Storm Troopers are officially irrelevant. Newly relevant: Zhu Zhu Pets.Ancient Aztec death-mummy and known media whore John McCain participated in his usual Sunday ritual yesterday: he crashed his plane in Vietnam and then put in an appearance on Meet the Press. And on that very important talk show, he said something that was actually true! You will never guess what that true thing was! (HINT DO NOT LOOK AT POST TITLE)

“I am entertained every time I see these people attack her and attack her and attack her. She’s irrelevant, but they continue to attack her. I am so proud of her and the work that she is doing,” McCain said.

How offensive of him, to mock Trig like that!

A McCain spokesperson later clarified that John McCain didn’t actually think Sarah Palin was irrelevant; rather, he was suggesting that other people thought she was irrelevant, which was why he said, “she’s irrelevant.”

[Washington Wire]

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  • binarian

    Freudian slip of the first order.

    And welcome back, Sara.

  • Big Liver


  • Texan Bulldoggette

    Well, at least he didn’t call her a trollopy c___t, right Cindy?

  • Gallowglass

    Oh WALNUTS! You’re leaking truth again. Better get that fixed.

    Welcome back SKS!

  • BigDupa

    Why does John McCain hate the troupes?

  • charlesdegoal

    What he probably meant to say was “She’s an elephant, but they continue to attack her.” Or else perhaps “She’s not pregnant” or “She hyperventilates” or something. She still irrelevant, however.

  • Ducksworthy

    I want to see an illustration of Sarah as a knight in shinning armor, a Don Quixote, riding into battle on the back of Downs Syndrome child.

  • gurukalehuru

    Well, I know she is, but what are you?

  • freakishlystrong

    Just whom is “attacking and attacking and attacking” her? Bite us, WALNUTS.

  • JMP

    Oh alt-text, how I’ve missed you.

    The Sunday Morning shows are really in love with the loser, along with his sidekick shitface Joe. Is it some pathological need for the grumpy old man opinion? That would also explain why Andy Rooney is still employed.

  • germansteel

    Whenever McCain says he’s “proud of her,” (which he does all the time), it reminds me of a dotty old geezer talking about his favorite low achieving brat granddaughter, who just got a plastic trophy for participating in a Xmas class play at the grade school.

  • azw88

    Keep attacking Sarah, JohnnyMac need the entertainment… maybe it will keep him from running re-election to the senate here is AZ.

  • Monsieur Grumpe

    My wife works at the MOA (Mall of America for you non-Minnesotans) where Palin is signing books this afternoon. The MOA normally attracts a large percentage of slack jawed retards and we estimate that the ratio will be nearing the 100% range today. She’s thinking about calling in sick.

  • Patty Dumpling

    Did I say irrelevant? I meant “fucking retarded”.

  • hoosiermama

    [re=472792]BigDupa[/re]: Why does John McCain hate the toupées?


  • claytor

    Poor Trig!

  • Mr Blifil

    I too am entertained every time I see people attack her and attack her and attack her. Also.

  • contentsunderpressure

    This would have more gravitas if it came from a certain Twitter account. Just sayin.

  • Chain Tattoo

    McCain knows irrelevant when he sees it, so who are we to question his judgment in the matter?

  • Advocatus_Diaboli

    Wouldn’t it really be news if WALNUTS! (or anyone, for that matter) had called her relevant?

  • Zadig

    “Stormtroopers are officially irrelevant.”
    Does this mean no pictures of your own little stormtrooper, Baby K Smith?

  • Carrie_Okie

    In what respect, Johnny?

  • JMP

    Unfortunately, McCain is probably wrong, since this moron is currently probably the front-runner for the Rep nomination in 2012. In a just world, or even just one where basic competence was required for high office, she would be irrelevant; but that is not the world we live in.

  • CycloneArmageddon

    [re=472790]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: I believe it’s spelled “cunt”.

  • binarian

    Maybe he really is “proud” of her, if by proud he means “making me seem sane by comparison”.

