In the previous post about Washington’s impending War on Snow and its effect on this weekend’s Senate schedule, your Wonkette typed the following stupid bullshit as a hypothetical view of the future: “Ben Nelson complains that getting to work this weekend would be too much of a pain in the ass, so Harry Reid cancels the health care vote. Tons of people die. We invade Iran.” Little did we know that “lightning rod conservative” Bill Kristol had already proposed this!

This is one of those vintage Kristol excerpts where you can perfectly visualize the shit-eating grin on his face as he types them:

There’s a really big snowstorm coming to D.C.tonight. It would be unsafe to ask all the staffers and Hill employees who’d be needed at the Capitol if Congress stays open all hours this weekend, as Harry Reid intends, to drive to and from work—especially since many will have to do so at night, and they won’t be well-rested. So from the point of view of public safety and personal well-being, Ben Nelson can do everyone a favor, announce today he won’t vote for cloture, and let everyone stay home this weekend.

He doesn’t propose invading Iran as we did in our hypothetical, but, you know… it’s Bill Kristol. Infer.

Bill Kristol, Meteorologist [Gawker]

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  1. I’m amazed Bill Kristol shut up about invading Iran long enough to make the snow comment-thingy.

    I was going to say “They’ve got Metro, so they don’t have to drive,” but then I remembered that Metro blows kangaroo cock and only socialists use public transportation, so all the Republicans would be stranded.

    Wait, why is that a problem?

  2. You know we have state governments in a lot colder and snowier places than DC and they run fine during during the winter when, it like, snows every other day. So stop whining and go to work, wimps.

  3. [re=481726]Ducksworthy[/re]: But will there be fire, as in Inglourious Basterds?

    & just don’t let Ben Nelson or Joe Liebermann (irony!) play the Hans Landa role.

  4. that’s the problem with republicans — everything that we think is funny, they take seriously. Like when we facetiously say, “What are we supposed to do about unemployment? Ship them all to Mexico?”, Bill Kristol says, “I’ve got the president of Greyhound on Speed-dial.”

  5. Oh no there might be a little bit of snow, we can’t handle it! Does Kristol the Senate is just made up of a bunch of spineless wimps; oh wait a second, it is.

  6. Oh geez, I’m sure Massachusetts can spare DC a few freakin plows so Senate crybabies can do actual work. And by work I don’t mean sucking cock and taking money. (Not to imply those two things go together). I lied, I meant to imply that.

  7. [re=481730]Manos: Hands of Fate[/re]: Hell yeah. After living in Chicago for a few years before moving back to Philly, I get sick of how wimpy some people here get about snow (and how poorly the cities plow). But Washington gets even less snow and the city/people are even worse at handling it.

    Wimps; try a winter where it never goes above freezing for three months, so nothing melts and each storm just piles more snow on top.

  8. Al “Shut yer pie-hole, Joe” Franken is from Minnesota and hence will save everyone with his gynormous snow machine, with or without Todd Palin’s help.

  9. I wonder if the Bill Kristol normally being wrong about absolutely everything will effect the weather patterns and cause the snowstorm to veer off course and go out to sea….

    Probably not, since he didn’t originate the prediction, but it would indicate the Flying Spaghetti Monster hates his stinking guts too and only refrains from smiting him because Bill’s always good for a cheap laugh.

  10. Life imitates art, and Wonkette is going to have to try harder to make up crazy-ass stuff. Example: Jim DeMint prays to repeal DC’s gay marriage thing so an angry God will spare his wrathful snowstorm.

  11. [re=481761]Fox News Light[/re]: You mean when the tracks don’t freeze or something else doesn’t go wrong. I am thinking about taking a Metrobus tomorrow. Actually, the major streets often get plowed(well, in Maryland) and buses seem to run- if I can sleddog my way out of my neighborhood.

  12. [re=481751]Paul Tardy[/re]: Given his views on constantly bombing the shit out of everyone, it’s clear that his primary concern is for people’s safety.

  13. Now I just read that Xtian Scientists are getting huffy because prayer isn’t included in medical treatment.

    If they all believe in the power of prayer so much, they can just pray that someone will pay them. Next up: Faith healers, Shamans and voodoo priests want their cut, too. Also.

  14. [re=481790]Joshua Norton[/re]: I’m pretty sure there has been noise from homeopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other practitioners of bullshit fake medicine that their crap should be covered.

