For some reason the Obama administration decided to put crazy old Joe Biden on the Morning Joe program, the one where some ex-Congressman and a random statesman’s daughter drink Bacardi for like four hours and then have sex on Dylan Ratigan’s ottoman. Such a jovial atmosphere is sure to be a Gaffe Trap of gravest danger!

But he was fine, and did a fair job pretending not to hate Joe Lieberman, while still managing to note that Joe Lieberman is WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING. “Fuckin’ Lieberman, JESUS,” Biden may or may not have said.

Biden added that “Any Democrat who decides for their own shallow purposes, if that were the case, to scuttle this is … not going to have a friend in the lord.”

Unfortunately this does not apply to Joe Lieberman, who, as a Jew, worships dinosaurs.


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  1. No one gives a rotating rodent’s rectum what Joe B. thinks of Joe L. All that matters is that Joe L. can do whatever the fuck he wants and the “Democratic” party are too chickenshit to do a thing about it but send their gaffemaster to jack off on morning TV. Thanks, Wonkette, for being here, cause no “respectable” site wants to acknowledge any of this.

  2. Joe and Joe discuss Joe over joe on Morning Joe. As fascinating as that is, I was more scintillated by the vice president’s passing reference to southern Delaware, which is a part of the world that no one ever talks about, ever. I was there once, and I can understand why. I hope they get Biden back on so they can talk about it some more.

  3. It’s not that he’s Jewish it’s that he’s from Hartford, CT. Lieberman has no political future so he may as well sell out to the highest bidder. Fuck governing, take the money and run. Can you blame him for that? What kind of retards elected him in the first place?

  4. If the Senate was a frat house this would be classic Animal House

    Doug Neidermeyer: How does it feel to be an independent, Schoenstein?
    Boon: How does it feel to be an asshole, Neidermeyer?

  5. Never question another man’s motive? Fuck you, dead Mike Mansfield. Lieberman single-handedly kills Jesus every time he draws a breath. His motives are entirely questionable. Argggghhhhhh.

  6. What a Friend we have in Lieberman, all our sins and griefs to bear!
    What a privilege to carry everything to Joe in prayer!
    O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear,
    All because we do not carry everything to Joe in prayer.

  7. [re=478419]Larry McAwful[/re]: Hey now, southern Delaware does have some nice beaches, which don’t tend to attract the Long/Staten Island & South/NE Philly assholes quite like the Jersey shore does. And no sales tax. And um, that’s about it.

  8. Baucus was namechecked this morning on NPR saying basically that even though most of the Dems were “surprised” with Joenertia’s latest, they weren’t willing to show publicly how pissed they were. Oh, and he declared the buy-in pretty much DOA. So yea, in sum, fuck ’em all and get Buddha sort ’em out.

  9. Well, well, well, if it ain’t Mr. Biden-my-time on Joe Square-Brow-dirty-pants still trying Rahm’s technique of trying to talk smack without a givin’ a whack. Lyndon Johnson is doin’ the Texas Two-Step in his grave.

    Torahs do not an ‘Old Testament’ make, my friends.

  10. [re=478437]JMP[/re]: Yeah, I’ve heard good things about Rehobeth. And the lack of LongIslanders is only a plus. I lived in northern New Jersey for seven years, so that’s definitely a plus.

  11. [re=478480]snideinplainsight[/re]: There’s a story that Sherman was given a command in Texas after the Civil War. He noted after several months that god had given the devil his choice of hell or Texas and choose hell. So while Lucifer might take Joe some day I doubt he’s interested in Texas or Connecticut for that matter.

  12. On the one hand, I’m pretty miffed about some Catholic of all types of people evaluating a Jew’s relationship with God. OTOH, God damn Joe Lieberman.

  13. He said “there’s a lot of gamesmanship goin’ on” and it sounded like “games & shit” which I prefer. And I will pretend that is what he said because it was fortrue.

    Sometimes I forget that “Can I call you Joe?” is the veep. If Dick Cheney was kept in a death chamber all day during his off/recharge times, where do they keep Joe Biden? A pub?

  14. [re=478835]aleks[/re]: You don’t actually think Joe was thinking that deeply to even be doing that, do you? Joe took some meme and uttered it ad infintum like he always does.

    BTW, I’m personally very open to judging Joe’s relationship with Jesus. Joe’s about as much a Jew as Tom DeLay is a Baptist. Guess how much that is?

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