  • Zadig

    [re=472822]JMP[/re]: This does not mean that Sarah Palin is now relevant. It means that the Republican party is on the fast track towards irrelevance itself. I mean, come on. Can you think of any surer way of throwing 2012 away than nominating Palin for president?

    Oh right, but there’s that whole “energizing the [rapidly disintegrating] base” thing to think about.

  • shadowMark

    John’s going to get one of those lawyer letters telling him to take down what he said.

    And someday there’s going to be a kick-ass catfight between Bristol and Meghan with torn clothes and slow-motion sequences. I hope there is a fountain nearby so they can do the wet thing. I’m betting on Bristol to come out on top but I think Meghan will get in a few good licks.

  • Potater

    [re=472818]Zadig[/re]: Baby K. Smith is no stormtrooper. He is the Chosen One, the child prophesized to bring balance to the Force.

    And this time through his adorableness, not that whole going-evil-killing-mother-of-his-children thing.

    Welcome back, Sara!

  • Flanders

    Welcome Back, Sara!

  • snideinplainsight

    I find your lack of faith disturbing.

  • Dontread

    This is a silly post. It is obvious from the context that McCain was referring to what the media thinks: “Palin is Irrelevant”. Why do we need to waste our time making up funny things to believe when there is enough shit out there. Palin is/should be irrelevant, but alas, everyone keeps paying attention to her.

  • Flanders

    You’re being inappropriate, Larry! Oops, wrong old man, wrong prop-Barbie.

  • Jim89048

    [re=472833]Dontread[/re]: WaPo is three doors down, on the right.

  • Holy Cow!!

    Where are all these endless attacks anyway? How does quoting her or endlessly plugging her book qualify as an attack?

  • Come here a minute
  • Berkeley Bear

    Re alt text – turns out Zhu Zhu’s aren’t just the new Furbys (hot today, 20 for a dollar 3 years from now) they also are the latest Chinese attempt to poison America’s children. Something about high levels of chemicals (apparently more than the normal doses of feces, chemical waste and psychotropic drugs found in tap water throughout this country). I think this and Palin’s book are part of a world wide plot to permanently lower the IQ of the nation to that of a Down Syndrome child so Trig can become our overlord.

    And on that note of terror for all parents, welcome back, SKS.

  • ladymacbeth

    does this mean we get double snarky chick posts to delight our morning hours as we struggle through our daily hangovers? i for one would welcome that.

    welcome back!

  • shadowMark

    [re=472832]snideinplainsight[/re]: Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid. But that tight skirt and high heels thing is a good look.

  • WadISay

    There are many levels of meaning in McCain’s remarks: ironic, yet stupid, yet factually incorrect. It would give a person a headache, if he gave a crap.

    Example: [re=472797]freakishlystrong[/re]: OK, it’s true, I’m attacking and attacking and attacking Palin. On the other hand, who cares?

  • gjdodger

    [re=472833]Dontread[/re]: It is obvious from the context that McCain was referring to what the media thinks: “Palin is Irrelevant”.
    So you’re saying, when McCain says shit that’s incomprehensible garble, we all need to sit down and analyze what he really means? Like, when he says the economy is “fundamentally strong,” we all really knew he meant all them true, blue American voters out there are the ones who are “fundamentally strong”? In short, save the Serious for Kos.

  • Potater

    [re=472838]Come here a minute[/re]: Does that hampster have a clitoris for a nose?

  • Dontread

    [re=472835]Jim89048[/re]: Why do you assume that I am a conservative because I don’t want journalists to take things out of context? Are our media blogs just suppose to spoon feed specialized groups? Is the narrative of what makes news already written before we read it? No I say! I like my Wonkette, but they are typically less outof contexty than this. Why can’t we critique our own? Shallow is your comment.

  • KilgoreTrout_XL

    I’m also proud of her for quitting her job and pretending she wrote a book. This is yeoman’s work of a very pro-american nature.

