Aspiring children’s birthday clown Michael Steele wants to know exactly what Harry Reid’s problem is. It’s like, Reid already has his precious “20 seat majority” so why are we even still talking about any of this health care whatever? Oh no? Oh YES. Steele went on Morning Joe’s Pun & Politicks Revue on teevee this morning to prove, with arithmetic, that Harry Reid and his dumb health care amendment statute Congress bill are totes “whacked-out.” Michael Steele is one viewing of School House Rock short of being merely benign. [TPM]

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  1. Democrats are allowed to think, vote and act freely, as opposed to the Roboticans, who will slice your nuts off if you don’t toe the party line.

    Fuck Congress, anyway. Bastards.

  2. Did you hear Mr. Steele, Harry? Pass the bill. Steele doesn’t care if you have to use all kinds of unscrupulous tricks — just ram the most socialist bill you can get through Congress so hard that the Republicans’ asses hurt. Please. I don’t even care if they enjoy that — it’ll be worth it.

  3. Aspiring children’s birthday clown Michael Steele

    Juli, that’s an insult to birthday clowns everywhere, but someone can lobby to make this his permanent moniker, not unlike “elected ruminant”.

  4. I listen to this human whoopee cushion talk, and I just keep telling myself, “Remember, self, he’s in a job they couldn’t *give* away.” The race to the bottom is complete.

  5. I saw Steele on Mornin’ Joe this morning. Bless Donnie for asking a semi-tough question for once and Barnacle’s follow up. Mr. Steele doesn’t do faux indignation very well. I guess they shouldn’t send a man to do a woman’s job.

  6. Aspiring children’s birthday clown Michael Steele…

    Ledes like that are what keep me coming back to my Wonkette, day after day, week after week.

  7. Hey – didn’t Michael Steele used to work at the gas station in Mayberry? I seem to remember a kerfluffle years ago when he made a citizen’s arrest.

  8. [re=474932]germansteel[/re]: Yeah, douchebag! Get with the program and roll out some hyperbowl. That understaement/subtlety bull shit don’t fly around here.

  9. [re=475025]Minnie Mean[/re]: A Gomer is Bull deemed unworthy of breeding and subsequently castrated. It is also a deathbed patient that refuses to die and needlessly takes up hospital space and the valuable time of caregivers. Hence,you are absolutely correct.

  10. [re=475088]sra[/re]: On the off chance you’re serious, Steele is technically correct: the Dems do have a 20-seat majority when you count Bernie Sanders and Vinegar Joe. However, because the Dems range across the ideological spectrum and consider members’ debates over the merits of a bill or policy a good thing, it’s harder to get all sixty to vote the same way every time. This is opposed to your Republican caucus, which all thinks the same and marches in lockstep like North Korean soldiers parading in front of Kim Jong Il and has purged all independent thinking from its ranks. Which is why the percentage of Americans who agree with them is swiftly shrinking.

  11. The only thing more non-sensical than Michael Steele, here (and, he’s actually rather coherent), is Juli’s attempt to explain that. And I say that with love. This post was a mess. lol

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