now, too?

How foolish we were to vote for this man.


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    YEAH CAUSE TODD NEVER DID A THING LIKE THAT BEFORE AS ASK TO get his breakfast in bed with a couple of eggs since the summer after senior year when he used to be pretending to be laid up with a sore sack trying his worstest to make himself interesting to that old Mrs senator Stevens that he thought he had a great hustle going and she never gave us a red cent all for bingo greatest cheapskate ever was actually afraid to lay out $4 for meth telling me all her gross stories she had too much blah blah in her about politics and earthquakes and the end of the world let us goof off a bit first God help the world if all the hockeymoms were like that down on sweatshirts with the neckline cut out like flashdance of course nobody wanted her to wear I suppose no fella would look at her twice I hope I’ll never be like her but she was a welleducated woman certainly and her dog smelling my junk and always edging to get up under my jordache skirt especially and the sailors playing whitesnake on boomboxes and the running man they called it in the parking lot and the security detail in front of the mayors house with the thing round his thing poor fella half blitzed and the Russian girls laughing in their fur hats and the flea markets in the morning the Greeks and the jews and the Arabs and the devil knows who else from all the ends of Wasilla and the fowl market all clucking outside Arby’s and the poor Camaros stalling out and the losers in the trenchcoats asleep in the shade on the steps and the big wheels of the F-350s you betcha and those handsome Negroes all in white home jerseys like kings asking you to sit down in their little bit of a hoopdee and Ronda with the big glasses glancing eyes hid by the chainlinkfence for her fella to kiss the iron and the wineshops half open at night and no one IDing and the night we missed our ride at Wasilla-Fishhook Road the trooper going about with his flashlight on his shoulder and O that awful deepdown moistness O and the sea the sea blubbery sometimes like whales and the glorious sunsets and the derricks in the distance you betcha and all the queer little fellas and pink and blue and yellow izod knockoffs and and the neon glow from the Walmart sign where I was a Flower of the mountain you betcha when I put the rose in my hair like the Anchorage girls used or shall I wear a red you betcha and how he kissed me back in the teacher’s lot and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again you betcha and then he asked me would I you betcha to say you betcha my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him you betcha and drew him down to me so he could feel my boobies all perfume you betcha and his heart was going like mad and you betcha I said you betcha I will You betcha.

  2. Harry Reid has all the eloquence of a yeast infection…….but this is news? Anyone who calls him a racist, though, is looking for cheap political points. Call him stupid. Thats more honest and much closer to the mark.

  3. Shorter Liz Cheney: What don’t you people get? Harry Reid called that nigger a NIGGER!

    Shorter George Will: Liz, you ignorant slut.

  4. I agree with Liz Cheney – is there anything that frustrates Americans more than liberals excusing racism by liberals? Will the media FINALLY make which candidate most strongly condemns liberal racism the centerpiece of the 2012 election?

  5. George Will is right. All Harry was saying is that a mulatto presidential candidate who speaks good English would be acceptable to the voters. A quadroon or octoroon would be even more acceptable.

  6. For once George Will is absolutely right.

    The issue of skin tone has come up in races between two black candidates. It has been written about by black reporters. Everybody knows it has an effect on voters.

    And none of these genius pundits has pointed out that Bush threw Lott under the bus because they wanted to get rid of him so they could install Dr. Frist.

    Obama has no problem with Reid, and this story is rubbish.

  7. Why in the hell is Liz Cheney considered anything other than an apologist for her father and a shill for the far right? Is she any more qualified to pontificate than Joe the Plumber?

  8. Back in grad school (ugh), I spent a lot of time hanging out with the Sociology grads who TAed Race and Gender courses. Invariably at some point during the semester, a shocked and bewildered undergrad would approach the TA after a lecture, saying something serious like “I just wanted to tell you, I think that what you said during class today was terribly racist/sexist.” To which the TA might reply “Yes. What I said was racist. We were having a discussion about ‘things that are racist’.”

    Point is, well, I dunno. Seemed relevant.

  9. It’s sad to see George Will be the voice of reason here. Still, I understand the Republicans’ complaints; after all, pointing out that a lot of white Americans are racist is racist against white people, and the Reps always take racism against white people seriously.

  10. [re=492554]Whitey Did Katrina[/re]: Hmmmm. Newell posts this at 4:04. You post at 4:11. That’s a hell of a lot of writing in 7 minutes. Hmmmm.

