No more talking!
And yet the talk continues. Irony! [Politico, CBS News]

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  1. Okay, but Glenn Thrush isn’t some pseudo-acronomic for Glen The Rush composite, now, really, is it…? Okay, I’ll shut up….Zip…Shhh…I mean it….

  2. Damned straight, the time for talk is over. Time to strip Lieberschmuck of his chairpersonships and start some trials for war crimes, corruption, constitutional violations and general fuck-uppery.
    My guess is, though, everybody’ll just keep talking.

  3. I feel like I’m watching an episode of Congressional Babies, and Obama is the head-obscured nanny figure telling Li’l Joey Liberbutt to pipe down for naptime.

  4. I’m waaaaaay ahead of the curve on this one. I literally (in the non-Biden sense) do more grunting, tsking, hissing, and whooping than I do talking, on any given day. And I manage to get paid for it.

  5. President, pleeze. You know, after you say this, oh, a few hundred times in the span of 12 months it kind of stops meaning shit. So, the time for talk is over, eh? What, so you can whip and push over the finish line some other half-assed/half-dead pony “solution”. Whatever.

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