Shall We Have A Thread About Harry Reid’s Negroids?


Liz Cheney thinks Harry Reid is a despicable racist, for using hilarious old-timey weird words to describe why black candidate Barack Obama could still win in a country of racists. George Will declares POPPYCOCK and relates one ninth-century English feudal anecdote or another, maybe.

We have reason to believe this “Negro dialect” anecdote is wrong, anyway. Here’s the dialectical plan Harry Reid actually advised Barack Obama to follow during his campaign, as transcribed by James Joyce in a description of his Ulysses episode “Oxen of the Sun.”

Technique: a nine-parted episode without divisions introduced by a Sallustian-Tacitean prelude … then by way of earliest English alliterative and monosyllabic and Anglo-Saxon … then by way of Mandeville … then Malory’s Morte d’Arthur … then the Elizabethan chronicle style … then a passage solemn, as of Milton, Taylor, Hooker, followed by a choppy Latin-gossipy bit, style of Burton-Browne, then a passage Bunyanesque .. after a diarystyle bit Pepys-Evelyn … and so on through Defoe-Swift and Steele-Addison-Sterne and Landor-Pater-Newman until it ends in a frightful jumble of Pidgin English, nigger English, Cockney, Irish, Bowery slang and broken doggerel.

So is James Joyce a racist now, too?

How foolish we were to vote for this man.


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