  11. Liz reminds me of the people in the Borat dining room scene…..everybody knows polite people don’t talk about folk with the eubonics disability

  12. Trent Lott’s hide was nailed to the barn door for lesser dumbass off-the-cuff comments, where’s the shrillness now? Oh wait, that was the other party and Dems can do no wrong, let’s just kick at the dirt and whistle while avoiding any eye contact with one another…

  13. True story:

    I grew up with liberal parents in the south, which means that while I had an abstract sense of the importance of diversity and multiculturalism, I didn’t really have any experience with them. So, having come home from my first day of 4th grade in a new school with a Black principle, I felt that it would be very important to tell my parents and express approval–nay–joy! But how to phrase such a thing, with the right amount of casualness and solemn respect? There was a special name we were supposed to use, like a fancier name than “black,” which might be rude…

    So, that evening at dinner, I told them: “My principle is very nice. You know, he’s a Negro.”

    To their credit, my parents didn’t say a thing. But their looks of mortification/amusement told me I had chosen poorly, and to this day I can’t hear the word “Negro” without thinking about my earliest moment of libtardery.

  14. [re=492580]Aurelio[/re]: I suggest a Constitutional amendment to ensure that offspring of politicians must wait 2 generations before they are eligible for office.

  15. [re=492589]plowman[/re]: Saying that you wish a segregationist candidate had won the presidency in 1948, and “we wouldn’t have all these problems” if he had won, is not a lesser dumbass comment, idiot; it was, in fact, overtly racist, which Reid’s comments were not.

    Reid says “Negro”, which is antiquated and dumb and racially insensitive. Lott wished we still had segregation, which is overtly racist. See the difference?

  16. Do the wingnuts know Mark McGwire and Simon Cowell are both getting a lot more publicity than this right now? Sports and reality teevee: the American diet.

  17. [re=492589]plowman[/re]: Right — because there’s absolutely noooo difference between what Harry Reid said (“He’s black, but not Al-Sharpton-black, so he won’t scare away the white people”) and what Trent Lott said (“If Strom had been president nobody would worry about the black vote — because it wouldn’t have been allowed. Yay!”)

    It’s as wide a difference as, say, racism vs. the accusation of racism by someone who has only the slightest smidgen of an understanding of what that means.

  18. “No negro dialect” is code for “I favor segregation” which is what Trent Lott was talking about. See it’s the fucking same. Republicans really do get the whole race thing.

  19. Politics is marketing. Harry Reid used a poor choice of words in a private conversation to rationalize the democratic party’s consideration of running, for the first time ever as a serious candidate, an African American. Dems desperately wanted to win. I can forgive elderly, not-of-this-era party leaders who wanted to strategize and overcome perceived weaknesses with Obama’s candidacy. He could have communicated the very same message and content with different words and no one would have batted an eye. Look past the words themselves for the content of what he was saying. In Harry Reid’s age-challenged mind, negro is the word you use when you aren’t being racist.

    Republicans, on the other hand, want to claim that they themselves can’t get away with saying the things Reid said, so why should Reid. It’s a double standard according to them. Well, for starters, it goes back to courting this guy.

    That’s why you can never “get away” with using the words Harry Reid used. And by “get away” with it, of course I mean not have sensible people think you’re a racist.

    Where is Bill Maher when you need him?

  20. Thank god Liz is fighting against racism. Its a staple of the Cheney household. Like when her father voted against a MLK holiday, against sanctions for apartheid South Africa and against a resolution calling for South Africa to release Mandella.

  21. [re=492600]JMP[/re]: No he doesn’t. They can’t tell the difference between the word Negro and niggar. Sometimes they can’t even spell it right on a teabagger sign. Shit, they even make shit up like “macaca” which sounds racially derogatory. I bet Plowman is good at photoshopping NOBAMA’s head on a zulu warrior.

  22. [re=492614]Gopherit[/re]: Plowman has been around here a long time, occasionally but not always saying something retarded, and that’s why you might not have noticed him/her before. Plowman, like most conservatives, doesn’t do “nuance.”

  23. [re=492620]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Ah, in that case……

    [re=492589]plowman[/re]: You are either being deliberately obtuse to make political points on Reid’s inartful comments, or are too stupid to know the difference between racism and tactlessness. Go ahead and prove which one is true…..but I’m only going to give you one comment to do it before I start ignoring you. Go!

  24. [re=492616]El Pinche[/re]: No, see, that was just a comment on the health care plan, ’cause NOBAMA is like a witchdoctor, see, and there ain’t nothin’ racist about that comparison.