  • Naked Bunny with a Whip

    I assume that McCain means it’s liberals calling Palin “irrelevant” while attacking her. Which is nonsense, since liberals are more than happy to call Sarah Palin the completely relevant face of the new Republican Party, as a way of insulting Republicans. It’s only embarrassed old-school paleoconservative Republicans who call her “irrelevant”.

  • JMP

    [re=472826]Zadig[/re]: You’d hope so; but then, I thought before that nominating a failed president’s idiot son meant that the Republicans were making themselves irrelevant. And that turned out so well.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=472823]CycloneArmageddon[/re]: I know–but as someone with the aformentioned lady parts, I feel squeamish saying/typing it. Must be my good old Southern Baptist upbringing–no dancing, no drinking & no calling people c___ts.

  • absolutely

    no he didn’t. this article is begging for traffic. well it got it. mccain was referring to palin’s critics – that they feel she’s irrlevant and still criticize her.

    mccain released a statement saying exactly that.

    the point: liberals wish and hope and pray that sarah palin IS irrelevant. the mere fact she makes an article here is testamount that she is COMPLETELY relevant. liberals are shaking in their boots.

    liberals liberals on the wall – who’s the fairest one of all??

  • Potater

    [re=472852]Dontread[/re]: “but they are typically less outof contexty than this”
    What website are you reading? 33% of content on here is taking something Grandpa Cornpants or Big Baby Vitter say out of context and talking about how their words are nonetheless completely relevant. This is SOP for your Wonkette.

  • bitchincamaro

    [re=472833]Dontread[/re]: Until a major mixed-race sports figure screws up, it is our duty to pay attention to this attention whore. HuffPo and TMZ have deemed it so.

  • Advocatus_Diaboli

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: liberals are shaking in their boots.

    Yes, we are absolutely shaking in our boots, if by shaking in our boots you mean laughing hysterically at the fact that the grifter snowbilly even considered by anyone to be a political force.
    Alternatively, “shaking in our boots” could also mean drinking our sad selves to sleep every night because a country where even one person takes the grifter snowbilly seriously is a fucking doomed country.

  • CycloneArmageddon

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: “She’s irrelevant, but they continue to attack her.”

    You are awesome.

  • Potater

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: This is the line of conservative thought I never understood. People gnash their teeth because Sarah Palin is completely incompetent and appeals to the worst in the political process, and that’s somehow a good thing?

    This is a winning marketing strategy if ever I heard one.

  • Dontread

    [re=472848]gjdodger[/re]: No, I am just saying that from the context of this particular quote it is obvious. I do not speak monolithically about all McCain-speak/ garbel. That would be silly.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: Yay, some unicorn just got its horn because you bravely wandered into a liberal blog & defended your princess. Go back to your hidey hole now!

  • AddHomonym

    [re=472852]Dontread[/re]: Yeah, c’mon people. This is SERIOUS!

  • Prommie

    Ain’t she something? Hehng?

  • KilgoreTrout_XL

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: Haha, you’re favorite politishin is a stormtrooper or something. We win.

  • Advocatus_Diaboli

    [re=472852]Dontread[/re]: Shallow is your comment

    I nominate this for comment of the fucking millenium.

  • Monsieur Grumpe

    Oh contraire Absolutely. I won’t speak for my fellow commenters, but I would love Palin to run in 2012. Her every word is comedy gold all by itself. She’s self satirizing. Republicans with a brain cringe when she speaks. And maybe, just maybe,SNL might be funny again.
    Palin 2012!

  • thehelveticascenario

    [re=472856]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: McCain definitely puts the paleo in paleoconservative.

  • Flanders

    [re=472880]Dontread[/re]: “Silly that would be.”

  • CycloneArmageddon


    “no he didn’t.”
    yes he did.

    “this article is begging for traffic.”
    yes it is.

    “well it got it.”
    yes it did.

    “mccain was referring to palin’s critics – that they feel she’s irrlevant and still criticize her.”
    no he wasn’t.

    “mccain released a statement saying exactly that.”
    “She’s irrelevant, but they continue to attack her.”

    “the point: liberals wish and hope and pray that sarah palin IS irrelevant.”

