Hey give some credit to old Rick Warren, for finally publicly condemning the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality bill, on the Internet. While it’s a little late and incredibly convoluted (“Uhh uhh I have been secretly involved in quiet negotiations this whole time so uhh uhh shut up, lying bloggers”), it’s a much better public stance than “I’m not getting involved in that whole logical end-product of fanatical born-again Christianity that I helped bring to this deeply homophobic nation.” [YouTube]

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  1. So, after publicly catching assorted hell for proudly being a bigoted, homophobic asshat, this hippo-crite *NOW* has a magical change of heart and decides to “turn the other cheek” towards our man-lovin’ brethren?

    Oh, and our lesbian sistren (?), too!

  2. 6:32 of that pathetic self-hating queen parading her grandiose act like she’s the normal one? I will pass.

    But let’s pretend I did watch it. My response: Fat-faced pencil-dick sez what?

  3. Thank Xenu Rick Warren is using such a popular Ugandan medium, such as the internets, to deliver his message.

    Eat a goatskin bag of mutilated genitals.

  4. And not a moment too late!

    While I still remember, I’d like to take this moment, while I have the chance, to tell our armed forces not to commit atrocities in Vietnam or Cambodia. Thank you.

  5. Rick Warren: “You know that thing I was kinda leading you torward but not actually telling you to do in so many words? Uuuuhhhh…..don’t do that…..”

    Uganda: “But….dammit…you SAID it was a GOOD thing. Didn’t you?”

    Rick Warren: “I have no recollection of that.”

  6. If God hates the gheys so much, why did he let Michelangelo go all Fab–U–Lous on the Sistine Chapel, while all he let Rick Warren do is write a crappy, hackneyed piece of feel-good psychobabble?

  7. Earl got the legal brains, Jennifer got the singing talent, and Rick — well, Rick’s family and has a moustache. (You’d rather clothe him than feed him.)

  8. [re=475583]Mr Blifil[/re]: Amen to that. I got to 1:18 and had to shut it off before getting all shouty and putting my fist through the monitor.

    Also, Rick, since you’re so concerned about “Your Role,” might I suggest that you own up to your role as a morbidly obese felcher of Tanzanian Boy Scouts, m’kay?

  9. “Does the bare minimum in the way of simple human decency when cornered like a rat and scrutinized intensely and publicly” is not exactly a glowing performance review. Given who he believes he’s working for, you’d think he’d be at least a little worried about that. Go figure.

  10. He said peace, whenever an American dignitary says peace it is time for a another shot of Aquavit according to the official Nobel Prize web site.

  11. Our new company, Political Scandal Betting Pools, is taking bets now on the week and month and year when the Rick Warren Gay Sex Scandal is revealed. Ages and races and numbers of participants with Warren in the scandal don’t matter. You do win a copy of the aptly-titled “Going Rogue” if you correctly guess the person or persons involved in the Gay Sex Scandal with Warren.

  12. I’d be more persuaded that this had some valueother than as personal spin control, if he also spoke out in explicit repudiation of the C Street Family and its agenda. And maybe if he went to Uganda and spoke on radio there. Because I have a tiny, vague inkling that a Youtube vid is aimed at some other audience than Ugandan legislators. Call me cynical.

  13. Wait, Jim, why are you giving him any credit? Do you give credit to a guy that sets a house on fire with people in it, but then decides to try and put it out while the fire is still raging?

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