Did you hear that Obama’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech was his clearest formulation of the “Obama Doctrine” to date? Because that’s what every pundit is saying! Every president needs his own Military Doctrine, and sure, this’ll do.

The Obama Doctrine appears to be “War is bad, but also good when there’s a really really tough enemy like Hitler, but make no mistake war is tragic, but again, sometimes necessary, but still, so much blood, and yet that blood is important…” etc. Here’s a clip with the gist of it.

It would be nice if one of these military doctrines helped explain the biggest formally unanswered question since 9/11: how does “war” change when it’s between a nation and a stateless enemy? We’re not at war with Afghanistan or Iraq — we’re at war inside of these countries. Militarized foreign police work requiring diplomatic solutions with enemies with whom there can be no negotiations, and where Victory is subjectively defined by generals. It is what it is. But let’s stop comparing it to a head-to-head battle with the rogue German state sixty years ago.

[The Guardian, YouTube]

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  1. “How does war change when it’s between a nation and a stateless enemy?”

    An important question, Jim. When you engage…

    Oh, fuck! They just found Tiger’s Woman #12! Check it out on TMZ, everybody!

  2. Obama failed to mention that the Iraq non-war “war” is illegal, and corrupt, and that all of the morons in the Bush administration who pushed for this–there’s about 500 of them–all need to be in jail. Maybe when the current residents of that prison in Cuba are shipped out to your local state jail, the Bush 500 can then be all shipped to Cuba to simmer in that jail for about three years. First on the list is Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, Rove, Card, Fleischer, Hughes, Gonzales, Miers, and dozens of wayward military officials.

  3. But let’s stop comparing it to a head-to-head battle with the rogue German state sixty years ago.

    Just the sort of thing Neville Chamberlain would say if he were alive today and had a hankering to give away the Sudetenland.

  4. [re=475530]thefrontpage[/re]: “The Bush 500 can then be all shipped to Cuba to simmer in that jail for about three years. First on the list is Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, Rove, Card, Fleischer, Hughes, Gonzales, Miers, and dozens of wayward military officials.”

    Stop. I don’t want to cum yet.

  5. Oh yeah we’re inside those countries, deep inside those big fucking countries…oh…ah…oooh…

    See, turns out this has all been a mistake. He’s actually getting the Nobel Penis Prize, for reasons that are obvious.

  6. I don’t know. I think the Monroe Doctrine overrides every other presidential war doctrine. In short, US America reserves the right to pop a cap in anyone else’s ass whenever it feels like it because whatever. The war on “terror” is just an extension of a policy that makes no objective sense at the best of times anyway.

  7. Can I just report that little Richie Cohen farted out a blog, or something, that is absolutely priceless in the history of presidential blog-commentary? It’s under the link “Not Yet a Great Man”, and culminates in this epic sentence, whose unrelenting logic is the most sublime balance of zen koan, realpolitik imperative and jungian mantic divination;

    “But neither was this a man who could point to his own life as an example of almost anything.”

    There is no spoon –

  8. “Friends, Danes, and countrymen, lend me your ears! No really, here, take one of these knives and hack both your ears off, put them in one of these unprecedented baskets, and we’ll return them to you when the speech is over, I give you my word.”

  9. This is a pro-war speech at a Peace Prize ceremony. It’s the worst irony since Henry Kissinger got the Nobel Peace Prize for ending a bombing campaign that he himself started.

  10. Jim, the war is over, and won, the day we pullout. Just like sex. The only tangible end is when we stop doing it. Then we can boast to our friends how tore that ass up.

    [re=475530]thefrontpage[/re]: That speech probably wouldn’t go over in anywhere that wasn’t a libtard commune or my apartment.

  11. “We’re not at war with Afghanistan or Iraq — we’re at war inside of these countries.”

    In the case of Iraq, I thought that we were there gaining control of oil fields for the benefit of supporters of the last President. My bad.

  12. Newell, holy shit, serious, and, well, serious, and right, and shit, just cut it out.

    [re=475539]Mr Blifil[/re]: “Surging” deep inside these countries, surging.

  13. Snark, powering down.

    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t begin as true responses to al-Qa’eda, and they won’t end as them either. In Iraq, we are worried about a central government so weak that it won’t fight a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran the way we want it to, which will be reflected worldwide in energy costs and currency inflation. The apple cart we took so much trouble to assemble from the First World War onwards might be upset. If Afghanistan, we’re worried about a central government that can’t present a distraction to ethnically affiliated Afghans, who otherwise might help their cousins usurp the slightly-less-untrustworthy secular Pakistani government’s nuclear capability.

    That said, I think we’re working both of the aforementioned problems from the wrong angles, and Obama probably knows it. But what can he do, except to persuade the public that we’ve done all that we possibly can for these countries over as short a timeline as he can manage?

    Snark up.

  14. [re=475530]thefrontpage[/re]: “all of the morons in the Bush administration” Temper temper, those morons are all now wealthy, have nice families, and will get early retirements. Be nice to them and maybe they will leave something in your tip cup.

