This was taken in the early 70s, but by the late 80s Karl Rove was a straight man who got married to a woman!Beloved Bush Administration political hack Karl Rove just got divorced from his lady wife! Who even knew, right? Anyway, the Roves were officially divorced in Texas (!) last week, and it’s suddenly all over the Internets, and Dana Perino is “family spokeswoman,” and Karl is celebrating by continuing to post banal GOP talking points and self-promotional announcements about his upcoming book on the Twitter. Everything about America is 100% awesome. Make your “now he can gay-marry Jeff Gannon in DC” jokes in the comments and the Circle of Life will be complete. [TPM/Politico]

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  1. Well, the Third Reich’s version of Porky Pig is available again. My girlfriend is wondering who has the smaller pecker – Glenn Beck or Karl Rove. I told her there must be a way for the journalist teams at Wonkette to go and find out. But sadly, the media doesn’t care about the important stuff anymore.

  2. Imagine being under that quivering mass of whale-blubber-self-hate. Beard or not, I’d sure as hell get out while gettin’ was good, as well, also too. Run, KKKArl’s lady wife, RUN!

  3. Respect his privacy – you mean like he respected ours when he wiretapped every damn device in the world? Does that ad with Michelle Malkin look like she needs a mushroom stamp or is is just me?

  4. I just went back and read the Raw Story record of Jeff Gannon’s visits to the White House. I had forgotten how many hundreds of visits he made. So, when will the beans be officially spilled — or have they already?

  5. As a member of your Wonkette’s “Gay Brigade,” let me assure you, Jeff Gannon/Guckert/Whatever is only good for a one-time fuck. IF THAT. He’s not marriage material at all. I mean, all that self-loathing and retardation would get old after the first day.

  6. Well as I noted *gloaty gloaty* in the last post, the real significance is he realizes that in order to be eligible to joing the ‘scions of the elites’ in Republican circles, he had to get crackin’ on the divorce tally. He might be scion-eligible with one more, but if he’s looking for BCS caliber scionism, he’ll need to wrack up more than three.

  7. I’ve read that Rove got his divorce under the Texas “no-fault” divorce law, which is regarded as one of the most liberal divorce laws in the country. As a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do Republican, that was very “traditional” of him.

    Newt must be so proud.

  8. [re=486228]ChernobylSoup v2[/re]: As in, don’t spread rumors about him fathering an illegitimate black baby and other such things — that would be uncivil.

  9. [re=486228]ChernobylSoup v2[/re]: Yes, we should respect the privacy of his (now former) marriage, and not, say, publicly reveal that his ex-wife is actually a covert CIA agent.

  10. As always, the Childrens Treasury of Freeper Responses are priceless:

    “Some conservatives are work-aholics that detract from a having a typical family life that some partners desire.”

    “Thank you Roves for quietly handling your personal matters with dignity.”

    “I hate to hear about Divorces.
    I thought Rove seemed sad this AM on Fox.
    At least they are still friends.”

    “How long before the leftists will declare him to be a hypocrite because his marriage failed?”

    –The last one has this bit of rapier wit in his tagline: (At least Hitler got the Olympics for Germany)

  11. What are the odds the dude’s wife left him because he’s been doin’ the Tiger Woods with every racist, Jeebus loving, reality hating groupie he could stick his Little Willie into?

  12. [re=486252]user-of-owls[/re]: Ah, I love how understanding they are about the painful reality of divorce. Oh wait, here are the comments for a post about Tim Robbins and Susan Serandon splitting up:

    “How sad. They deserved each other.”

    “He’s finally old enough to move out of his mother’s house.” (I actually think this one is funny)

    “I guess all those nasty bugs they’ve been exchanging,back and forth,for all those years have finally triumphed.Huge,long term doses of powerful antibiotics and antivirals are now surely in order for both.”

    “Awful news, just awful. They split during the summer and we are just finding out at Christmas?
    We could have been taking shots at these two poster pin ups for the Liberal Religion for the last 6 months.”

    Just remember: conservative divorces are tragic things, liberal ones are an opportunity for hilarity. Gotta love those family values.

  13. If I were one of the C Street roomers I would take down the Room for Rent sign immediately. That guy watchin’ through the peephole would kill even a Viagra induced woody.

  14. [re=486268]Cicada[/re]: Aaand I just realized Robbins and Serandon weren’t married, just together for 23 yrs with kids. Although I doubt the freepers would have been more respectful if they had been.

  15. [re=486230]hagajim[/re]: I thought it was an ad selling wigs for goldfish and wondered why, since the fancy carp depicted is not a bit prettier with hair.

  16. Premature ejaculators are usually a disappointment for their partners, what with all the “over before it even starts” shit. But in Rove’s case, it’s actually a blessing. Just let him sit next to you on the sofa, clothes on, and BAM! he’s done. Painless for you, gratifying for him.

  17. The only reason that I find the idea of Turdblossom getting it on with Dana Perino is that she’s on my hatesex list. (Don’t look at me like that; if you’re on Wonkette, not only do you have a hatesex list of your own, but when I tell you that yours, like mine, is probably the size of a phonebook, your only real question/objection is, “Well, how big of a city are we talking about, phonebook-wise?”)

