Someone ate corn last nightIt’s more better news for the American national interest! You may remember the above devils from earlier this year, from the ArmorGroup North America mercenary firm operating in Kabul, where they were protecting the United States embassy under a 5-year $189 million contract. These bros weren’t doing so much “guarding” as they were drinking poop-tinted vodka from each other’s butts using each other’s poop as “salsa” for their potato chips, as well as wandering around Kabul naked with assault weapons. Now that contract has been canceled, and we’re sure the folks from the replacement contracting firm will be real gentlemen. [Mother Jones]

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  1. “The State Department spokesman said ArmorGroup stayed the night with Secretary Clinton, and when it woke up it gave her a kiss and said, ‘You should have said greenbacks.’ ArmorGroup left the U.S. Embassy and had not returned to collect its keg deposit,” Lash added.

  2. Fortunately they are stimulating the economy by opening a microdistillery of ass-crack vodka.

    (I fear this is the last time I may be able to use the phrase “ass-crack vodka”.)

  3. In 2009 a “crack” security company was sent into exile by the State Dept for crimes they photographed and posted on the net. These men promptly ejected from a maximum security contract to well deserved financial ruin. Today, not wanted by the government, they survive as mall security. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Poop-Team.

  4. “The report said supervisors held near-weekly parties in which they urinated on themselves and others, drank vodka poured off each other’s exposed buttocks, fondled and kissed one another and gallivanted around virtually nude. Photos and video of the escapades were released with the POGO investigation.”

    It’s like 300, only realistic.

  5. “Don’t ask, don’t tell. Remember that?”
    “OK, ashole, who told!”
    “And you guys said>/i> the camera was BROKEN!”
    “My PARENTS are going to see this!”

  6. What was amazing to me is that this group kept their assignment there for so long after this debauchery was made public. And then I realized this obviously wasn’t anything serious that needed to be handled immediately — like, for instance, telling an obviously fake pimp how to smuggle children out of El Salvador.

  7. According to recent filings with the SEC and the State Department, ArmorGroup has been hired for security and protection for the RNC Headquarters, Smith Point, Late Night Shots, the C Street House, and the Heritage Foundation.

  8. Didn’t one of you think that the guy on the right was hot? At least from the back? Or is that the only thing that matters? I’m so confused.

  9. Ya know, the guys who wear uniforms and go to Iraq or Afghanistan aren’t paid very well, and most of the skills the Army and Marine Corps teach them don’t have civilian applications, despite what the recruiter says. They aren’t angels, but they’re not as bad as these jerkwads, and at least they can say, “I served my country,” with the emphasis on “service.” What are these guys going to tell their grandchildren they did in the war?

    Oh, yeah: trucknutz, butt sechs, etc…

  10. What entity is protecting these men from identification? Even their tattoos are smudged. They were not being forced to participate in this debachery, unlike tortured prisoners. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not enough to identify and/or fire the ArmorGroup. These individuals were being well-paid with tax dollars and should be unmasked and held up for the ridicule they deserve personally. Unlike the many members of this Website who undoubtedly do the same, but on their own dime.

  11. [re=474354]Jukesgrrl[/re]:
    Tattoos smudged?
    I really thought that was “bear hair.”
    As in…
    OK, I don’t have to explain stuff here.
    For a moment, I forgot where I was snarking.

  12. So what will these guys do for a living now? Or is it back to prison? Maybe Genl. Butt-Naked can be persuaded to come out of retirement, hire these people for a NEW MERCENARY COMPANY! The Genl. has been an evangelist of late, so only born-again naked perverts would be allowed.

  13. I’m the guy standing on the left, peeing on the back of the kneeling guy in the middle.

    Just in case you were wondering, I mean.

    WOLVER . . . No, wait, I changed that . . . .


  14. bush n cheney now their bastard offspring obama,are in the afghan plains to bring freedom,democracy and a kind of crack male anal fraternity.
    the taliban do not seem understand how important it is for us free peoples to keep are marines bumcleftsclean.
    in the american military r and r is vital,and holesome.
    you cannot comment about this until you have sampled a gitmo special.
    2 shots of Patraeus juice 1 shot McChrystal essence,slice lemon a trickle of vodka and a splash of obamas trust me i’m not like dat honkey cheney serum.

  15. Tsk, tsk. Don’t these young wags know they’re only supposed to piss on prisoners and grope civilians?

    I am shocked, I say shocked by this appalling deviation from approved mercenary practices.

    (Seriously are there any Hashers here? Doesn’t this sound like a Hash that got a wee bit out of hand?)

  16. Not to be vulgar, but… click the mother jones link and look at the pictures. Shouldn’t their dicks be kinda hanging below the coconuts, at least a little? How small ARE these guys? geez.

  17. That picture was decidedly NSFW, to say nothing of safe for sanity. Rather than pixellate and block various features you should have simply given them all Trig heads.

  18. [re=474307]facehead[/re]: Probably all the other mercenaries are doing it too![re=474306]RobPetrified[/re]: I can’t understand why so many fools everywhere are photo-ing/videoing themselves doing things which are embarrassing or criminal, then posting the photos/videos to the Net! It’s not just these shi*t-h**dss, it’s whole boatloads of people all over the place. How retarded IS the average person??

  19. White people are funny. These are not the kind of “pranks” my people play, no siree.

    This, folks, is the pinnacle of Western Civilization. Remember that. Whenever someone says they hate us for our freedom, just show them this picture, or say “you had me at green balloons.”

  20. “in the american military r and r is vital,and holesome.”

    Well, I wondered what had replaced “Pubic” Bay or Bangkok. So this is the next step in sex tourism?

  21. So, when they fill out their unemployment forms in Bumf**k, AR or wherever, what will they say? “Fired from Armor Group Mercenary Army for Getting Caught Drinking Vodka from the Top Sergeant’s butt”? Can they get unemployment in the US? Or do they just go straight to the homeless shelter?

  22. Ehh, whatever company got the new contract is certainly looking for ‘experienced’ guards. Preferably those willing to go for weekend tryout excusions with their superiors.

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