  25. Somewhere up in Heaven, Martin Luther King Jr. is smiling knowing that possibly the whitest person on the face of the earth just struck a tiny blow for Civil Rights.

  26. Okay guys, it’s a dial with numbers on it. Reid dialed it up to about 6 or 7. To repubs, it’s a switch. Offensive/Not Offensive. How’s that?

  27. [re=492554]Whitey Did Katrina[/re]: Palin as Kerouac. This clearly makes too much sense. Palin does stream of consciousness but w/o the consciousness part.

  28. [re=492628]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Dr. King hated black people. He said “Negro” all the time. And don’t even get me started on the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

  29. Randy: Can I get you something?
    Second Jive Dude: ‘S’mofo butter layin’ me to da’ BONE! Jackin’ me up… tight me!
    Randy: I’m sorry, I don’t understand.
    First Jive Dude: Cutty say ‘e can’t HANG!
    Harry Reid: Oh stewardess! I speak jive.
    Randy: Oh, good.
    Harry Reid: He said that he’s in great pain and he wants to know if you can help him become President.
    Randy: All right. Would you tell him to just relax and I’ll be back as soon as I can with some medicine?
    Harry Reid: Jus’ hang loose, blood. She gonna catch ya up on da’ rebound on da’ Prez side.
    Second Jive Dude: What it is, big Speak-a? My mama don’ raise no dummies. I dug her rap!
    Harry Reid: Cut me some slack, Jack! Chump don’ want no votes, chump don’t GET da’ votes!
    First Jive Dude: Say ‘e can’t hang, say seven up! Yo, whup! Change, word! Hope!

  30. Bunyanesque? Paul Bunyan had Babe the Blue Ox, he was sexist AND racist at the same time.

    [re=492554]Whitey Did Katrina[/re]: Are you “Hurricaine” Schwartz incognito?

  31. [re=492589]plowman[/re]:

    Shorter Harry Reid: I think a really *black* black man who only talks ghetto would have little chance of being elected president.

    Shorter Trent Lott: Strom would have been a terrif president by keeping the black-black men away from us whites (and the voting booths, of course).

    Yeah. That’s pretty much the same thing.

  32. Harry Reid: Would you gentlemen care to order your dinners?
    First Jive Dude: Bet, bro. Slide a piece o’ da’ porter. Drinks, I run da’ java.
    Second Jive Dude: Lookie here. I can dig grease ‘n chompin’ on some buns and draggin’ through the garden. Wit’a Pelosi.

  33. Back during the campaign, my 87 year-old neighbor lady referred to Obama as colored. Not in a racist way, it’s just how she was brought up. Harry’s what, 15 years younger than that? By the time HE was being raised, colored had been replaced with negro. I’m still stuck on black, myself. Sorry, those that prefer African-American…

  34. [re=492628]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Wait, Michael Steele?

    Ohhhhh…you meant Harry Reid. It’s true, even Minnesotans look at Mormons and are like, “Jeez, whitey, do you always have to be so square?”

  35. The funny part is, some might read this thread and think we are so partisan that we would jump off a cliff to defend Harry Reid, whether he be right or wrong.

    That’s fucking hilarious.

  36. soooo…how long before the Cheney wing of the GOP (ie The People Who Really Run Things Around Here) disappear this left-leaning Will fella?

  37. [re=492663]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Perhaps they would understand if we pointed out that Reid ordinarily receives but niggardly praise here, if any.

  38. I hear it’s painful getting fucked in the ass when you’ve got a bad case of negroids, Jim. Takin’ a shit ain’t no bed of roses, either.

    No one else seemed to want to man up and get the obvious buttsecks remark in here. Why do I have to always be the one….

  39. [re=492578]chascates[/re]: Absolutely. Every time I see this biotch on my TV I wonder what the fuck are her qualifications to speak of anything – anything – unless the topic on hand happens to be a discussion of being the daughter of both a torture-advocating, inept, lying prick and a fugly sanctimonious cunt, while also being the sister of a self-loathing lez.

  40. Thanks for the Joyce reference, Wonker. Another English lit major lost in the world, are you not?

    How well I remember the days when JFK made his run at the White House. He was surely helped by the fact that he was not “black Irish” nor did he speak in Gaelic, Irish, or “brogue”.

    We used to talk about his great advantages amongst ourselves, NOT IN FRONT OF CARRION CROWS WITH BOOK CONTRACTS!

