You know who else made millions? Liz Glover.History’s greatest monster, the notorious bottom-feeding nudibranch Mark Penn, has once again triumphed over Goodness and Mercy. Nearly $6 million in stimulus money went to Penn’s PR firm, Burson-Marsteller, in order to “preserve three jobs,” which is a fancy way of saying “keep Penn in Cheetos and JUGGS subscriptions through 2012.”

Apparently Burson-Marsteller worked on a campaign this spring to notify the poors that the capitalist God was taking away their analog television sets forever. About half of that money went to Penn’s polling firm. In other words, Hillary Clinton should really think about resigning as Secretary of State after this latest outrage.

Mark Penn’s two firms got $6 million from stimulus for PR campaign [The Hill]

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  1. It was hard to think of any even more odious way to spend stimulus $$$ than paying lavish bonuses to Goldman Sachsers, but they did it! U-S-A! Fuck yeah!

  2. Mark Penn is evidence that Mark Hanna didn’t really die in 1901 and is some sort of immortal hell-beast that keeps taking on different identities as he lives forever, spreading sleaze, corruption and discord through political systems until the end of time.

  3. Yep, a total waste of money. Because hey, it would have been a lot better for a bunch of angry olds and bitters to wake up on June 12 to find their TV no longer working. And the GOP also considers a lot of the scientific grants “waste”.

    Hey, Republicans, the point of the stimulus money is to, you know, stimulate the economy. You could use it to hire a bunch of people to repeatedly dig and fill in a giant hole, and it would still do that. But you not only don’t get this basic idea, but highlight a lot of actually useful programs as “waste”.

    And damn, unsurprisingly those commentors are idiots. Yes, having to pay taxes is just like slavery, fuckface.

  4. [re=474631]V572625694[/re]: Odious? Bob Kraft, owner of our losing Patriots footballers, almost got $( mil in stimulus for a footbridge across route 1 to link his stadium with his future 1 million sq ft shoppers emporium because he gave Guv Deval $12K. But Hopey put the kibosh on it. He hates football.

  5. There’s something about the way the font makes “Juggs” look so classy, like Mark Penn will be renewing his subscription to The New Yorker AND Juggs, thank you very much.

  6. GOP Sens. John McCain (Ariz.) and Tom Coburn (Okla.) held a news conference Tuesday to blast 100 “wasteful” projects funded by the $787 billion economic stimulus package Congress passed earlier this year

    Oh, good lord — now it all makes sense. John McCain would complain about his own mother getting federal money if he thought it would get him some publicity. We heard you loud and clear in 2008, Senator — which is why we voted for That One.

  7. [re=474637]Larry McAwful[/re]: No, you are wrong. An immortal corruption zombie sent to earth to keep politics and business corrupt would be AWESOME. This malodorous whale is not awesome.

  8. [re=474666]finallyhappy[/re]: It’s Sara. She brings out the best of us….well, except me who consistently brings the poo poo and 12 yr old fanfare.

  9. Wow, this is the first thing the Obama administration has done that I would classify as a legitimate, actual scandal. They must be so proud! You always remember your first…

  10. [re=474640]vladster[/re]: Yet another reason to love Barry: he hates football.

    [re=474635]magic titty[/re]: Mmmm….boobage. Me likey, even in the abstract or sarcastic.

  11. [re=474701]thesheriffisnear[/re]: I think the Patriots could use some stimulus. Kraft is just another rich asshole who wants everybody to pay for his bridge so he can be a richer asshole.

  12. If I couldn’t pretend there was a Hell waiting for these despicable motherfuckers after death I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning.

    I’m actually getting a migraine because I can’t beat the shit out of that guy in the picture.

  13. [re=474666]finallyhappy[/re]: This one time, at band camp, we were trying to play the Cantina song from the first Star Wars, you know its really just a klezmer song, and then we all split a Zima, and one of the clarinette players got so drunk, he showed us how he was able to blow himself! He had to move, after that, and change his name, I think he changed it to “Newell” or something like that.

  14. Due to the curvaceous, crevasse-ish nature of Mark Penn’s physique, and his long-standing propensity for inhaling junk food whilst in the nude, I’m confident that he would’ve been in Cheetos and JUGGS through 2012 regardless of whether he received any stimulus money.

  15. [re=474706]vladster[/re]: We may disagree on Mr.Kraft as he saved the Pats and brought us a winner but we can agree that Penn is a repugnant pudding butt!!!

  16. [re=474681]V572625694[/re]: I don’t think it’s that he hates football but that like every other football fan, he hates the Patriots.

  17. [re=474720]Extemporanus[/re]: Have you seen the McCain family Christmas card? Meghan has a link to it. Meghan’s boobs aren’t extra large, Meghan’s whole body has become the body of one of those women you congratulate on being pregnant but then realize you fucked up because she’s not pregnant just really effing fat…

  18. When these things happen, I imagine Life being an enormous morality play, where evil is punished and good rewarded, written by a dyslexic playwright.

  19. The president gave money to Mark Penn, even indirectly.
    I’m with the freepers. Time to impeach. Now.

    (This message paid for by the Veterans of Primary Wars. Donate today — because keeping the Whitey Tape under wraps for a year and a half ain’t uncostly.)

  20. I personally liked the “if your TV is not working, it is time to buy a new one” campaign. Made total sense to me, and know that rioting in the ghetto was prevented when the pictures turned to static.

  21. My GOD, WHO is that INCREDIBLY SEXY looking creature???!!!!!????

    Oh, and Liz looks nice, too.

    ::::Masturbating furiously to a can of Crisco::::

    (Not “with.” “To.”)

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