getting a hang of the internet!

Let’s All Play The Latest Backfirey Choose Your Own Adventure Game From!

Hey look, firesale on conservative Internet cachet, courtesy of #1 URL! That is correct, sirs, now that troublesome “long URL” will be troublesome no more. Seriously: “”? What is this, Perl? Come, play along with your Editor!


Ok check this one out:

That’s fine. But let’s say what if we were to bring in Mo Money, as it were:

Bling bling, baby!

Oh but DO HURRY all the best ones are going quickly!!


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  1. memzilla says: “ will be back on line soon!” Server FAIL. Wonkette WIN!

    Hmmm, according to publicly available information, the website’s physical location is MMMPH… URK… GACK…

  2. hoosiermama

    ZOMG that was so scary when I clicked on the linky-bitty url. Halloween was two months ago, can’t the get anything right?

  3. bitchincamaro

    “245 happy GOP.AM URLs and counting.” Wha? This is the product of some seriously delusional maggot-brained closet genius.

  4. Joshua Norton

    So you could give, say, “Mistress Eva – Dominatrix Extraordinaire”, or “Wet Suits R Us” websites a heading. Did they really think this through? At all?

    Nah. They still think them computin’ machines are mostly on space ships so no one really uses them.

  5. proudgrampa

    Jebus. The consequences were so obvious. The GOP must have a mole in their IT department who thinks up stuff like this.

    Right on!

  6. Darkness

    [re=478451]Cuthbert J Twillie[/re]: I think the .am is excellent branding for the GOP. It speaks of the traditional values of obsolete technology and ideas like the olds had all the way back when we were just kiddies. I think this dovetails nicely with their entire organizational culture.

  7. Prommie

    I am an old, and my understanding of the computers and internet tubes is basically on a level where this thing is just a magical typewriter to me.

    But I sense that the GOP website somehow has done something foolish, opened a door through which you technical types could march, and by doing so, simultaneously mock them and screw with their magical typewriters, and for this, I applaud you.

  8. Lascauxcaveman

    [re=478453]memzilla[/re]: I’m pretty sure the GOPers thought that the .am extension was for websites that you check in the morning, y’know, with your coffee and toast.

    Start the morning right, with your GOP.

  9. Darkness

    [re=478468]freakishlystrong[/re]: Odd it was down early this morning. Thought they WERE onto it. Maybe the server just crashed. La la la, we’re so popular! Let’s just reboot this thing! Ah hahahahaha…

  10. Darkness

    [re=478469]Prommie[/re]: As someone who has programmed shit on the internet since forever, I can assure you that it IS merely a magical typewriter. The technology is less far an issue than the social systems putting it to use and evolving around the new possibilities that technology opens up. That’s the really sad thing about this for the GOP. What they fail to grasp is not (just) the technology, but people and how they communicate and organize. I mean, maybe it’s a stretch to expect that of a political party who wants to assure us they have a modicum of skill at governance. It would be laugh-your-ass-off-able if people never elected these poser yahoos, but frighteningly enough, they inevitably do.

  11. comicbookguy

    I love how you can click on the wonkette gop link, and inside that click on the socialist gop link, and get twice the gop headers and footers! It’s GOP GOP Socialist GOP GOP

  12. J. Robert Oppenheiner

    From the TOS: Terms of Use:
    GOP.AM was created as a free service to make posting long URLs easier. If you use it for spamming, illegal purposes or to promote lude content, your GOP.AM URL will be disabled. This service is provided without warranty of any kind.

    Lude content?

  13. Gunner

    Does anyone have access to the Vast Wingnut Email Forwarding Network? If so, I recommend authoring an email “exposing” the world to the GOP’s real values, as shown by their unholy “portal” to all manner of horrors:

    and my own contribution:

    These are all official GOP websites, which proves that they approve of everything in the sites listed. If someone does manage to send this to the base, make sure to embed a lot of pictures and different font sizes and colors so that it appears authentic.