  41. [re=492555]proudgrampa[/re]: Perhaps licorice altoids?

    It must be difficult, and very foreign, for sweet Liz to hear such words of hate. Poor dear.

  42. [re=492662]assistant/atlas[/re]: I was actually thinking George Will than Harry Reid. If DC was High School, even Reid would be giving Will swirlies in the boy’s room toilet.

  43. Liz Cheney could walk down the street hand in hand with Michael Steele and manage to get both of their asses kicked in places like Detroit and Brooklyn. Black folks don’t need fuckwads of either color sticking up for them. Can’t she just croak?

  44. [re=492653]snideinplainsight[/re]: It’s so funny because I always liked Barbara Billingsly — I always said she was living my life. So it made me like her even more when she played that role in Airplane. You made me laugh hard as hell tonight. Thanks.

  45. [re=492600]JMP[/re]: [re=492614]Gopherit[/re]: [re=492606]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Lott said basically the same thing campaigning for Reagan’s 1st term but the context was a balanced budget and Carter’s lack of interest in one, when he said it in ’03 he was grasping at staws trying to stroke Ol’ Strom who was about 130 at the time, neither were said to take a segregationist last stand. Besides, just what do you say about any politician’s presidential bid a half a century before, it was a completely different world, show up and trash the old bastard at his own (last) party? Which brings us back to my point, if Lott’s remark was ignored in ’80 but cost him his job twenty years later then what was Reid thinking using language that will get spun like this the better part of a decade later!? Sure, Reid’s not racist but how can he be dumber than Trent Lott?

  46. [re=492727]plowman[/re]: Trent Lott and Harry Reid didn’t say anything remotely the same, and that’s the part you don’t seem to get. One wished publicly that a former segregationist had actually been President, claiming that if he had, “we wouldn’t have had all these problems all these years.” The other privately tried explaining in a one-on-one conversation how Obama’s race would NOT have been an insurmountable obstacle to his winning the presidency. The only thing Reid did wrong, was to use words that, in the present day, are considered offensive.

    That’s a huge difference.

  47. [re=492732]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Point well taken, but the facet of this non-story I think is funny is “the pot calling the kettle black”. How does a fear-mongering, profiteering spawn-excretia of the darkest underbelly of American politics even have the forum to call some old-fart Nevada Senator a racist. It’s like Stalin’s daughter calling JFK a communist.
    Subtlety is beyond these people. Nor can they see how foolish they are when they spew their inanities only in an effort to score points with their ever-shrinking base.

  48. [re=492749]Radiotherapy[/re]: That, and the fact that conservatives – yes CONSERVATIVES – are the ones who will jump to defend a fellow conservative, no matter what (well, unless it involves ghey buttsex, but that’s a whole other story), while progressives will call each other on their fuck-ups. It wouldn’t bother me in the least if Harry Reid announced his resignation. I have no great love for the guy. But you just can’t compare Reid to Lott.

    Another distinction is that Lott didn’t actually use any racially insensitive or offensive “words.” Yet, his was the remark that was problematic, because you have to look at the sentiments behind the words to uncover the racism. Conservtards don’t get it, or they do and pretend they don’t.

    White guy #1: Wouldn’t it be great if this white segregationist had been elected, while he was running as a segrationist?

    White guy #2: Wouldn’t it be great if this light-skinned negro were to become our first negro president, because I really think he could.

    Yeah, they’re pretty much the same thing!

  49. [re=492579]SmutBoffin[/re]: I accidentally took a class like that. I say “accidentally” because the class was titled “American Short Story Authors” or something like that; it turned out that they switched instructors at the last moment so it was taught by a Latino/Women’s studies instructor.

    My hopes of a course filled with ranting prose from drug addicts and psychopaths were soon dashed; in its place were dozens of virtually identical stories written by angry Latinas about how horrible men (particularly white men) are, and how they should all be shot. A conclusion which I, as a white man, was quite familiar with, and didn’t strongly disagree with.

    I soon entered into a comfortable rut where I turned in the same essay each week, with minor modifications, detailing how I sucked, and how this lovely story showed me new ways that I suck. I then recieved the same B minus grade, with the explanation that I, as a white male, could not possibly understand the Latina experience. Which was another conclusion that I didn’t agree with. I’m pretty sure that she didn’t understand the experience of a nerdy geek who was getting his ass kicked by organic chemistry, but I guess that’s beside the point.

    Maybe Harry Reid can write an essay about why he sucks. I think I might be able to dig up a few of those essays; I’d be happy to let him borrow them. And I won’t even make a fuss if he goes all Joe Biden and copies them word for word.