    [re=475551]Aurelio[/re]: Kissinger did in fact stop the war with a negotiated cease fire. And got the prize after that accomplishment.

  15. Do I have to turn in my Wonkette card (laminated, of course) if I say I think I agree with his overall sentiments (even if the whole “Nazis 60 years ago” thing is a bit old)? And also say that this “Obama Doctrine” is utterly predictable, because it’s pretty much what you’d expect from him from his previous words and actions?

  16. [re=475598]Nigel[/re]: He’s the commander-in-chief of our armed forces, so it’s sort of implied that protecting and defending the nation comes with being POTUS.

  17. The royalty has been snorting dynamite for decades when not marrying cousins; I’m sure the President could have read the dollar menu from McDonald’s without upsetting anybody there. Did you catch the king’s elbowing the guy next to him and whispering, “Is that Michael Jackson? I thought he died.”

  18. [re=475525]Electric Zen[/re]: “I don’t understand why my wife is so upset. I told her I was going out to do 18 ho’s.” Tiger Woods

  19. [re=475541]DickTaterPeeNoShay[/re]:
    Okay. I wasn’t going to watch until I saw your tip.

    And WTF. Obama quotes MLK on non-violence and then segued right into why we need to fight this war.

  20. War is the product of excess testosterone combined with lack of imagination.
    However, all the estrogen-releasing plastics in your kitchen will soon change all that.

  21. The Dano-Norwegians were game for fighting wars in the early 19th Century, having sided with Napoleon, along with Russia, to enforce the Continental System.

    Peace, schmeace, when it comes to territorial integrity of the Baltic…Scandos will fight like tigers!

  22. [re=475581]Paul Tardy[/re]: “Kissinger did in fact stop the war with a negotiated cease fire. And got the prize after that accomplishment.”

    The negotiated settlement happened AFTER Kissinger initiated the carpet bombing of North Vietnam as a part of his efforts to achieve a ceasefire. What a man of peace!

  23. The Prez has asserted what has oft been asserted. Namely, that more or less indiscriminate mass slaughter is justified when it is done in the public interest. That’s the cover story. In reality wars are waged for the private interests of the powerful. The widespread delusion that war can be moral guarantees that we will have more wars. Hopey isn’t living up to my expectations. Crikey. The man argues for the necessity of war in his Peace Prize acceptance speech! “Yeah, I hate to do it but gotta drone-bomb a little peace on those pricks. Too bad a bunch of civvies are gonna eat it, but hey! A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

    No matter how cynical I get, I can’t seem to keep up. – Lilly Tomlin

  24. [re=475826]UnattendedConsequence[/re]: Did you notice the expressions on the faces of the people in the audience? They all look like they’re in pain–as if they’ve just swallowed some cosmic irony and are having trouble digesting it. Time for some philosophical Maalox!

  25. [re=475567]Terry[/re]: Well yes, but only because we (almost) have the capability. Basically it’s (from the rest of the word’s point of view) like the neighbourhood thugs gradually expanding their turf as they consolidate power.

  26. Well said, Jim! After all, sixty years ago, that “rogue German state” didn’t kill over 3,000 unarmed American civilians in a surprise attack!

    “Germany: The Peaceful Volk!”

    On a slightly more serious note: It’s much easier to “make peace” with opponents who are “Resting in Peace.”

    Just sayin’.

  27. Although, since Germany declared war on us, rather than the other way around, the analogy doesn’t make a whole lot of sense anyway.

    (DAMN! There’s that bloody “historical fact” problem AGAIN!)

  28. [re=475968]Neilist[/re]: You know who accurately assessed this situation? Dick fucking Cheney, in 2004. Said, “Kerry sees terrorism as a law and order problem. We see it as a military problem.” Right assessment, wrong decision – it IS a law and order problem. We’re dealing with criminals, not the army of the sovereign nation of Alquedaland. When there’s trouble with the mob, you send in the FBI, you don’t just start shelling little Italy.

  29. But everyone knows that Norway is the home of the blackest metal!

    And, Jim, don’t think I didn’t notice what you did there: But let’s stop comparing it to a head-to-head battle with the rogue German state sixty years ago.

    Good way to guarantee at least three segments on O’Reilly about why Wonkette hates Sarah Palin for being beautiful and called her a 60 year-old Nazi.

  30. Now here’s a depressing thought: 90 years after America wins Woodrow Wilson’s “war to end all wars,” a young American president declares that we’ll never end war in our lifetime, and everyone knows he’s right.

  31. War is Peace and Freedom is Slavery, so says the new overlord.

    What an incredibly schizo, and quite frankly, insulting and inappropriate speech to give at the award ceremony. Really. This is being praised by the likes of Palin and Gingrich. Excuse me for not gushing or finding some way to explain it away. I’m not even all that much a pacifist and this was just stupid. If he had any decency, he’d have either declined the award, altogether, or accepted it but turned down the offer to speak.


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