  15. Dragging trucknutz through the snow in a 14,000 horse power ram chariot.All 700 and 1/2 cent per hour cashiers must show up for wingnut customers chritmas shopping needs or be fired.This is a national economic emergency.DO NOT send staff as substitutes.

  16. [re=481791]JMP[/re]: According to a definitive study by the Dartmouth Atlas project 78% of all US health care is worthless bullshit such as that practiced by Dr. David McKaylip of the Obama as Witchdoctor fame. But this actually often involves cutting people open to extract money from them.

  17. Um, er, I hate to point out the logic flaw in Bill’s obviously well thought out piece. I always feel like a heel when I do that; especially to a professional thinking person like Bill Kristol who obviously must have a significantly higher trained mind than I or else he wouldn’t be paid so much to think and write what he thinks.

    But, wouldn’t the weekend of snow death also be averted if Nelson, or a couple of, dare I say, Republican senators stepped forward and say, “Okay, you know what, we’ll stop being assholes and WILL vote for cloture?”

    Doesn’t that work out to be about the same thing?

  18. What the hell has happened to these poor conservatives? They’re afraid of bringing terrorist suspects to the United States, they think capitalism is teetering on the edge of extinction everytime a liberal so much as tips a waitress, they think their philosophies are so flimsy that fifteen minutes of exposure to anything else can turn people gay, Muslim, socialist or atheist, and now these rugged, independent cowboys aren’t even capable of driving a few blocks in snow?
    My only conclusion is that these people are all becoming the weakness-projecting, overly-entitled, culture-of-dependence effete sissies they regularly complain have trashed a once-thriving American society.

  19. Why does anyone pay any attention to Bill Kristol? Why does he get megabucks to spout off crap? You can hear the equivalent in any red-neck bar in the country, and a lot cheaper.

  20. [re=481971]zhubajie[/re]: I think I’m just going to take a nice shiny white piece of paper, tape it to the wall, and fling poo at it for about forty to forty five minutes. Let it dry, and then mail it into the Post and see if they’ll pay me for it. I mean, such an effort would contain more intellectual rigor… and corn.

  21. [re=481780]eclecticbrotha[/re]: So from the point of view of public safety and personal well-being,you would hope Bill is riding shotgun. Although it would be sad to see a perfectly good car destroyed.

  22. I feel witty, I feel pretty, I feel witty and pretty and totally devoid of the ability to form a fucking original idea.
    [From Lerner ans Lowe’s Broadway smash, ‘My Fair Asshole’]

    Thank you.

  23. [re=482009]I_KILL_ZOMBIES_ALSO[/re]: “such an effort would contain more intellectual rigor… and corn.” That would be neo-corn, which has been plowed up to make deathanol. In the main, you’re right that William Kristol contains more intellectual rigor mortis than the cellulose they make his paper from. Is the poor soul still mourning the loss of his alleged daddy (by sudden flush)? SSFC!

    (Super Sincere Fucking Condolences)

  24. Mao Zedong and his wife used to like to invite people over for dinner. Then after a lovely meal with lots of small talk and banter, his guests would get in their cars to drive home. And then Mao and the wife would run up to the roof where they had an artillery battery stationed and fire at the departing guest’s car as they drove the several mile road from their house to the highway. I always thought that was kind of funny, in a sick kind of way.

    Obama should have more dinner parties.

  25. [re=481928]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Well, they are not real conservatives, fond of old things. Those people have long since been forced out. What we have is a bunch of over-grown two-year-olds, as well as assorted religious fanatics, know-nothings, and racists who wish Jim Crow would come back, or even slavery.

  26. As someone who grew up in the DC area, all I can say is that their reaction to snow is ridiculous. You’d think it was something seriously scary, like rain in L.A.

  27. Wingtardia doesn’t know how to think about snow without Blibbering Bill or Her Majesty the Pegginess telling them. Me poor mind is so saturated with Tiger, sugarplums, blinking lights, and dancing fairies to think. Thus, me asketh them pleadingly, what shouldest I think? Inquiring minds want to know. Ah yes, run away!

  28. [re=482220]Gumboz1953[/re]: Chairman Mao didn’t trust modern medical care. He relied on tai ch’i and the taoist ‘arts of the chamber.’ Hunan food, too, which involves eating whole red peppers, etc. I guess it worked for him: he lived to be 83, in spite of chain smoking and a lot of other bad habits.


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