  50. Ok. I’ve been nonplussed since the census thread. When did “Negro” become an offensive term? I’m a negro and I need to know these things. Help me Whitey!!!!!!

  51. [re=492732]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Sorry I wasn’t clear, I meant that what Lott said in ’02 he had said in 1980 almost word for word and no one really cared, he thought comments like that were OK if the context was ‘balanced budget’ or ‘Strom has been around here forever, we’re sure gonna miss ‘im…’, like it’s some a la carte arrangement where you celebrate one facet of a political player without bringing other less popular ones along for the ride or use certain words to express an idea without evoking darker things as well. The world changes and twenty years burned Trent, what’s so strange is Harry Reid still thinking along the lines of ‘light skinned’ and ‘negro dialect’, even if said innocently enough in private conversation. Damn, this is getting too serious…

  52. [re=492762]plowman[/re]: And that was 1980, when Ronald Reagan gave a speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi praising ‘states rights’ and yet people still elected the dipshit to his disastrous Presidency. We’ve moved on and improved, and people are not OK with overt racism anymore.

  53. [re=492762]plowman[/re]: You were plenty clear. You are still quite wrong about Reid’s comment being anywhere near as offensive (or really offensive at all) compared to Lott’s though.

    Saying that a good chunk of the voters in the U.S. have issues with race is not a racist remark or even something that would not fall under the category of common sense. See teabaggers and Republican email “joke” forwards for plenty of examples showing that Reid was actually right for a change.

  54. Harry Reid is an idiot, and apparently hasn’t left 1910, but to hear Dyke Cheney wax poetic about how appaling “Librul” racists are, when her own father shunned her and her gay lifestyle (only publicly of course)is sickening. Once again, Lil Munchkin Stephonopolus can’t stand up to his guests

  55. Seems like only yesterday, we were headin’ into the 08 election and rightwingers started goin’ after Michelle because Barack wasn’t black enough for their racist shit to stick on ‘im.

    Remember that? Good times.

  56. [re=492765]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: No, no, I’m pretty sure he was just a congressman, no one ever cared what THEY said back then…

    [re=492771]JMP[/re]: That’s right, we’ve moved on and improved, and people are only OK with covert racism now. And, oh yeah, we’d have been so much better off with four more years of Jimmy and then maybe Fritz. Carter was forward thinking at least, cooling the housing bubble of late thirty years ago with 25% mortgages, bringing peace to the Middle East, showing those darn Ruskies just what we were made of…

  57. [re=492765]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Another weirdo aspect of this diversion/division story is that we end up having to side with a US Senator. Even if, as you say, it is a problem of semantics and not intent, there are few of these squirrels I think we would freely, strongly defend. I’ve always thought they are all buttsecksing each other anyhow. I recall when Ted Stevens finally was embarassed (or whatever) into retirement last year, Reid sucked Stevens’ sack like they were separated at birth.

  58. Harry Reid is a Mormon, and the terms he used are quite progressive for Mormons, who have never won awards for being the most racially sensitive Xtian sect on the planet.

  59. [re=492785]plowman[/re]:

    Goddam that’s what sucks about America. Each congressional district can elect the devil himself, and there’s really nothing the rest of us can do about it.

  60. [re=492785]plowman[/re]: Look, moron. You’re still trying to defend the basic premise of your comment that Harry Reid’s comment = Trent Lott’s comment.
    You apparently don’t get the difference, so please help yourself to a bag of lightly salted poison rat dicks and shut the fuck up.

    I don’t care if Trent Lott was the Wasilla dog catcher when he made his remark – his point is well-taken: “them thar negroes shoulda been put in thar place by Strom DickWad Thurmond way back in the forties.”

  61. Liz: “Is there anything that frustrates Americans more than liberals excusing racism by liberals?” Ah, no Liz. What most Americans are really frustrated with are Conservatives excusing racism by Conservatives. Oh yeah, and Republicans calling racism at every chance they get. Wasn’t it a Conservative who called Obama a racist?

    I think what offended African Americans about the word Negro is that southern politians and law enforcement had a way of pronouncing the word so that it sounded almost but not quite like the work “nigger”.

    [re=492785]plowman[/re]: Most of the people here have been very patient and unusually respectful of your posts but I have just gotten home after working 12 hours and have not had any liquor to sooth my mood so I say “suck my Jewish-native-American-White mixed race balls you useless troll.