    “the mere fact she makes an article here is testamount that she is COMPLETELY relevant.”

    “liberals are shaking in their boots.”

    “liberals liberals on the wall – who’s the fairest one of all??

  • thefrontpage

    Palin is an asshole, and she needs to shut the hell up and go away. She is an idiot and a moron on every level.

  • Flanders

    [re=472887]Advocatus_Diaboli[/re]: “This comment I nominate”, you mean….

  • snideinplainsight

    [re=472841]shadowMark[/re]: Join me and together we can rule the blogophere!

  • rottenart

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Yup. Scared of that awesome, populist, tear-your-party-apart, Palinism! Go TEABAGGERS!

  • the problem child

    See, I think the important part of the quote is: “I am entertained every time I see these people attack her and attack her and attack her.”

    Entertained? I mean, that’s kind of the way I feel about the “attacks” aka fact checking, but it’s weird that Walnuts would say that about his former running mate.

  • Dontread

    [re=472895]thefrontpage[/re]: “Palin is an asshole, and she needs to shut the hell up and go away.”. Indeed, what more needs to be said?

  • Larry McAwful

    In 2001, when Joe Lieberman was one of the frontrunners for the 2004 presidential nod, I did not like him and I did not seriously think he’d get it. All the same, I never thought to call him “irrelevent,” and I was right, as the past decade of Liebermantics have borne out.

    Likewise, whether Sarah Palin gets the 2012 nod for her insane party, she’s still the frontrunner now and definitely a factor when it comes to whoever winds up winning it. Doddering Grampa McCain should realize this and not just brush off this possibility, despite his dream of the Lieberman/McCain ticket in 2012.

  • Naked Bunny with a Whip

    @rottenart: Eww. I thought that said “Three-Way Geriatric”.

  • rottenart

    [re=472833]Dontread[/re]: This is a silly post.

    Well duh.

  • engulfedinflames

    [re=472833]Dontread[/re]: There’s NO such thing as a silly post.

  • Okied

    Sara is relevant because if you don’t vote for her then you are sexist and a meanie and the glass ceiling will always just be CRACKED. Progress is so not about what you think (for Sara, N/A), it’s what’s in your pants. Woman haters.

  • BobTheBuilder

    [re=472802]germansteel[/re]: You nailed it.

  • binarian

    [re=472852]Dontread[/re]: “Shallow is your comment”. Not bad, good for a snicker. But back to your original grump. Why do we keep talking about Ms. Former Governess if she’s irrelavant? The same reason people slow down to look at a horrible accident; we know we shouldn’t but can’t help but look at the mess, perhaps thinking “there but for the grace of God go I” or something of that stripe. Or ilk. Or whatever. IMHO, of course.

  • Paul Tardy

    She is irrelevant, just like the previous 2 POTUS'(*).

    (*) Is the plural of POTUS POTUS’, POTUSES, or POTII.

  • betterDeadThanRed

    Sometimes I wonder if Palin is a secret Democratic operative planted to lead the Republicans into irrelevance as a whole. For a minute I was afraid that Walnuts stumbled on to the plot but thankfully he hasn’t. That’s the reason the liberals were shaking in their boots.

  • Tundra Grifter

    [re=472786]binarian[/re]: Did the RNC pay for that underwear also?

  • binarian

    [re=472971]Tundra Grifter[/re]: if it’s entirely opaque or made of flannel….yes.

  • donner_froh

    [re=472808]hoosiermama[/re]: He hates the tropes–wishes irony were still dead, like on 9/12/01.

  • Humpback

    [re=472851]Potater[/re]: Yes, that is called “new hampster”, which, by the way, will have the first primary in three years or so.

  • PsycGirl

    [re=472877]CycloneArmageddon[/re]: [re=472878]Potater[/re]etc. : You have really disappointed this guy in your Troll 101 skills. You were expected to rise up in anger but instead rose up in a combination of mockery and boredom. I like it.

