No idea if this is a hoax or not, but a self-identified Republican, “Abraham” — like the famous Jew! — called into CSPAN to ask Republican Sen. John Barrasso why Robert Byrd hadn’t died after Tom Coburn had instructed everyone to pray for it, and they had acquiesced? Maybe Tom Coburn doesn’t know God so well. Weren’t we just talking about expanding medical coverage?[YouTube]

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  1. Senator Inhofe stood strong against the global warming conspiracy, the Obama birth certificate conspiracy, and the health care communist conspiracy, but apparently has succumbed to a “small tea bag group” from Waycross, Georgia, which has prayed the wrong Senator to death.

  2. I’m going to call bullshit on that call — it’s probably a Gawker reader. Of course if I’m wrong, I would hope every Democratic senator would stay out public view until this things goes through — the tea baggers are hopping mad and they think God is on their side.

  3. What the small teabaggers didn’t realize is that it was Opposite Day in LaLa Land. Dummies shoulda used that reverse sociology and prayed to ah jesus to ah heal Senator Byrd…

  4. Prank or no prank, classy of the Wyoming Senator not to take the opportunity to denounce praying for someone’s death. Can’t wait til the world ends because 40 Republican Senators exist.

  5. The CSPAN reporter should not have let him off the hook; she should have said, “Okay, Senator, our caller is asking if you prayed sufficiently for Senator Byrd’s death. This is a “yes” or “no” question. So, yes or no, in your own opinion, did you pray sufficiently hard? And if “Yes,” why the *&^% is he still alive? Are you saying that you don’t have an “in” with the almighty?”

  6. You know, I don’t think you all are being quite fair. The senator never SAID explicitly that people should pray for anyone’s death. The Lord works in mysterious ways. It’s quite possible that Senator Byrd could come down with a painful inguinal hernia, say, and miss the vote. Or by the will of God Senator Byrd might experience a miraculous pulmonary arteriovenous fistula and become incapacitated. Or a dental abscess. Or perhaps the Lord might impede Senator Byrd’s progress through the city by means of an automobile accident or his being pinned down by a sniper.

  7. Diverticulitis, say, could in fact be an act of the Lord. Or say encephalitis. Reye’s Syndrome, or febrile purpura. How about Necrotizing fasciitis – that would keep a man home, for instance. Herpes zoster, if it were severe – yes, it would have to be pretty severe. Oh Lord in your mercy please consider the options of myocarditis, N-phase hepatitis B, or perhaps impetigo, erysipelas, or glomerulonephritis.

  8. God’s main focus right now seems to be 4 days of freezing rain, flash floods and a shortage of salt for the roads in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.
    A muslin god wouldn’t allow this during xmas.

  9. Assuming the caller really means what he says, this gives us a little window into the ‘bagger psyche. The dude is wondering, out loud on nations TV “I’ve spent all these years prayin’ for stuff, wavin’ the flag, votin’ for cowboys, hatin’ the queers and San Francisco liberals, carryin’ a big NOBAMA sign at ‘bagger events…why does my life still suck?

  10. [re=484496]snideinplainsight[/re]: Can all these thayings be sedd en summ slidery southren akscaent, ah shore would be in fayver uv a wav. fale….

  11. [re=484508]Dumptruck[/re]: Actually, you can pray yourself drunk. Some people have a genetic predisposition to literally get fucked up out of their heads when they go all Evangelical. When they’ve got their arms up like they do, they’re getting in position to get the last bit of stony shit being released from various glands affecting the brain and nervous system and getting completely looped. That’s why they tend to jitter around like epileptics or start crying and shit.

    They’re fucking drug addicts. All of ’em. It’s all about sensation.

    You know, of course, that Evangelical women tend to have the most orgasms when being fucked? It’s true. And when they don’t have religion to hold it all together, they can often be found pulling trains at the local bar and then going on the Jerry Springer Show to come clean to their loved ones.

    And the problem is, they think everyone else is like them – cats in heat, on Acid.

  12. I too think this is fake. I don’t think a teabagging idiot would actual call his group a “tea bag” instead of a “tea party” group. I think the fake crying was to cover for laughter. It is well done, but still fake.

  13. i prayed real hard…sniff sniff…that senator brasso from trucknutz ga would not answer the question about praying real hard…but would instead give the usual hack politician’s mail it in stock answer to any question at any time…sniff sniff.

  14. Silly Teabagger, don’t you know that President Obama has outlawed all prayer not directed toward Mecca?

    And where in journalism school do they teach you when and how to totally avoid a question on a call in show because the caller is clearly demented? Bravo, I say.

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