Never again will one simple man do so very much to the world. George W. Bush (and Dick Cheney), 2001-2009. [YouTube]

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  1. Eye bleach. EYE BLEACH!!

    If this f***tard, GW Shrub, “lived in me,” I would invent a time machine, so I could transport back to about 520 AD and have an Aztec priest rip my still-beating heart from my chest just so I could smile and thank him before passing into sweet blissful oblivion.

  2. Yeah, “simple” is one word for him. Stupid also works. Deluded, for sure. Manipulated, maybe? How about this? Half wit scion of a morally deficient family who: 1. drove the American economy to collapse on the advice of corrupt contributors, 2. diverted the efforts to purse the man/group who attacked America in order to invade another country, either to pursue a stupid Neo-Con wet dream or to secure oil fields for contributors or both, 3. and undermined American civil rights and health/environmental/labor protections to suit insane Neo-Cons and contributors. Yep, that last one is closer to the truth. Still not complete, but closer.

  3. We *really* need to get rid of the electoral college system. If not for that, we would have had eight years of Al Gore, no global warming, and the utopia that is socialism.

  4. [re=487471]bureaucrap[/re]: Or, a rectified electoral college, without all it’s state by state vagaries, and most of all, a Senate that votes to a majority….who’s idea was this ’60 vote’ idiocy, anyway?

  5. oooooooooh! That was so dramatic! It really gave me chills! Reminds me of my cousin who was a theater major in college and well, she never got to Broadway, but she’s in this fantastic community theater production of Godspell in Naperville–be sure to check it out!!!!!

  6. What special breed of retard looks at Bush with anything but disgust, anger and embarrassment these days?

    “We watches over everything we see…” —-> cause THAT’S not at all creepy, though sadly plausible. Thank you, Cheney, and your stupid war on privacy (or “terror” as you call it).

  7. Without sound, that video kind of gives the impression that Dubya was the “Mourner in Chief” for America. Just imagine how much better this production would be if it had a ton of flag-draped coffins!

  8. That video totally skull fucked me. These whacks, making fetish jesus videos about that disaster of a president, have the gall to turn around and snidely refer to Barry as “the messiah” and “the one”. The hypocricy and the arrogance astound. Project much, retards?

  9. I’d like to say “NEVAR FORGIT” – but I have complete faith that Americans will eventually ignore the disaster that was Bush’s presidency and elect another just like him into office. It’s just a matter of time.

  10. I’m old enough to remember when I took it as an article of faith in the American electorate that they would never elect a man as undeserving as George W. Bush to the Presidency. Just think about that when you consider whether or not we could sink so low as to elect Sarah Palin to anything greater than moose collector.

    And, then just try and have a Happy New Year’s Eve.

  11. [re=487461]memzilla[/re]: Too late. Not only does he live in you, he metastasized in you. And me. And in the US of A. But only in the people like this video’s producer did the metastasis spread to the brain.

  12. On the other hand, my son became old enough around the time Bush was elected to walk and hold my hand, and at the end of the decade he has now almost completely outgrown that delightful habit. So in spite of several total disasters, this was a good decade for me.

  13. why would you pimp out that wretched youtube? you know the video maker is creaming his panties over the number of views.

    if i can’t trust wonkette to post click-worthy youtubes, i want a my money back.

  14. This retard’s other videos are

    1. Hete Islam

    2. Islam is the Satanic and Antichrist religion part 2

    3. Dining Deals: Home Restaurant In Greenwich Village

    Q. What can we conclude from this?

    A. He’s an illiterate, hating foodie… OMG, it’s Glen Beck!!!!

  15. I cannot watch this. Every time I see that greasy fuckstick’s smug, self-satisfied kisser, I want to attack the computer screen.

    I plan to drink (copiously) tonight to the death of this evil, detestable decade. Good flippin’ riddance. I’ll still be stupid enough to hope the next one will be better, though. I’ll never learn.

  16. I pride myself on having a very good bullshit detector, but it took me awhile to realize that wasn’t satire.

    This is a good time to say a very hearty Thank You! to the unbeatable and hugely talented staff at My Wonkette, and especially my fellow Wonketteers for keeping me sane this year. Honestly, the refuge of My Wonkette has saved me from bashing my head into many walls.