  62. & all the way back in 1978, Barack could have served as a priest/ward-leader in Harry Reid’s LDS Church.

    As it is, I am sure, growing up in Hawai’i, Barry O had plenty of exposure to racially apoplectic Mormons, so no big thing.

  63. [re=492762]plowman[/re]: In Harry Reid’s defense, as far as a “Negro Dialect” — I’m not sure exactly what he means, and I’m sure it wasn’t the best way to say it…

    However, I’m 100% certain that America isn’t ready for Snoop Dogg as Presidente Fo Da Unizzle States of Fo Shizzle.

  64. [re=492762]plowman[/re]: …like it’s some a la carte arrangement where you celebrate one facet of a political player without bringing other less popular ones along for the ride or use certain words to express an idea without evoking darker things as well.

    The problem with that statement is that Lott wasn’t celebrating one facet that dragged a less popular aspect into the picture — he was celebrating the vilest aspect of Thurmond’s candidacy. It’s hard to say he accidentally opened an old wound when he was hacking at it with a machete.

    And so with this Reid thing I think the GOP hysteria machine has given itself the DTs and is now shrieking at its near-constant formications. And the American voters will, ideally, be the once-caring neighbor who is so fed up that he finally drowns the miserable creature in the bathtub.

  65. [re=492608]RoscoePColtraine[/re], [re=492821]Sparky McGruff[/re]:

    Obama is well-versed in the use of dental fricatives, realization of the final /ŋ/ in both function and content morphemes, and lacks metathesised forms in his speech patterns…and can almost pass the brown paper bag test.

    Doh! Missed it by that much…

  66. Come on, guys, leave Trent Lott alone. When he said, “we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years,” maybe he was referring to Thurmond’s position on the capital gains tax, farm subsidies, or the line item veto. Certainly not the main plank and foundation of Thurmond’s entire candidacy!

  67. [re=492835]schvitzatura[/re]: A buddy of mine got herpes after he got a dental fricative from a morpheme.

    [re=492854]BarackMyWorld[/re]: You have to admit — If Strom Thurmond had become president, the whole country would be a little more like rural South Carolina right now. We’d all have fewer teeth, and we’d spend a lot less time book-larning, and more time stringing up darkies by the crick.

  68. [re=492854]BarackMyWorld[/re]: That’s what Lott was referring to, not the segregationist aspect. Reid spoke of his candidate’s electibility, not the paternalistic racism-lite evoked by the language he used. Lott was too dumb to know what he was doing, Reid should’ve known better, Mormon or not. Trent lost his job, Reid deserves the shit-storm, that’s politics baby!

    [re=492861]Sparky McGruff[/re]: Well, if the nation had survived 4 years of Strom at least the concept of a real third party might still be viable and our screeching & obstructionist legislative process would be replaced with shifting coalitions that might actually be able to pass single payer, regulate derivatives, chart a course toward renewable energy, etc.

    [re=492865]southern mark smith[/re]: I know, I know. But salted rat dicks actually aren’t too bad with a few Bass Ales, tastes like chicken…

  69. [re=493000]plowman[/re]: Who ARE you anyway? One minute you’re one of those dumbass “I know you are but what am I?” wingnut apologists, and now you’re Mr. Subtle Insightful Historical Analysis?
    Get a persona and stick with it, geez.

  70. [re=493000]plowman[/re]: I’d be more sympathetic towards your contrarianism if it weren’t painfully obvious that you’re one of the students who opines loudly and at great length about how unfair it is that white people can’t use the N-word when black people say it all the time, or about how you didn’t get in to your first choice of college because of affirmative action whenever I teach race and culture. So, slow the “paternalism” roll unless you’re ready to put your ideology where your mouth is.

  71. [re=493046]HuddledMass[/re]: The first post was inflammatory, things got more real later with some actual thought. Sorry, I guess I should stick to mindlessly stirring things up…

    [re=493052]doxastic[/re]: And your take on my opinions would be wrong though I do appreciate the concern. Reid walked right into this using what many would consider, regardless of context, condescending, paternalistic language from another era, that he couldn’t anticipate something as obvious as that reminds me of Trent Lott’s infamous remarks… And here we go again!

  72. Your continued assertions that condescending, paternalistic language is nearly as offensive (or dangerous) as a public official speechifying in support of racial segregation completely encapsulates the reason the GOP is managing ALL FAIL in this pretty straightforward opportunity at racism faux-rage.

    Keep trying though troll.

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