  14. S.Luggo

    “Terms of Use: GOP.AM was created as a free service to make posting long URLs easier. If you use it … to promote lude content, your GOP.AM URL will be disabled.”

    Say What?

  15. Darkness

    [re=478519]J. Robert Oppenheiner[/re]: You’re not allowed to frame people playing mediaeval instruments since that . . . oh, that’s lute, nevermind.

  16. canadasteve

    This is obviously Ted Stevens getting back at everyone for mocking him about the ‘internet is a series of tubes’ thing.

  17. drewonline

    [re=478519]J. Robert Oppenheiner[/re]: You beat me to it – isn’t Wonkette by definition “lude” content. Or is this some sort of Supreme Court test about community standards – by liberal blog standards, Wonkette is pretty tame, ok, maybe not.

  18. betterDeadThanRed

    [re=478519]J. Robert Oppenheiner[/re]: [re=478525]S.Luggo[/re]: They KNEW this would happen. But with that stern warning of course no one on the Internet would ever use their site for porn URLs. Oh Goodness no!

    I wonder what would happen to their traffic if all of the people like us stopped messing with their site.

  19. mumblyjoe

    [re=478525]S.Luggo[/re]: [re=478519]J. Robert Oppenheiner[/re]: Either is run by a bunch of Japanese-armenian people and they meant rude, or they’re obsessively concerned about the possibility of ppl using to promote qualudes. Because the War on Drugs, and honestly, because it’s more fun to be rude with it, let’s assume the latter.

  20. queeraselvis v 2.0

    If you use it for spamming, illegal purposes or to promote lude content

    HAHAHAHAHA. GOP spellcheck FAIL, yet again!

  21. J. Robert Oppenheiner

    And who is this Political Media Inc. that came up with this? Well, the link on the page doesn’t work (!) but here are the main movers:


    Daniel Stepanian-Bennett
    Project Manager

    Originally from Rochester, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit in southeast Michigan, Dan attended Oakland University in his hometown of Rochester. He graduated in the spring of 2007, receiving departmental honors with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the School of Business Administration and a minor in Political Science, while also studying Pre-Law and Communications with a focus in American Sign Language.

    During his second year in college he started his own disc jockey company called “DJ ESBY Music & Entertainment,” a self-funded venture where he served as the businesses as sole proprietor. He interned with the Detroit Tigers during the 2005 season; the same year the Major League Baseball All Star Game was played in Detroit.

    After graduation in June 2007, he spent a short time at BBK, Ltd, a turnaround management firm in Southfield Michigan as Marketing Assistant.

    In September 2007, Dan moved to Washington DC as part of the Capital Gateway Program with the Armenian National Committee of America. As a Capital Gateway Fellow, Dan helped advance the agenda of the Armenian-American community through meetings with legislative staffers and Members of Congress. He later found a position at nationally renowned political advertising company Stevens, Reed, Curcio & Potholm serving as Media Associate until June 2008.

  22. DangerousLiberal

    “ is a property of Political Media, Inc. The Republican National Committee is not responsible for any content generated by”

    Yeah, like a GOPer covered in Siemens. Or Ms. McCain’s ta tas.

  23. noodleman

    [re=478453]memzilla[/re]: How much would you want to bet that some GOP IT whiz thinks .am stands for .america?


  24. Mahousu

    [re=478453]memzilla[/re]: According to that Wikipedia article, “For religious reasons, Armenian law prohibits its domain names from being used for obscene sites.” I think maybe I’ll report to AMNIC.

  25. imissopus

    I read it as “lube” content, which also makes sense when discussing the GOP.

    Thank you Wonkette for this morning. Many many laughs have been had, much coffee has been spit onto my monitor, and so on.

  26. binarian

    [re=478519]J. Robert Oppenheiner[/re]: God, how stupid and inefficient are these people? You NEVER post anything live without rigorous testing lest ye look stupid….like these idiots.

    Oh and apparently there are “606 happy GOP.AM URLs and counting.”

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