    I motherfucking love you guys.

  17. [re=487521]Katydid[/re]: Drinking already? I couldn’t agree more. Without the outlet of snark and humor that is our Wonkette, I’d never have made it, much less through the elections, but this anus horribilus.
    Wonkett thinks everything is funny!

  18. [re=487467]Terry[/re]: “2. diverted the efforts to purse the man/group who attacked America in order to invade another country, either to pursue a stupid Neo-Con wet dream or to secure oil fields for contributors or both prove he had a bigger dick than his daddy.


  19. [re=487516]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: It’s the ghastly little pig eyes on that smug lump of shit. All the quaaludes in Studio 54 can’t wash that horror away.

  20. At the moment, I am wondering why Freddie Mercury is dead, and George W. Bush is alive. Is this wrong? Do I have my decades all screwed up? It just really seems like the Bush Presidency should have happened in the 1970’s, not in the new millennium, as I am lighting this doobie.

  21. [re=487541]Sharkey[/re]: I felt the same way, but my points were Paul Wellstone (dead) and Dick Cheney (undead). Well, at least Al Franken partially makes up for it. Go Minnesota!

  22. [re=487521]Katydid[/re]: thirded. And I hope that the new year brings more videos produced by our Wonkette… I’ve only seen a one or two, but I remember really liking them.

    Cheers you glorious bastards you.

  23. yer fuckin kiddin me. yeah, i watched that whole piece of shit. the boss is on vacation and the only people working in my little town today are the cops, the firefighters, the medical personnel, and me (oh, cry me a fuckin river), so i gets to snizzle around and fun myself.

    so, smirky monkey watches over me, huh? with his head up his ass? does that make me a piece of shit? maybe, maybe.

    those people — that bozo and the busload of bozos he traveled with, and all their troglodyte acolytes drinking the kool-aid — my god, my god, what a nightmare of incompetence and ignorance they have wrought from the once-shining american dream.

    the fat lady is singing, screeching like a banshee in the wings, waiting to come on and hit her mark downstage center where she will sing to us a thanatonic lullaby in a language we won’t understand — i mean, hell, we don’t even understand our own language anymore — and it’s over over over.

    time to pop open the whisky bottle. happy fuckin new year, everybody. and i mean that.

  24. As I could only watch for first :15 of the video, I must presume there is some witty and ironic ending full of snark and bitterness. For that I gave it a five star rating!

  25. “Never again will one simple man do so very much to the world”

    Hmmm…Wonkette…I’m not sure whether you’re being delusional here, way too optimistic, or cleverly said “man” as a way to get yourself off the hook when Sarah Palin inevitably becomes President.

  26. Thanks to all you brave souls who actually watched the video. I just read the comments and contented myself with that. Not being Jonah Goldberg, I have nothing further to add.

  27. Huh — no Iraq, no Katrina, no financial disaster, no spying, no drones, no warrantless wiretaps, no Mission Accomplished, no flightsuit, no charred corpses of contractors hanging from a bridge in Fallujah, no Marines attacking Fallujah, no Marines peremptorily told to stop attacking Fallujah, no Marines sent in to attack Fallujah a year later and wondering why the fuck they were stopped the first time, no John McCain wandering around a market in Baghdad surrounded by a company of troops and three helicopters and declaring the place safe again, no Afghan taxi driver suspended from the ceiling of a hangar in Bagram for three days while CIA agents randomly come in and beat his knees with a baseball bat, no Tom Delay getting indicted, no permanent Republican majority, no presidential signing statements that scratch out any bit of the law that Dubya finds too hard to follow, no Dick Cheney telling a senator to go fuck himself in Congress, no Jack Abramoff sending his minions to work for every branch of the Federal government, no abstinence-only education, no troops in Afghanistan being completely neglected while Dubya lectures our NATO allies about how it’s their responsibility to finish the job we didn’t think was important enough, no dismantling the agreement we had with North Korea and instead letting them develop a nuclear weapon while we saber-rattle pointlessly at them?

