Every single thing on the RNC’s newish web site is eventually removed, in shame, 12-24 hours after it is introduced, so it is sad but unsurprising that—that’s’s fashionable “conservative URL” handle—has been incinerated, kind of.

Balloon Juice is reporting that “the Republican party took down its innovative link shortening tool Tuesday after pranksters had a field day using the tool to associate the GOP with bondage sites.” OMG you guys!! Anyway, the thing still works for “Wonkette” and some other bondage sites your editor just played around with, so, gather ye rosebuds.

[Balloon Juice]

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  1. Watching the GOP struggle with the intertubes reminds me of the time I bought my Westie a Gameboy for her birthday. She couldn’t even figure out how to turn it on. Eeventually, after trying to chew it, she peed on it and walked away.

  2. Wait, it took pranksters to associate the GOP with bondage sites? Where the fuck has Wired been for the last five years?

    Locked up in Michael Steele’s dungeon, perhaps.

  3. Submission to Urban Dictionary is now under review:


    1. Putting a link on one website which drives commenters to another website, thus crashing or downing the target website’s server. Similiar to a Denial of Service attack, but done by humans driven by revenge, anger, comedy, greed, etc.

    2. Bombarding the link-shortening service with links for BDS&M and other inappropriate sites, to the point where they have to close their service.

    Wonkette linkstormers bombarded with so many links to and that their servers crashed.

    by memzilla on Dec 15, 2009

    tags:, dos, crash, server, link-shortening, bds&m, linkstormer, wonkette

  4. “GOP.AM was created as a free service to make posting long URLs easier. If you use it for spamming, illegal purposes or to promote lude content, your GOP.AM URL will be disabled.”

    so yeah, no ‘ludes. Cocaine and Xanax ONLY.

  5. [re=478646]comicbookguy[/re]: -1 googleplex points to the RedState commenter for using “props” in a sentence also containing the words “Michael” and “Steele”.

    Needs moar BDSM linkstorming.

    Here, this ought to appeal to many of them:

    …make the fuckers review EVERY SINGLE LINK that comes in.

  6. [re=478802]twoeightnine[/re]: Apparently conservative stats means subtracting one number from another. Otherwise, how would the redtards know? How? would? they? know?!1!

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