  • Zadig

    [re=472860]JMP[/re]: Oh, don’t get me wrong. When McCain first announced his VP running mate, I was honestly worried that America was about to make its worst (three-way-tie with 2000 and 2004) decision of the decade. But that fear is gone now, because all the Fake Americans (2/3rds of the population) fucking hate her now, with a burning passion that equals or overcomes the staunchest Palinite’s love.

    Hell, my dad, a diehard Reagan Republican, is so easy to troll now. Whenever Palin’s face shows up on TV, I tell him “You thought she was a good choice for a position of responsibility? You voted for this?” And he sighs and says “let’s just not talk about that anymore.” It’s easy to lose sight of with these videos of the book-signings and shit, but a not-insignificant portion of card-carrying, Barry-bashing Republicans actively regret casting any votes in her favor, or saying nice things about her. They want her to go away even more than [re=472833]Dontread[/re] up there does, because she’s fucking embarrassing.

  • NJB

    Welcome back to the salt mines, Sara. We missed you!

    Sarah Palin certainly is irrelevant, but what isn’t irrelevant is the sheer joy millions have in mocking her, along with her fetal alcohol syndrome fans. Also.

    Then again, there’s Glenn Beck. We could always just double down on him.

    [re=472963]betterDeadThanRed[/re]: I’ve been thinking the same thing for months. Maybe Palin’s the world’s most talented performance artist and we just don’t know it.

  • TGY

    He meant ‘illelephant’.

  • Georgia Burning

    Being attacked by liberals makes her all the more special in the eyes of her supporters. If she wins a 2012 nomination and destroys the Republican party I’d say John McCain finally served his country well.

  • EggplantParm

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: I will agree Palin is relevant when she lets me testamount her.

  • the problem child

    [re=472852]Dontread[/re]: Truth in username award winner!!! And you expect us to think you are anyone but a Palinbot?

  • lulzmonger

    Oh, Palin is relevant alright … heh heh heh … very relevant indeedy … because a LOT of the microcephalic mouthbreathers who think she’s JFK with a cooter are apt to put her in as a write-in candidate in 2012, regardless of whether she’s even running or not. Three guesses whose goose gets cooked when THAT clownshow goes down?

    Even better if she DOES run under some ad-hoc “Tea Party” banner alongside other cretins of her ilk (I’m sure mental also-rans like Keyes would be THRILLED to join her in the political equivalent of the Children’s Crusade if it helps THEM to pimp their own books, blogs & kitsch). If you liked what Ross Perot did to the Republicans, you’re going to LOVE having a ringside seat as the Gangrenous Old Party gets a terminal case of galloping Palinosis!

    GOP (1854 – 2012) – Goodnight Sweet Prince.

  • Zadig

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: I hate mayonnaise, and regularly propound that it was supposed to be included in Leviticus as one of the mortal sins. This does not mean that mayonnaise secretly tastes good, or that it is somehow at the forefront of my (and the world’s) thoughts on condiments. If someone is not waving a big old spoonful of the shit under my nose, I am not thinking about it.

    I don’t understand this. I don’t determine what I like by what Rush Limbaugh dislikes. When Keith Olbermann sees a big heaping pile of feces, wrinkles his nose, and walks off muttering, do you rush to the shit heap, hold it in your arms and swear to never let it go?

  • Zadig

    [re=473013]lulzmonger[/re]: That’s the sound of the Republicans getting literally TENS of votes nationwide!

  • yellowdogdem

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: You’re entitled to your stupid opinion, but could you please learn how to use the English language?

    1. Start sentences with a capital letter.
    2. Spell check your posts (“irrlevant”)
    3. “Testamount”? Do you mean “testimony?” “Tantamount”?

    I would be more inclined to listen to conservatives if they could write a coherent post. Oh wait. Nah.

  • blinky_twinkie

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: the point: liberals wish and hope and pray that sarah palin IS irrelevant. the mere fact she makes an article here is testamount that she is COMPLETELY relevant.


    Jesus H. Christ, loser. Is it possible for you people to make an argument without making words up because you don’t actually know your own God-damned language? Try again, fuckstick.