    Just a montage of flags, hugs, a few cheering crowds, more flags, 9/11 and an eagle? Yeah, right — best four minutes and twelve seconds of the whole Dubya abomination. Good riddance you faith-based, cowardly, subhuman, myopic fuck.

  28. I’m really glad the Christian right has embraced the Yanni/LA-Taos meme (or “vibe”)…. Suckers — you wanted to take over Public Broadcasting but it’s taken over you!! You have become everything that sucked about the left in the late ’80s, in even smaller numbers…

  29. [re=487558]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Ugh, thanks for bringing that all back. I was almost at that happy place where I could pretend none of that happened and that it was all some long nightmare I had after eating too much pizza but that brought it all back. I think I’ll go break out the booze early.

  30. [re=487600]chascates[/re]: Should that ever happen, I’d reluctantly turn in all my guns at the border and embrace my inner Canadian in the Okanogan Valley…

  31. [re=487574]Ducksworthy[/re]: The wingnuts are screaming because Barry didn’t roar back from Hawaii to DC on AF1 on Christmas Day after some Nigerian fucktard burned his nuts off because his underwear didn’t asplode.

    Meanwhile, on 9/11, Bush Junior “read” My Pet Goat and then flew around the country, everywhere like such as, hiding in Sekrit Underground Bunkers. Oh, that, and the US American military kind of being on stand-down. After watching V for Vendetta last week (yes, I’m years behind the times), it almost makes me think 9/11 was an inside job. Our country wouldn’t do that to us, would they?

  32. One thing I will give W. credit for–he has disappeared nicely. Unlike dementor Cheney, W. has retired from public view like an embarrassment should.

  33. Bush lives in me? Now I am really scared. Do they mean in a Scientology Thetan sort of way, or is this the cause of my irritable bowel syndrome, that Bush is a tapeworm? At any rate, hello insomnia.

  34. [re=487642]President Beeblebrox[/re]: No, of course not, but it was weird how Muhammed Atta’s unharmed wallet was so quickly found lying on a pile of smoking debris, wasn’t it?

  35. Yes Virginia, George W. Bush lives in all of us. Whenever a dull witted legacy shows up at a frat kegger, shows up at the firm and is promoted to a position they are unqualified for intellectually or morally, his spirit will be there. Wherever there is incompetence and prideful ignorance his spirit will be there, guiding us all away from the light and the safe exit.

  36. Good-bye, Bush decade…..Hello, Palin(!?!) decade.

    C’mon, this is America, where retards still vote other retards into office. It’s truly a great country. Did you know that god created Adam and Eve and placed them into the Garden of Eden, and that’s how we got here, and that this should be taught as an alternative theory in high school science classes?

    And you thought we had hope.

  37. You know, the saddest thing about Bush’s Texas Air National Guard service is that he quit flying right around the time when he had just enough hours (around 350) to get himself killed.

    You know, the way John F. Kennedy, Jr. did? Another classic example of the “300-Plus Hours Overconfidence Factor” at work.

    And in a Perfect World, Bush would have beaten Kennedy’s “kill ratio” by renting an aircraft large enough to hold the entire Bush clan, rather than just the wife and sister-in-law.

    (Say what you will about John-John’s looks, personality, etc. — He really could have eliminated more of the Kennedy Blight if he’d been flying a slightly larger aircraft, instead of that Doctor Killer Beechcraft.)

  38. [re=487558]SayItWithWookies[/re]: No bullet embedded in my son’s brain and the guy leading his patrol would be home with his kids instead of in a box under ground someplace. If I ever meet that sonofabitch, his nose will instantaneously transform into bloody jam because a broken nose is the gift that keeps on giving. The heavy drinking shall commence at about 7 p.m. Pacific for those keeping score. I think only the 60’s were worse in this nation’s history…

  39. [re=487581]Ken Layne[/re]: No regrets, Ken. I’m already drunk (again) and it is Frickin Hiralious (w/o the sound & w/”Taking Tiger Mountain” at deafening levels…. Thanks fer the many, many larfs this past few years y’all… Adios, dubya.