  18. He must have figured that Rick Perry isn’t going to stay available forever. Perry does owe him one, too, for coming up with the hush money for the Governor’s ex-missus.

  19. Perino: “Karl Rove and his wife, Darby, were granted a divorce last week.
    The couple came to the decision mutually and amicably, and they maintain a close relationship and a strong friendship. There will be no further comment and the family requests that its privacy be respected.”

    Whoa, I can see now why she makes the big bucks as a public rep/spokesperson. She is a veritable Yeats of our time. Such eloquence. Well that and we all like to imagine Mr. Biggz pounding away from behind her.

  20. If Dana Perino says the divorce is amicable, it probably means they’re gearing up for World War III. In which case, I would be happy to lend them both ammunition. I hope the “they plan to spend time together in the future” thing means, kickboxing.

  21. [re=486238]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: personally i would like to see the gannon and joe the plumber sex tape…i’m not sure if that’s fap material or self hate?

  22. [re=486262]The Church of Realism[/re]: Is it too soon to send him a “He loves the Cock” tee-shirt?

    It’s never, ever too early for that. Perhaps a matching ball-gag would give it that special touch. I always pictured K-K-Karl as the “gimp” from Pulp Fiction.

  23. Someone should ask Dan Rather why he didn’t have the foresight to kill Rove right then and there, saving the world from W and 8 years of Turd Blossom horror. Rather probably could have found a Texas jury that would have bought a pre-emptive self-defense claim.

  24. … and BTW, what is it with College Republicans and dirty tricks? Haldeman and Erlichman both started as college Republican election stealers and dirty tricksters — they called it “rat fucking,” which, come it think of it, may explain Rove’s paternity.

  25. Hmmmmmm. This happens, and those rumors about a Todd/Sarah split persist. Just sayin’.

    [re=486248]Scarab[/re]: Yes! Somebody really needs to get cracking on the whole time travel/alternative universe thing. So many pre-emptive abortions, so little time.

  26. [re=486278]Halloween Jack[/re]: I am an oldz- I do not know what hatesex is- seriously.

    [re=486307]Gorillionaire[/re]: Darby? Darby O’Gill? Isn’t he a leprechaun?

  27. [re=486350]chaste everywhere[/re]: Oh no. We should plead with him to be spayed. Or is it neutered. Whatever, I’m losing respect for the women who marry these things.

  28. [re=486378]Oldskool[/re]: Hey, let’s talk about Brooke Mueller. What does she think she’s got that Denise Richards, Kelly Preston, Ginger Lynn, and scads of crack hoes lacked?

    [re=486379]Mr Blifil[/re]: Furthermore, so did I. (Then I got better.) Let’s make one up! How about “Is that Dan Rather inside those ’70s pornstar sideburns?”

  29. WSJ reported last week that the housing crisis had caused divorce rates to dry up. There must have been something particularly “tragic” or “amicable” for these two to buck the odds and split their liabilities.

  30. You have to give Karl credit for giving Darby the best ever Christmas gift, not that I am surprised the divorce is final before the book profits start rolling in. To keep the name TurdBlossum you have to keep earning it.

  31. “Darby?” There are only two Darby’s in the world. Darby O’Gill – as pointed out above. He wasn’t a leprechaun; he just liked to hang out with them. And Darby McGraw in Treasure Island. That’s it.

    Good thing Rove didn’t have to do a Newt and change religions just to get married. But, there’s still time…

  32. [re=486403]depraved indifference engine[/re]: He’s just trying to help the economy! After 9/11, he programmed Bush to say that we can win the War On Terror by shopping. Now he’s setting a good example by boosting the divorce rate. Karl Rove is a Great American Hero!

  33. Oh, El Pinche! I love you! That Blingee is…beyond words hilarious!!!! You have made my day and given me the best laugh of this endless Xmas season.

  34. [re=486364]finallyhappy[/re]: Hate sex, as I understand it, is something men fantasize about with women they find physically attractive, but morally repugnant. It has violent overtones of course, but on Wonkette, they don’t really mean that part (I think).

    I’ve never seen a woman write about hate sex, and the only hate sex I know about is when I’ve fucked my ex-husband and hated myself afterwards for it.

  35. [re=486443]Tundra Grifter[/re]: Also Darby Hinton (AKA Israel Boone), semi-adequate child actor of 60’s vintage; grade Z adult actor whose career had the lifespan of a gnat.

  36. [re=486393]chaste everywhere[/re]: Mine was going to be: “What’s the frequency Kenneth?” because of, you know, Dan Rather. But I died before I could suggest it.

  37. [re=486453]Katydid[/re]: There may be some truth in what you say about the subject of male fantasy. But I always understood “hate sex” to mean a phenomenon involving two people who act toward each other with animosity. They succumb mutually in a moment of weakness and acknowledge that their antipathy for each other was a cover for sublimated feelings of (usually forbidden) attraction.

    Hate sex does not require either party to be physiologically attractive, but in those cases where one party or the other happens to be physically beautiful, the hate sex is experienced as that much more hot. So what you describe as “hate sex fantasies” I would describe as “hate-sex-with-someone-hot fantasies.

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