  • Starrigavan

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: Except we don’t think that at all. We liberals know Sarah Palin is relevant. We know she’s the new face of the Republican party. And. We. Love. It.

    The only people calling Sarah irrelevant are old school Republicans who see their party swirling around the toilet bowl of politics for the third time. And. We. Love. It.

    Palin is the most polarizing figure on the right today. And. We. Love. It.

    We have two years of Sarah Palin campaigning for president. A few months of campaigning for vice president led to her abandoning the only real political office she’s ever held. Imagine what two years is going to do… Two years of uncontrolled idiocy spewing forth from Facebook. It is only a matter of time before she collapses like a dying star into a black hole, sucking what’s left of the Republican party with her into oblivion. And. We. Love. It.

    We really, really do.

  • greywindz

    Welcome back…SKS!!!

  • thepriceofriceinchina

    dontread is entirely correct. we all know that WALNUTS! was referring to the media’s collective cry of the snowbilly’s irrelevance. what’s the harm in acknowledging it? it’s not terribly funny anyway.

    that said, welcome back, Sarah!

  • Flanders

    [re=472869]absolutely[/re]: Fair as in “fair”, or Fair as in “hawt”? Cuz I kinda like Wookies and AnnieGetYourFun these days. Although I’m not sure they meet your definition of Librul.

  • Jim89048

    Damn! I inadvertently start a shitstorm, have to leave for a doc’s appointment and miss all the fun.

    Seems to me that since all these palinbots just instinctively knew what Walnuts! meant, it’s really no wonder that Palin makes sense to them, too. Also.

  • Naked Bunny with a Whip

    what’s the harm in acknowledging it?

    Because it’s false? Where is this collective media cry of irrelevance? All the articles I see talk about her huge book-signing turnouts and possibilities of a presidential run. Hardly an assertion of irrelevance.

  • Starrigavan

    The only thing that’s not true about McCain’s clarification is the part about liberals. It’s old school Republicans who keep saying Sarah is irrelevant. The same people who say that Limbaugh is just an entertainer. We liberals keep saying that Limbaugh and Palin are the new faces of the Republican Party. And. We. Love. It.

    Did I mention that we love it?

    As her base shrinks and shrinks we will keep dragging her back into the spotlight. Time and time again. Every silly thing she says. Every silly thing her father says. We will scream and howl and make a huge effing deal about it. We will make it as relevant as humanly possible.

    Because we love it.

  • Jukesgrrl

    [re=473092]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: The number of people going to her book signings is certainly far greater than the number who usually attend such events. But in comparison to the numbers who watch movies about vampires or pay to see the Steelers even though they suck, it’s miniscule. So the media talks about her — they talk about Lindsay Lohan and the Octomom, too. Palin’s relevance is now about equal to that.

  • Accordion-o-rama

    [re=472870]Potater[/re]: “Grandpa Cornpants” is my new favorite McCain nickname.

    Or were you referring to Chuck Grassley?

  • GeneralLerong

    [re=473146]Starrigavan[/re]: Ohey,a new Palin meme:

    [insert most recent Palin tomfoolery here] And. We. Love. It.

    Repeat daily, probably.

  • thesheriffisnear

    I think he meant irreverent which, in a twisted way could mean Mavericky but is often mistakenly interchanged with irrelevant in much the same way that vulnerable and venerable are mistakenly interchanged. Then there is the improper use of the word irregardless, which isn’t really a word at all and whose use should be totally avoided. I’ll bet my last dollar,however,that Sarah is a serial user of the word irregardless and says lacsadaisical instead of lackadaisical,also.

  • AnSnarkist

    He’s proud of her, yet he thinks she’s irrelevant? That sounds like the type of compliment that my dad gives.

  • blargh

    [re=472952]Paul Tardy[/re]: POTUSes.[re=472865]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Own the parts. It helped me to mentally run it through Britspeak; think of Ricky Gervais’s delivery “fucking cunt!” and let fly.

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