  40. [re=487635]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Speaking of the Doktor, it’s no wonder he blew his head off in 2005. Sometime around 2003, Hunter wrote that Junior made Nixon look humane & liberal by comparison – mind, Hunter once said that Nixon had “no inner convictions, with the integrity of a hyena and the style of a poison toad”, so Junior was basically the Antichrist to him.

    Shit, at least Hunter got to go up in a fireworks rocket and explode all pretty-like over Woody Creek. The rest of us have to suffer through the waning years of the American Empire … jacking off to extreme porn on RedTube while wearing our Snuggies, with KFC DoubleDown Chicken Sandwiches piled high in our Freedom Trays, watching the clock to make sure we catch President Palin’s State of the Union Address on time.

    Fuck. I need another drink.

  41. [re=487689]Neilist[/re]: Hey, I thought the V-tailed Beech Bonanza was the true Doctor Killer. Then again, any airplane which is cheap enough to be purchased by overconfident rich folks counts as a Doctor Killer, amirite?

  42. [re=487700]steverino247[/re]: /Snark Off

    Good luck to you son, and sorry for your loss. That “Find The Cost of Freedom/Buried In The Ground” stuff is a bastard.

    Hope you and yours have a better Next 10.

    /Snark On

    Personally, I think it’s a bad idea to punch people in the nose. You have to get too close; it tends not to disable a professional; and you may break your hand on the top of his head.

    That’s why God Invented Guns . . . .

    [re=487709]President Beeblebrox[/re]: I always liked the Vee Tail. At speed, anyway. High angle of attack at low speed, however, could get . . . “sporty.” Particularly with a lot of flap, which tended to mask the tail control surfaces.

    But who needs pitch and yaw control when you’re Down & Dirty? Just aim for the Airport Manager’s Buick, and Hope To Go Down In History!


    (I’ll be right there, John John. We’ll be practicing “VFR Into The Drink” shortly. Tell the wife and the sister-in-law to practice holding their breaths.)

  43. [re=487716]Neilist[/re]: I’ve got the reach and besides, I look like a Mormon so I can get in close so long as nobody looks at my underwear (so airports are right out thanks to Mr. Ball-less Nigerian).

    Thanks for the nice comments. While it’s a bitch that he’s disabled, he’s still “him” even with the 7.62mm modifications he picked up in Mosul.

    And speaking of 10, he got to meet Bo Derek at a recent VA sports event while I (a man who can appreciate such a woman) was stuck at work.

  44. Finally, the end of the East Coast Establishment Prick Kleptocracy is over. I welcome the decade of the Midwest ‘Connected’ Goombah Kleptocracy.

    When’s Obama going to get on that? He needs to fire Geithner and get Jimmy “Bailout” DiPonzi in there…

  45. Er, why does this post state that we say goodbye “fondly” to Bush? More like, bitch-slap him silly. And then bust his nose. I finally had it out with a Reputard brother-in-law about how this criminal, piece-of-crap war criminal wrecked this country, and even he could only say, “Well, his father wasn’t so bad.” [re=487717]steverino247[/re]: I would punch him out in the nose for you in a heartbeat. I hope this year is much better for you and your son.

  46. [re=487716]Neilist[/re]: Guns are fine if you can get one when you need it. In much of the world that can be hard to accomplish. Do you just avoid such places? (I’m taking you seriously for a moment)
    Knives and sticks you can get anywhere.

  47. [re=487700]steverino247[/re]: Damn, I’m sorry about your son. And about all the sons and daughters who came home missing pieces, with pieces added, dead or just fucked up for too long. There are too many people who deserve a good broken nose for all the shit they did to huge numbers of people for no reason — I certainly hope they get their due.

  48. I’m sorry, I was in a self prescribed medically induced coma for the last decade. So, Doogie Howser got himself made president? That’s funny.

  49. Now we can see how much damage can be done by the priviledged 1%. GAG! One meglomaniacal sociopath 1%er along with side-kick Cheney the self-deluded, another meglomaniacal sociopath WANTING to be the 1% and even now standing in the wings, hoping for a chance to screw things up even more for Empire for BLOODYISRAEL.

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